Thursday, 30 December 2010


Oui Oui!


Plz remember this is actually Euro's not USD, which makes it all the sweeter.

forgot to add the €80 in bonuses cleared so far.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I finally start playing!

So recently been mixing it up between RUSH poker and 6-max on (French verson of Pokerstars) and it's going pretty good touch wood. The French fish are incredibly fucking bad and tbh I am loving it. The rake it pretty high, but ATM it's working ok because my win rate is fairly good.

I am up on the French site ~ €300 in a week just playing 6-max NL25. Think I have played ~3k hands. Not gonna say too much for obv reasons.

In the RUSH I have had to alter my game to basically being super patient. Forget bluffing and barrelling too often. Just play ABC, super solid and right now it seems to work. The key seems to be for you not to make errors in your own play at all.

Thanks for the Xmas wishes on the last post. Xmas was great Little lad loved getting all his pressies and he got a ridiculous amount,but it was definately worth it. All the family stuff is done now and out of the way, so a couple of days chilling before the New Year cellebrations begin.

Hope you all had a good xmas too. Not long before 2011 is upon us.



Sunday, 19 December 2010

Donkin aboooot.

Been playin a little bit of poker, bot much, but the odd table of 6-max here and there and some Rush. None of it seriously, just donking about.

In the rush I started off trying for a DOV styleee spin up, win 4 buy-ins for the next level and step up, drop to 4 buy-ins for the below level and drop back down.. rinse repeat.

I  started at the end of last month and did pretty well. I started at NL10, did welland moved to NL25 and once again crushed, so moved to NL50, but then the Cooler King came and I lost a stack with AK vs QQ, when I really fucked up by just flatting the BTN and then anotehr half stack with Aks vs QQ (how the fuck do you win flips btw?), I then spew-bluffed a bit in what I thought looked a great spot, but villain obv knew it was a great spot and snapped my bollocks off with his top pair. fml. So, it's back to NL25 I think they should have called it "Rake Machine Swings".

Also been doing a little donking on The standard is truely fucking horrific and the shit these monkeys are showing up with sometimes just fucking blows me away. So far in 3-bet pots I have seen Q4o, 38o and A2o. I mean lol wtf. Anyways, the RNG is teaching me a bit of a lesson there ATM, apart from last night when I managed 1 fish at NL50 to put his full 100BB's in with TT vs my AA. The only thing that is hoding me back ATM is the 7% rake. Although Rossi did some great calcs on his blog that got me thinking. Check them out. My problem with these is that I am not adjusting my aggression to them properly. If people miss they DO NOT FOLD and so I must adjust my opening ranges/3 betting ranges etc.

Overall I am pretty much breakeven on both this month

Here are the gay December graphs so far from my single tabling adventures! lol

I am probably just gonna play a ghey little MTT sesh tonight, hopefully and some $$ to the BR.

Until the next time...keep donking!

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

iPhone/iPad Users real money poker

You can now play real money poker on your iPhone/iPad. It plays through your browser and looks pretty good tbh.

I know you can use it on android phones and tablets too, but they have also had the Full Tilt app available.

Anyways some details here:

alternatively you can go direct and check it out:

Switch Poker

Nothing finer than sitting in a boring meeting and playing poker :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Working on the Forum

I recently spent quite a bit of time trying to learn and properly understand phpbb, HTML and bits of PHP coding so that I could maintain and run the forum better than I was, as basically I knew fak all. That said, I am now well on my way. I have made quite a lot of subtle changes as well as some obvious ones and hopefully it's starting to come together. fingers crossed. I am actually pretty pleased with myself as it's pretty complex stuff to get into.

If you aren't a member, get over there and make yourself one!!

I actually managed to sign upto and lets just say...... That tank is gonna take a LOT of tapping!!

For anyone interested, drop over to the forum, there is a thread about it and getting yourself validated to play. Also some of the usernames so of the other guys have come up with are awesome. Gutted I never put much thought into it now.

The main good points for me is they have a lot f €5-€50 buy-in MTT's with great guarantees and fields of runners between like 200-1000 players, meaning that you get to play the Stars software (table ninja works on it too) and doin't have to wade through ridiculously large fields.

The cash tables are also very soft from what I have seen so far. Playing on tables with 3-4 fish is just awesome. Almost printing money? :)

I'll not say too much more for obv reasons.

With xmas round the corner and my last shifts to do at work next week I will hopefully be able to put some table hours in!


cheers for reading.


Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Friday, 3 December 2010


Warning none poker post!

Nowt to say about poker really atm, except I have signed upto See how it goes.

The snow virtually brought the UK to a standstill earlier this week and with more forecast for the weekend will the local councils manage to finally get on top of it with all this "extra" grit they have supposedly got?

Have to admit I do love driving in the stuff when the road is clear, sliding all over the shop in rear-wheel drive cars is awesome. 

Here in Sunny Burnley we got probably about 10-12" of the stuff (don't ask how I measured that!). I took the little lad out to play in it for a while, fully expecting him to be cold and miserable in the first ten mins, but no he loved it! Particuarly jumping from the steps into the deeper snow and rolling the snow for a snowman. Can't wait until he is old enough for snowball fights :)

I took a photo for the forum:

I think we were fairly lucky actually as I know Yorkshire and Scotland got batterred with the stuff. I did have to luagh at the news last night though when there was talk of food shortages due to the weather! hahahah GTFO, I mean seriously.... People were actually panic buying. LOL wankers, some people panic about everything and usually end up making it a nightmare for everyone else.

I wonder how countries with simlar climates to us manage?

On a seperate note I see we got screwed out of the World Cup 2018 + 2022 by the completely corrupt orgnaisation that is FIFA. I mean I don't see how anyone really ever got their hopes up because Sepp Blatter fucking hates England with a passion and he has shown that so often in the past. He's bound to have a lot of influence over the de;gates, so we were fucked from the word go IMO.

I don;t think it's ever been in doubt that we were probably the best candidate for the event, but we obviously don;t give the best bribes and we all know Russia is renowned for it's corruptness throughout it's hierarchy.

What did suprise me though Qatar winning the 2022 world cup! WTF lol. Manchester has a larger population, their football team is shit and the country is a strict Muslim country. Lot of fun thats going to be! No beer, No women etc etc. Not really what your average footy fan is looking for.

One thing is for sure, it's about time the FIFA organisation was torn down and rebuilt upon more honest foundations because Blatter and his cronies are a fucking disgrace to football.

Right off to pwn some French fish...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

No money, everyone's solid.

Still struggling to actually find the motivation to sit down and play poker. I have now gone back to the Xbox360 and playing the online games in the evenings rather than poker.

I am just finding poker is just way too much of a grind these days. You are continually being forced to sit in games with a minimum of 75% regs at every cash table and the fish really few and far between. Slowly but surely all these greedy governments have really fucked up online poker. No Americans, no Fench, no Italians etc etc etc. The player pools of casual/fishy players has just gone down down down and it makes for shit poker when you are continuosly just breaking even or making a small profits. SnG's are stacked to fuck with mass multi-tabling nits that just play a pretty much unexploitable push-fold style and for me I personally just don;t have the time to regularly sit down for long MTT sessions.

I have thought about PLO, but it has more swings than NLHE and I struggle with those!

So for now, I am probably just gonna play causally here and there whenever I feel like it. I am loving the RTR HU North vs South event, but apart from that it's all shit. I play the odd game of rush on my mobile, but we all know thats just a run-good fest.

I have now moved and drawn a majority of my BR. Just leaving in a few hundred dollars to play casually. All the rest I have drawn can help pay for xmas.

I will do a monthly round-up when I can be arsed, but for now I hope life is treating you good and that this snow will soon fuck off!


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Love technology!

I read yesterday that Full Tilt had released an app for the android operating system on mobile phones. My HTC Desire runs on android so I thought I'd look into it.

Initially it was supposedly in the App store, but I couldn't find it for love nor money. Eventually I twigged it was because of two things:

1. I hadn;t updated to Androird version 2.2
2. I had to install Flashplayer version 10.1 (you need number one to acheive number two)

So finally got it sorted and installed it.

Played a few hands last night just al NL10 fkin about and of course I run so hot I have the nut flush with AJhh vs 45hh on a 2h3h8s 6h Ac board. Yes a straight flush and even worse the guy fully timebanked down before calling with the stone cold nuts. Twat. Hate slowrollers!

It was good fun though and I was amazed to see how smooth it was and how much like the desktop software it was.

great work full tilt IMO.

Saying that I just crashed a few hands off here at work and made $20 for my ten mins. Good times. lol

this is how it looks

Looking forward to Stars following suit.

Also found a few new apps for the phone. Fucking incredible really when I think back to when I was at school and the technology we had then, i.e. Spectrum ZX's and Amstrads!

right off to play some pokes on the bog whilst getting paid! winner!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Team South

For those of you who are not aware a little bit of rivalry has begun on RTR in regards to Northerners and Southerners. This has culminated in a HU grudge match being organised between Team North and Team South.

Obviously any Northerner knows that Southerners are almost all limp-wristed, Shandy-Drinking Homosexuals, who get a huge nosebleed if they travel up any higher than the Watford Gap!

As it happens I googled Amatay+ Cogsgoigne+Hoopie1+Buster+Everton Yorkie and found a picture of them partying on the '12 Inch Miracle'.

Now we just have to beat them at poker and they will have zero dignity.

Bring it onnnnnnnnnn!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

As time goes by...

Firstly I want to respond to the anonymous comment left on my last post... firstly very good comment whoever you are (if you haven;t read it, it's here:

Anonymous said...
Why do you think its great that the bookmakers are backing this. dont get me wrong, i will miss the french and italians playing poker as they practically gave me money for nothing.

they really shouldnt try and disguise their motives as it just makes them look even greedier IMO. It would be a bit like tobacco companies saying 'hey everyone, its your right 2 smoke, lets overturn those anti-smoking laws'
Have you forgotten the gamblings companies are some of the biggest crooks out there, the cunts wont even bother making any legitimate effort to regulate their software and as they are based in gibraltar i doubt they contribute any tax to european countries. now they tell us to support them worming their way back in. fuck em, i say. greedy cunts have got a nerve if you ask me!

Yes of course it's for their own motives, but it suits our purspose as well, not to mention the monetary and political pressure they can also add and apply to the cause, something which can only ever help the cause.

As a poker player we can see the ever damaging effects of the player base getting smaller and smaller and more and more countries are cut off from the rest of the world. The EU is a Peice of Shit IMO, but they set a freetrade law and seeing as though all these fuckers are so keen on holding the UK to it's obligations financially, then we should be able to do the same when they choose to ignore the rules as they please.

Get the US back online (not looking great ATM, granted) and then force these fuckers to stop being a law unto themselves and try and throw some life back into the online Poker Sites.

As a player who has continually made money from this game for the last 7+ years, I am seeing the detrimental effects and surely you must too.

My Poker:

SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I just can NOT for the life in me get my mojo back to sit and fire up a grind session. I fire up the site, check out the tables, see it's full of regs and nits, think "fuck it" and fire up Football Manger 2010 instead. Sigh.

I did play a few MTT's the other night (sunday) just for a bit of a change of scenery and tbh it was laughable. I bust all 6 getting it in good/dominating and never winning an all in showdown. WTF can you do about that?. Started playing at 7.30pm and by 10pm was gone from all six. GTFO.

No idea where to go from here tbh. I know snake is havinga challenge to play full time for a month in January. I'll prolly follow that with interest and hopefully it might breathe a bit of life/enthusiasm back into me and my game. Right now playing poker is a long way down my list of things I actually enjoy.

Hope you all run good.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


ABout time countries like France and Italy stopped making the laws to suit them. We all know the French and Italians were generally free money! :)

In all seriousness though, this is deffo worth a sign. It's great to see all the top UK bookmakers, including Betfair, Ladbrokes etc fighting all this.

Support the cause IMO

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Actually playing!

Atm I am mixing it up a little bit. I have been grinding 6_max cash for an hour and then grinding some $6 18 and 27 man sngs.

It's giving me a change of scenery, which is good.

The casu started well and my roll was in an ok place to try nl50 again, unfortunately, as per usual I ran like death getting stacked with the best hand twice. Lol. Gtfo. I am currently about $10 up so far.

Sngs - played just two sets of 12. Broke even in 1st set and managed a 50 profit in the second set.

Will o still at this? Fuck knows

Ok flogging from phone sucks balls and predictive text can Fuck off too!

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Monday, 1 November 2010

October Summary

lol good fucking riddance to October. My motivation levels after a poor start fell to about minus 50. I really just never was in the mood to fire up the tables and grind.

The month started ok with me doing quite well, but then some heavy variance kicked in (for a change eh? lol) and I got smashed to fuck. You'll see from my graph how bad I ran in just All in EV. This happened around mid month and that just caused me to lose motivation because I knew I would need to drop to NL20.

I finished up the month with a Sunday night MTT grind (or MMT if you are Jakattack!). I don;t think i could have run worse if  I tried. I can remember at least 3 tourneys where |I busted with an over pair vs an underpair AIPF and they always managed to set up and also QQ loses to AK twice, ofc. meh whatever,suffice to say I couldn;t do much else and didn;t even get a min cash anywhere (how could I when I couldn;t win a single showdown?).

ok now to the bullshit and stats:

Cash Games:

Purple Lounge: 8,886 hands for $210.67 loss, plus $189.65 rakeback = -$21.02
Stars: 1,982 for  $22.46 loss.

Here is my PL graph to illustrate my run

Total cash loss = $43.48


Pokerstars: 7 tourneys played for a $53.10 loss
Full Tilt: 8 tourneys for a $56.10 loss.

total: -$109.20

Total = -$152.68

shit month. As you can see from my previous months it was pretty much a washout.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Such Bollocks

FML. So my shit run only went and fucking continued. In the last 3k hands of my play I have dropped 12 buy-ins below my all in EV. I mean 12 buy-ins in 3k hands. FUCK OFF. It's been truly brutal. I am still making fucking stupid spewy calls too, when I know I am probably beaten by some fucking moron wh decided to float my c-bet, picked up a flush draw on the turn and got there on the river vs my top two.

blah blah blah, what a load of bollocks. I fucking love moaning about how I run at poker... muhahahahahahaha!!! It's a real bitch of a game sometimes, but still I come back with my gimp suit on and the choker in my mouth asking it to screw me just a little bit more because secretly I must enjoy it!

So because my roll took a bit of a hit, I have forced myself down to NL20. I have no fkin idea how I am gonna get myself motivated for that, I really don't, but I have to be realistic and stick at it.

On a side note I had a little session with a very good coach the other night, mainly just a chat and a talk through a few things and the main thing I took away was how much I DON'T use my HUD correctly. Yes, I understand the basics, but I am nowhere near utilising it like I should be. He gave me a few good pointers and I took notes and was really pleased with it actually. He also did it as a freebie just to help me out a bit, which is really very kind, in fact so kind I'll plug the Bankrolling site he works for as a little thankyou:

We have discussed him spending a little time looking over my play at the end of this week, which would be great. Fingers crossed.

Right thats all my moaning and whining done for the day. Thanks for reading and fuck you all! (affectionately of course).

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Assume the Position

.... and prepare to recieve one!

Oh yes I did last night. It must be a Friday night thing. Once again through the week I steadily built up the roll and all was going well and then last night.... POW I get forcibly taken from behind and proceed to take a right royal fucking over without much I could do about it.

Ok at the end I had a little meeting with mr tilt monster and threw away close to two buy-ins before I stopped, but in just over 1500 hands I ran 7 buy-ins below all in EV. Incredible. Including a big 3-way all in with my KK against JJ and QQ pre flop, only for a Jack to hit the board. GTFO. It was close to a €180 pot too. Sigh (NL50).

Take a look at this bad boy....

Obv light green is line is what I should have won had I held when ahead and the dark green is what I actually won. lol. Sickness for such a short session.

So that means I am now in the red for the month again, down $70. My only saving grace is that I have ~$200 to come in rakeback so far. Man I love this high rakeback, it really can be a saver when the variance crushes your head in a vice.

Ok, so at least when I play tonight it owes me some serious fucking run good and hopefully with it being Saturday night and full of pissed up maniacs I can actually crush for a change!

Hope you are running good.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Oct so far

I still am not putting the volume in. Instead I am a little bit hooked on Football manager It's really difficult and as such I hate being no good at something and so I started trying to figure out the best tactics, players etc etc. I am getting there, but a long way to go me thinks.

As for poker, well I have played about 3.5k hands of NL50. I started off bad going down a bit, but then a had numerous winning sessions and ended up just over 4-buy-ins up. That was until Friday night came of course! I played very well, made a few poor calls I regretted, but all in all just about gave everyone on my right hell!! I even had regs spazzing out on me because of my aggression including one that shoved his ATs into my KK , but ofc flop was ATx, lol and then another that blasted about 120 BB's all in pre with AK vs my KK and again river was an ace. A set over set didn't help things etc etc. Usual stuff, just a tough night, which saw me lose all but $19 of my profit for the month. Sigh.

I wanted to play last night, but I was amazed to not see one loose table all night. Not a single table I saw over 48% PF, which is incredible on a SAturday night, so I talked myself out of playing and played FM2010 instead. Cock, I should have still played really. I am regretting it now.

I did however managed a few hundred hands this afternoon and managed a steady buy in and a half, which was nice and never got it in pre once. Just people paying me off when I hit. Weee.

Back to work tonight. FML. I was dying to win that £113 MILLION on the Euro Millions Friday.

No one has claimed it yet som make sure you check your tickets....

Saturday, 2 October 2010

September Round-Up

Not a good month. Really struggled with motivation towards the end and Rush poker kicked the living shit out of me early doors.

Anyways, to the figures....


Stars: 54 tourneys for $152.80 profit.
Dull Tilt: 26 tourneys for $157.49 loss

Total =  - $4.69


Had some real trouble with PT3 and Microgaming tracking, so I am making my best estimate according to my balance. I even played a bit on Stars for the 50 billionth hand thingy.

Pokerstars: 3047 hands for a $70.77 loss
Full Tilt: 19,609 hands for a $434.63 loss + $128.36 rakeback
Purple Lounge: ~6,500 hands for $143 profit + $98.30 rakeback

total =- $135.74

September Total = -$140.43

Meh tough month. I actually put the volume in early on, but  then really lost motivation. Hope I can find it again for October.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Playing bad

Right now I am playing the worst poker I have for a long time. Just amazingly spew-tastic and impatient. I am really pissing myself off.

I tried a change of scenery last night and tried grinding some MTT's. but early doors things didn;t go my way and I move into spew-tilt mode, which is especially bad when you have about ZERO chance of every sucking out when you get it in behind. Sigh.

Gonna take a few nights break now. next time I play will prolly be weekend. Going to watch a few training vids and sort out my mindset.

Hope you are running good and stickin it to the feesh.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


..or lack of!

So since my last post with all my BS about grinding NL20, I ended up sodding that off and looking for the juicy NL100 and NL50 tables... hahaha. WTF is wrong with me?

Anways, I am up on Purple Lounge at the minute. I think around $400 ish, but my volume is only ~3k hands, which is pish poor. I am once again failing to get motivated for a grind. sigh. I need to work this out.

I did however put some time in on stars the last couple of days trying to hit one of these milestone bonuses. Did I mange? Did I fuck!. I don;t even think I came close. I was 7 tabling 6-max NL25. I even finished down about $25 after ~2.5k hands, which sucks. Didn;t do too much wrong, just missed a few big draws that failed to get there for me and a couple of mis-placed aggression hands.

Sunday night I spent a little time grinding some MTT's. Got deep in afew, but only one culminated in a final table and that was the $4 2r 1a on stars. I played the final table like a fucking nit and horrible tbh. I really should have opened up a bit, but my cards were so horrible and the guy on my left kept 3-bet shoving on me earlier  on and basically this shut me down a bit.

I eventually lost a big flip when I shoved QK and got a caller in TT, which held. Then shoved super short with 46s and won vs T5 when I rivered the flush. Finally lost when I pushed from the BTN with TJ got a caller in A9, I flop the Jack, but obv one of the 84million Aces in the stars deck hit the river.

Out in 7th for $189, which covered all my buy-ins for the night, so not all bad.

Anyways, back to cash games and I am really hoping I can pull my finger out of my ass and get the grind on again. Thats how I am gonna make money, mostly from rakeback, granted, but these Micro tables are so much juicier than stars or FT.

Not really in the mood to write anymore.



Thursday, 16 September 2010

No jinxing plz

I am prolly jinxing this, but I am doing good on PL!

I am even running ABOVE ev when I got it in with AA on a 234 board (two clubs) vs a guy who had 44 and BINKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I hit a 5 for the suckout. WTF!!!!!!!! I suckout..weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Like I say Poker tracker missed some of my early hands, but I have sorted it now. I have actually played nearer 1800 hands and so far the profit is just over ten buy-ins (+$208).

Man it's nice to finally get a brag after my RUSH exploits.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

For all of you who said....

"I told you so"............ Smart-arses, you were right. :)

RUSH poker is just one giant cooler fest. Unfortunately I was on the wrong of of my coollers pretty much all the time, but such is.

I finally finished on Full Tilt down about $433, which sucks royal balls. My only consolation was that I get about $110 back in rakeback. So, in a moment of anger and frustration I drew most of my dosh and put $1k into Purple Lounge again to start grinding some NL20 6-max.

I am not too worried about the stakes, I am more keen on being a bankroll nit for now until I learn to handle the tilt issues better.

So I begun and it's started off pretty well. I am around 8 buy-ins up after just over 1500 hands. Unfortunately I am having PT3 problems at the moment. It imports about 50 hands and then just stops importing, meaning I have to keep clearing the microgaming database before I can restart it and it's missed about 1/3 of the hands I have played. I think I might have found the problem though now, so fingers crossed.

I played a couple of MTT's on Micro last night and it was standard bullshit that bust me out of two and one interesting hand I think I played right. I'll post it on the forum for some feedback.

Right better get back to work

Hope you all run super hot!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mission Impossible?

I am finally done with RUSH. It's just been cooler after cooler. I have had peeps looking over my hand histories and they pretty much concur that a majority of it is just unavoidable and there isn;t much I can do, it's just how I am running ATM.

The last 2k hands have been 9 tabling standard 6-max on FT and it doesn;t feel half as bad.

My mission for the rest of the month is to try and get back to even. I am doubting it;s possible as you will see from my graph I have a long way to go. It's been a truly brutal month so far.

I really hope I can turn this around, but if I am honest with myself thats gonna be tough. So one timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please just let me get some run good!

Friday, 10 September 2010

I know, I know

I read my last posts on here and the bad beat posts I made over at RTR and realised what a monotonous whiny bastard I must come accross as.

Having spoken to Snake_eyes about it on the phone and thinking about what he was saying I am really just gonna have to knock this whinging and moaning like a tit, on the head. All I am doing is prolonging the frustration and annoyance longer than I have to.

I have decided to just get on with it and stop the griping., it's doing me no good and turning my blog into a boring peice of shit.

I have also done the unthinkable and moved pretty much all my roll onto Full Tilt to play rush properly rolled. I'll have 70 buy-ins for NL25 and I am really gonna try and stick at it for a while.

I need to work harder on my game: FACT.
I need to control the tilt: FACT
I need to just accept shit happens.

Always easy saying it, but can I actually do it? Fuck knows but I am gonna try.



Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bye rush

I can't beat and I am so fed up with all the fkin coolers.

Yeah  I am running below EV, but not too much, but the cooler after cooler situation I am experiencing is a fucking joke. I guess thats the nature of this game and not one I am prepared to keep putting myself through.

I really really thought I had it cracked a few days ago, but now I keep running set over set, overpairs into sets and two pair into sets and it's too much.

Bye Rush poker and



LOL. I suck so badly. Tilt just consumes me. I immediately drew most of my roll to neteller. I am so short sighted with poker that its daft.

I am trying to get my hands on a copy of "The Poker Mindset" if anyone knows anyone who has one, it would be appreciated.

I really need to get over this shit now ffs.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Should I stick to RUSH?

I am so consumed by short term variance that it's funny really. I had a terrible session last night, then this afternoon I started off like a train, stopping at my frst break about 30 mins in ~5 buy-ins up!!!! Unfortunately when I returned a mixture of bad play and bad luck (FUCK Ace King) saw me down for the session by $10 after only another ten mins of play.

I immediately sat out as it was pretty clear I was on tilt.

One step forward 88 steps back.

Down 4 buy-ins for the month now, sigh.

Everyone keeps questioning why I play RUSH and tbh I am starting to come around to their way of thinking, it's such a variance ridden game and basically for one reason that Gorvacofin pointed out "At rush even the bad players can fold the junk hands and get another hand instantly", which is a great point. At standard tables the fish get bored and as such play a MUCH wider range of hands and  are so much easier to play against.

You can see I am talking my way out of this rush malarky can't you. lol.

I might try and stick it out to the end of the month and see if I can win/breakeven and then round up all my BR and go back to Microgaming with my 55% RB deal.

Does anyone know any RUSH poker threads where people talk about win rates and stats etc??? I'd love to be pointd in the right direction please.



Tuesday, 7 September 2010


What can you do? I am 8 buy-ins down tonight and have hit my stop-loss. I have aces 5 times in 835 hands and it got cracked for stacks 4 times. Yep 4/5 and I won a piddly pot with the other one. It's a fkin disgrace. One hand I got it in on a K high board vs KQ and turn Q. Got it in on a 37J board vs a guy I had history with and he shoved with 89. I snapped and the turn was a ten. I got it in on a t34 two heart board and ran into 33 for a set. blah blah fucking blah.

I really felt I was playing well until tonight. Now I have just tilted two extra buy-ins off in pure frustration. Man I am a twat sometimes, but I hate it when shit like this happens.

Back into loss for the month. FUK OFF.

So incredibly frustrating after doing so well for so long.

Monday, 6 September 2010


So I think I am getting on top of rush as a whole. I have been working hard mixing up my game and thinking of ways to try and combat the ultra aggressiveness, which for quite a lot of the players borders on spewtastic. People are so focussed on 3-betting they don't even know why they are doing it, so you have to take that into account and beat them post flop.

Like I say it's early days yet. I am having a hard time with my big hands though. AK is a HUGE loser for me ATM. Not only does it miss every flop, but it also misses when I get it in with flip type situations. I am really gonna have to slow it down with AK from now on. Now I just have to stop running set over set and getting my AA cracked!

Anyways, here is my boring graph:

I am gonna keep working hard. over 7k hands so far but back at work Wednesday night so my volume will slow down.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mixing it a bit

Friday night I had a pretty big MTT session. I got very deep in quite a few:

Stars $3r - 571st/6396
Stars $22 Big Antes - 14th/298
Stars $10 20k GTD - 20th/2610 (gutted about this one)
Full Tilt 10k GTD - 44th/1295
Full Tilt Early Doouble B - 30th/1498

So many close calls with the big flips just not going my way at the crucial times, otherwise I would have hoped to convert at least 2 of those into final tables. Still I finished in decent profit for the session, so no complaints.

Tonight I went back to the mighty Rush and although I had some monster coolers and a more bad luck, I am still in profit for this month so far. Here are the latest graphs....

Still very early doors, but I am hoping to try and keep this one going. I can't keep getting coolered and running bad for stacks forever.

oh and fuck set over sets and KK into AA. That will be all :)

(If I didn't get a moan in, then it wouldn't be my blog!)


Thursday, 2 September 2010

September - Glutten for punishment?

Despite getting pretty much crushed last time I payed RUSH, I am determined to beat it. I think there has to be a decent strategy to use that can make you a lot of money. I know I didn't play that great last time, but I was on the end of negative variance. I am hoping this time I can just run a little better, although the start does particularly look that way with an immediate set over set and a fish spazzing out and hitting with his JQ vs AJ on a J high flop.

That said I did manage to turn it round into a positive session, so I can;t complain (Lol yeah right, I am sure moaning is the norm on this blog, eh Ant? :))

I just wanna run on EV this time, thats all I ask, I wanna be beating rush and not getting a beating from it!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monthly round up for July and August

I forgot to do July's so I'll jsut add it here.

July was fkin dire:


Full Tilt: 26 tourneys played for a profit of $44.68
Stars: 20 tourneys played for a loss of $7
iPoker: 2 tourneys for a profit of $4.40


Full Tilt: 18,512 hands for a loss of $633.90 + rakeback  of  $108.55 =  -$524.25

Overall = Total Loss of $483.42

August is MUCH better :)


Full Tilt: 104 tourneys played for $89.93 loss, + rakeback of $17 = -$72.93
Stars: 241 tourneys played for a profit of $2,629.65


Full Tilt: 2011 hands for a loss of $105.81 + rakebeack of $8.21 = -$97.60



Overall  +$2778.62

So The RUSH games have just crushed me and I haven't been able to turn it round. My AA has a win rate of a mighty 60%. lol. think that says enough. The one binkage has basically saved my last two months.

At least now I have some options!

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Played a session of MTT's tonight on Stars and Tilt. All small stakes stuff and managed to take one down for $2.5k

Thats a very very welcome addition to the Bankroll and I am getting back to the sort of roll I had in before I had to make all my withdrawals.

It's going to be nice to actually have some choice in what I play again.

A big thanks to:
Snake eyes

for the railage at the end.

DTD didn;t go too well, had a tough decision and went the wrong way with it and it was GG me.

That said, Snake has made day 2 of the Main Event, Ant just finished 6th in the 6-max finals and Hutch managed a 16th in the PLO event. So it's good for the guys down there at the min. Hoping Snakey takes it down and becomes World Champ!

ok, cheers for reading.


Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 3 of the 180's.

Managed anohter decent set last night. Found a bit of a better way to concentrate. Whenever I get in a tourney where I am in the top 27 or have over a 10k stack, i shift it to the left hand screen to concentrate on it a little harder. That way I can stop myself missing too many +EV shoves.

I moved back into a tiny profit.

Will try and play a few more tonight.

I've got the APAT Main Event at Dusk Till Dawn this weekend, so I doubt I'll get any more games in after tonight. Really looking forward to it and hopefully I can run good one time!



Thursday, 26 August 2010

The story so far..

Not good.

I found 20 tabling is a just a bit too much. I am making too many rush and poor decisions, I am giving up too much quality in return for quantity and it's having a definate negative effect.

Then add to that ll my miss That sucked ass, but I am hoping the shortcuts will get easier as I get used to them again.

So I am gonna cut dow to between 14-16 tables. I think I can manage that.

So here is the latest results:

Will fire away again tonight.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

2 180s

Been playing these with super nitty brm. they really are lol at times but what do u expect in 2 dollar games. Tryin to 20 table atm but I had so many missclicks today when I tried to use just a numpad and hotkeys that it was pizz poor.

I had 2 final tables in 53 games Lol.

Gonna keep grinding them though for now.

Had a couple of bankroll boosts. Firstly when I bought a piece of Mairs action in the ukipt and she binked 8th for a 300 dollar plus return and secondly when o ran good on an rtr challenge on stars, which hopefully I Might win too! Weeee.

Fuck me its hard work logging from your phone.


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Monday, 23 August 2010


Just tryin a new app for my HTC desire. See if I can mobile blog easily.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dealing with my tilt issues

So as you will be aware from my posts here and at the forum I have got some tilt issues!

I thought I had it under control and don;t get me wrong, I can leave it on the tables and I don;t let it really affect my mood away from the tables, but if it happens when I am playing then it's pretty much curtains for my A,B, C or even D game.

My recent volume has been, for want of a better word, shit. I really haven;t been settled or played anything and with my BR being low the beats are starting to feel much worse.

I have been so bored with poker recently I started having bets on the nags and on the Footy, all with my poker bankroll money and that hasn;t gone well. I'm probably $350 down at least, which is really dissapointing and as such has made me realise I NEED to do something about my poker game to get me away from the other pure gambling forms.

My current BR is about $800 total. So it's not enough to play even NL25 and I couldn't motivate myself to play lower than that. I donked around in a few 18/27 player SnG's for a while, but when I went on a bad run and the BR started dropping, mainly due to ridonkulous beats, thats when the major tilt was beginning to kick in.

I made a post on the forum and got some good advice, but at first I sort of refused to take it onboard. I mean I know all about variance, I understand that volume will even it all out over time and that all you can do is get it in good, but thats not where my problem was.

It finally dawned on me that i HAVE to be a bankroll nit because thats where almost all of my tilt issues stem from. When things were not as tight IRL it wasn;t an issue, but now I know I don;t wanna go busto because we haven;t got the spare cash ATM for me to replenish my roll if I lose it and I think this is all part of my problem.

So, thankyou to all who gave me that advice and the things to think about because I think you might have helped me to turn a corner here.

Last night I decided that using a 300 Buy-in rule I was gonna grind SnG's. I decided following some thought and advice that I would go for the $2 180's on Stars like a few of the other lads. I have to be honest this feels like a pretty big step backwards to me as a player because I have never played this low before, but it's time to swallow my pride and start working on my roll again. (Unless someone wants to stake me ofc :) )

So, I 20 tabled the games last night and I have to admit, although loads of the bust outs were ridiculous, I didn;t feel the tilt creeping in. In fact I was laughing at some of the stuff I was seeing and that felt good. I also felt like I was putting the volume in again. Thats two pretty big steps forward that I am really happy with.

I finished up with a 2nd and a 3rd and a few minor places meaning a small profit for the session and the whole session of 45 games only took me 2 and a half hours, which was promising.

The next level up is the $4 180's and I'll play that if the roll hits $1200.

Time will tell here I guess.

Cheers for reading my shit.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

SnG's and MTT's

Thats what I am playing at the moment and pretty much all on Full Tilt.
Doing ok in the MTT's, Final Tabling two $8 MTT's the other night when I played and getting very deep again in the $10k GTD Early Antes.

I find though if I am gonna sit down for an MTT sesh I really really have to be in the mood or about 2 hours in I am pissed off and bored, whihc obviously is no good to man nor beast.

When I am not working the next day MTT's tend to be my selection and SnG's when I am working.

I am getting creamed in the SnG's at the min though. The usual bad beat shit, I can't even remember how many times my over pair has been done by a smaller pair all in pre flop and how many times my dominating ace has been crushed by Ace rag. I haven;t put any significant volume it just yet, but it was starting to feel a little bit like deja vu.

I might try messing with my SnG strat a little because everyone is pretty much playing the robotic style of fold everything until into push fold mode and I am sure some of them are missing the dead money of the donkeys early on.

I am toying with willing to gamble 1/3 my stack early on (normally 1500 chips to start) and then move into push fold mode from 10 BB's or less and never let myself get lower than 6 BB's (unless bubble strategy calls for it).

Just trying to think a little outside the box. There are too many 16+ tabling nitbots who are missing the +EV spots against the fish, so I think I might be able to gain a small adge by trying to take advantage of this.

We'll see.

Good to have the Premiership back, just can;t believe Everton lost their first game to the shit that is Blackburn Rovers.  Piss Poor, but I have to laugh at the local radio who are already talking about Blackburn's "good" chance of Europe this season and Blackpool's "safety"... after one game hahahahaha. Fuckin nuggets.

I've had a crap start to the fantasy league, I hope I have a good day today cos it's tough to prop everyone up when you are right in the shit at the bottom!!

Finally, FUCK THIS WEATHER!!! Rained nearly every day for the last 6 weeks. Global warming? MY ARSE.

Ok, ramble over.

Good Luck at the tables folks.


Sunday, 8 August 2010


Been way too busy at work to really put any time in at the tables. Busy covering off shifts on the holiday season and although it's hard work now, I'll be happy when those wage slips land :)

I played a few MTT's Friday night and managed to final table 2 out of the 6 games.  Unfortunately though I came 7th in both, which pissed me off, especially as it was the worst player at the table by a mile who got me when I shoved my A6s in his eye and he snapped me off with A4s... of course the 4 rewards his dumb fkin ass. In the other I shoved AK into 77.  I flopped an ace, but he hit a set. Sigh. No joy when at the business end.

I actually enjoyed the games and played fairly well.

I've also been playing some STT's with some guys off KrackedKings. Some really good players actually and thats been fun.

Basically just chillin whilst playing rather than seriously getting the grind on and I think thats the reason I enjoy it more.

Busy as fuck all week at work again so prolly won;t play much. After these shifts are all done though I think I want to sit down to a few nights of serious grinding to recoop my BR. I have manged to make about $250 ish this week, but then went and blew $100 on the nags.

Reet, enough of my boring shit.

Hope you run good and crush souls.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Neither here nor there

I did'nt play last night, but I played Friday night in some MTT's (just 5) and didn't do particularly well. Got deep in the 10k GTD on Full Tilt and an $8 scheduled game, but lost a flip in the $8 and made a bad timed move in the 10k, when I could of folded.

I finished for a slight profit, but nothing to write home about.

Thursday night I decided to grind some SnG's on Full Tilt. I played a few $11 18's and an $11 27 and some $6 18's and 27's. Apart from taking a fucking age to fill up, I did ok.  I finished  2 x 1st's, 1x  2nd and 1 x 3rd out of 8 total, for just over $100 profit.

Still haven;t decided what to play, but thanks to all for their comments and suggestions.

I know I made a decent loss this month, but I am working solid for the next two weeks so might struggle to get all the figures off my lappy.

My goal for August is to maybe mix up SnG's and MTT's and just see how I end up.

Cheers for reading.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Defeat admitted

Rush poker - can fuck off. I had a few days off, came back, immediatel ran cold at NL25 so I did what any self respecting gambler would do and moved upto NL50 and proceeded to run bad and spew even more off. I am now ~$600 down for the month and thats a hit my roll at the moment can;t really take. I am proper pissed off at myself for the lack of discipline, but I am truly gutted at how I ran at rush and thats not just talk of bad beats, but the number of coolers like set over set etc that I sufferred just never really ever gave me a chance to get going.

According to Poker Tracker I am $450 below EV. Meaning if my hands had held when i got it in ahead I would be $900 better off ($450 I wouldn;t have lost and instead $450 I would have won), add the coolers to that and it's easy to see how shit I actually ran.

If you get rakeback on Full Tilt prepare for your doomswitch to be hit!

Oh well back to rebuilding. I am also regretting drawing nearly all of my roll to pay for life stuff as it's left me really short now when I am needing it. Sigh.

I haven't got a fackin clue what I am going to play now...

Friday, 23 July 2010

lol really?

I know I am normally a tilt monster, but tonight I am perfectly calm. I have lost over 3 buy-ins and it's pretty much incredible stuff. I didn;t make any mistakes and got trashed. This is why I can;t beat Rush at the moment.....

hand 1:

Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from
saw flop | saw showdown
BB ($34.95)
UTG ($26.79)
MP ($15.86)
CO ($30.01)
Button ($27.89)
Hero (SB) ($25)

Preflop: Hero is SB with Q, Q

3 folds, Button bets $0.85, Hero raises to $2.75, BB raises to $7.50, 1 fold, Hero raises to $25 (All-In), BB calls $17.50

Flop: ($50.85) 6, J, 10 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Turn: ($50.85) J (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: ($50.85) A (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $50.85 | Rake: $2.54

Hero had Q, Q (two pair, Queens and Jacks).
BB had J, Q (three of a kind, Jacks).
Outcome: BB won $48.31

So this guy 4-bets me and then without bing committed he calls my shove with JQs. The thing too is that his stats were not showing his as a donk. He was 24/21/4.5 over 165 hands.

So the same guy a few hands earlier:

Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from
saw flop | saw showdown
BB ($25.25)
UTG ($24.55)
MP ($28.10)
CO ($27.78)
Button ($94.28)
Hero (SB) ($25)

Preflop: Hero is SB with A, K

4 folds, Hero bets $1, BB raises to $3.50, Hero raises to $9.50, BB calls $6

Flop: ($19) 5, 8, 6 (2 players)

Hero bets $15.50 (All-In), BB calls $15.50

Turn: ($50) 10 (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: ($50) 7 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $50 | Rake: $2.50

Hero had A, K (high card, Ace).
BB had 4, 3 (straight, eight high).
Outcome: BB won $47.50

WTF??? He flats a 4-bet with 34s and obv then makes a str8 after calling my shove. Is this some kind of sick joke?

I then lose some when I make a flush on a 4x 9c 4c 2c board and a villain has 99 and finally I get into a pot when a guys calls out of position my raise. flop is JJJ and I have KK. We get it in on turn and he has the case jack for quads and had called with AJo.

I mean seriously, it's just lol. It's so far fetched I don;t really know what else to say.

33 mins of play, over 3 buy-ins down and I haven;t put a foot wrong. There is not much I can do than that. It's just pathetic if I am honest.