Sunday, 30 August 2009



Just played a set on Full tilt and the bad luck carried on.

AA cracked by AQs. Flop was QQx

KK cracked by A8, A on river.

AQs into AK.

88 vs AQ - He makes quads.

and more of this standard bullshit.

I am so fucking angry right now. Seriously. Its fucking ridiculous. How can the bad run continue across sites?

I must be at least $600 down total now in less than a week at SnG's. I used to crush SnG's easily and according to SnG Wiz, i am making the right moves most of the time, which is all I can do.

WTF is wrong with this bullshit?

fuck SnG's. I am going back to 6-max cash. At least the donkey wankers suckout on me there I can reload with a chance to get it back. In these sng's these donkey wankers suckout and just watch as i hit the rail and waste all the efforts I have put in so far.


Saturday, 29 August 2009


ok, I wanna see if I run as bad as I feel I am doing. So i am going to note every all in I have tonight in the 45's on Stars.


L = Lost the Hand
W = won the Hand
U = Underdog when it went in
A = Ahead when it went it.
R = Race

At vs A6 - (L, A)

66 vs JTs - flops 2 pair (L, R)

Aq vs 77 - no help (L, R)

short blasted T8s in AA (L,U)

TT into KK (L, U)

win a race with A7 vs 66 (W, R)

AT vs K6o (L, A)

won race with AJ vs 66 (W, R)

lost QQ into KK (L, U)

JJ into KK (L, U)

won AA vs JJ (W, A)

short moved 44 into AT and JJ (L, U)

BVB shoved A9s JQo calls and wins (L, A)

JJ into QQ (L, U)

K8 vs 66 - i hit a K (W, R)

A8 vs TT - I hit A (W, U)

A8 vs KJ - he hits J (L, A)

AK vs AJ - I hold (W, A)

33 vs KQ - he makes boat (L, R)

44 into QQ (L, U)

TT vs AT - he flops A (L, A)

A4 vs QK - I hold (W,A)

JJ vs AK - i hold (W, R)

ATs into AJo - he holds (L, U)

99 into KK - (L, U)

TT into JJ (L, U)

mega short Q4 into AK (L, U)

AJ vs 83o - I hit my ace (W, A)

AK vs QQ - I hit the flush ( W, R)

shove 79s and AJs calls and flops an ace. (L, U)

my A3o vs K4 - he rivers a fkin 4 (L, A)

Aj vs TT - I flop jack, but he rivers str8 (L, R)

A6o vs KT -first card is a 10 (L, A)

Shove Q8o and BB has QK - Q on flop (L, U)

Shove 89s into 99, but make str8 (W, U)

9Ts vs 22 - 22 holds... (L, R)

pushed TQ into AQ (L, U)

So A quick Summary:

37 All In situations -

Lost When Ahead = 7 times.

Won When Ahead = 4 times

Races Won = 5

Lost races = 5

Won when Behind = 2

Lost When Behind = 14

Ran pair into biger pair = 6 times


When getting it in ahead I lost 63% of the time.

I actually ran true in the races winning and 50% of them.

When I got it in behind I won 12.5% of the time.

Out of the 37 all ins, I ran a pair into an over pair 6 times, which seems a lot.

I also never managed to cash in a single fucking one of them. it was so annoying to lose so often when getting it in ahead, but actually sucking out so few times myself.

I didn;t actually run as bad as i felt I did at the time, but i still feel I am running below EV.

oh well. Stars RNG can FUCK OFF. I am gonna ship my funds to stars for a while. Running like this for two nights in a row, mean i am over $300, in $12 games. haha. TBH, i don;t feel I am making too many mistakes and after looking over SnG Wiz, I am pretty happy that there are not all that many errors.


hope you run good.

Friday, 28 August 2009


thinking of having a decent crack at these for a short while, for a change of scenery.

I just can't decide whether to hit them up on full tilt or stars. both have their good and bad points.

- played a few on stars Tuesday and Wednesday night, with no real success or great loss. I know the variance is high and I am just gonna have to handle it.

I am playing on not playing huge amonts, maybe a 100 or so a week for a couple of weeks to see where I am at.

At the moment I think I am favouring stars, but I might give each one a week and see where I am.

anyways, have I mentioned I am on holiday Wednesday? hehehe.

as the great William Sprague said "Do not wait to strike 'till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking"

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

weekends poker

Played a little this weekend, but no major sessions.

played some 45 player sng's on both stars and full tilt and although I started out well I think I finished break even after about 30 games combined.

I withdrew some of my cash on microgaming because it turns out eurolinx was supposedly investing players money. So I emailed my microgaming skin asking for assurances that they hold all players funds seperate from the business completely and that my money Is guaranteed if I leave it with them. I emailed support on Sunday, who told me it had been passed to management. If I have no response by Friday I will just remove my cash to be safe. I am not prepared to take daft risks with my bankroll. Its a shame because I have a great rakeback deal there and the play is soft. I'll probably just move it back to everest fr a bit.

also had a few MTT's thrown in too this weekend, but to no avail. got fairly deep in 2 of them (outta 3) but donked out when it mattered.

well that's about all fo now. this time next week, I'll be sunning it up in cyprus!!! weeeee

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Short sessions.

as the title states, I have been busy working and travelling so much so I have hardly played any poker.

I managed a few short sessions the last two nights, but only for a max of maybe an hour each time.

I finished both sessions with about $50 profit each time. They were just steady to be honest, nothing major. Did sit at a 100NL table last night as I recognised a definate fish sat with $175. About 20 mins later I had around $50 of that and he was busto, so I left.

One thing I find is I just don't tilt playing cash like I do when I play tourneys. It must simply be due to the reload fact. I hate it when bad play eliminates you after hours of hard work to get deep, but in cash you just reload and don't worry about it. I actually find it sort of relaxing tbh..haha. does that make any sense?

we are off on our hols a week on Wednesday for a week in Cyprus. Looking forward to the hols, but not the 4 hour flight with a 1 year old! not sure how we are gonna entertain him, but I am sure we will manage somehow.

hopefully gonna get a decent session in tonight. hope I run good one time!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


that's all I seem to be doing at the min!

Me and amatay staked doom for quite a lot of $11 stt's, he started really well but then it went to rat shit and I ended up about $40 overall.

also just staked acefilledreams for 20 $6 45's. Greg Searston for 20 $3 27's and nemo for 20 $3 45's. Hopefully I can make aprofit, but if not I guess it gives them the chance to play a bit.

I have staked numerous players in the past and I am definately down a fair bit in the long-run. I guess if these guys can't pull off a result this time I might have to stop stakin as bad habit!

good luck to those guys!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

ridiculously narrow streets!

their streets are damned narrow

random statue.

drunk hangout

where all the piss pots sat at night and got wasted!

what a view!

from my mate house window... WTF! hha

my two favourite people

the little un and the mrs...say cheese!

Parlez vous le francias?

spent a long weekend over at my mates in the southern part of france. He lives in a small town called Gondrin, but is near the bigger town of Condom. yep, I shit you not that's what it's called. I guess they have no reason for teenage pegnancies and STD's!!

weather was shit hot and we were drinking plenty of good old french wine.

I am mobile blogging this so I will get a better report on hopefully over the weekend.

ok, aurevior!

cafe view

a quiet afternoon havin a cofee.

Condom town hall

what a name for a town!

Friday, 14 August 2009

mobile blogging

quality!! think this is extremely clever, using a simple application called pixelpipe.

poker- back at the cash tables, but being abit more disciplined in table selection. Before if there were limited fish I'd play tables that had 50-53% of players seeing flops, but now if there is nothing higher I am prepared to wait and tbh it's paid off. Although I have'nt played many hands I am up over $200 in two nights. Probably played a combined table time of less than 2 hours, so pretty happy with that.

Not been back on stars since it fucked me over on the SnG's and although I enjoy them, the sick bad runs I get on sometimes just crush the soul. Its fucking horrible.

None poker - off to france in the morning until Tuesday to visit a mate. Flying with EasyJet from Liverpool, so just hope it all runs smooothly. One timmeeeeee!!

btw, Kenn owns amatays soul in the 45's!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

test 2

burnley fans


if this actually works it great


wembley 2009, Burnley vs Sheff Utd

testing 1 2 3

is this shit working

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Enjoying the sunshine.

Still haven;t been in the mood for cash, so stayed away. The weather was nice so yesterday we had a few friends round for a BBQ and 'few' Unfortunately the Oozo came out and it got a bit messy! Gotta make the most of this weather right? lol.

Got back in after everyone had left and decided to fire up a set of 12 $6.50 45's. haha. Somehow I managed to win one and get a second too depsite not being able to hardly concentrate or even focus properly. Pissed poker FTW!!!

Might have a bit of an MTT night tonight and see if I can finally take something down!

Right off to put some butty's up and take the lad and mrs off to the seaside for the day.

gl at the felt.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Training Vid

Couldn;t get motivated to play tonight after my bad sesh last night, so decided to watch a grindershool video on 3-betting and see if I am missing anything and try and get more info on good spots to 3-bet light. Pretty good video by a guy called SugarNut.

Picked a few good tips and probably need to watch his next video on getting 3-bet to make the most of it. I am already pretty decent at picking 3-bet spots, but I think sometimes I am loing equity by picking the wrong types of hand to do it with against specific type of opponents ranges, especially TAGs, where I am 3-betting them too much with suited connectors, when in reality, I'd be better off doing it with suited aces etc. Suprising that I'd be losing like 15% equity whenever I made a move with a hand like 54s instead of A7s. I need to keep watching these vids regularly rather than just playing all the time.

On the forums, there has been talk of introducing a SnG Syndicate, which I like the idea of. A few decent players in that and we could do pretty well. Especially if we could pick up Amatay and Kenn into the syndicate. it wouldn;t be heavy, maybe like 3 games per week or something for 5 weeks. Meaning each player will have played 15 SnG's (thinking possibly the 180's/90's/45's). We get ten syndicate members and thats 150 SnG's. Worth a try IMO.

Also trying to work out formula for the games to send someone to Amsterdam to the Masters of Poker tournament. Bit of a split camp on the game and points formula. Hopefully should get that ironed out pretty soon.

ok, enough for now. Early start again tomorrow for the last day of my shifts befor the weekend. That said the weather is supposed to be hot, so I have a shit load of DIY jobs I gotta do...ffs!! I know I hate the rain, but at least it's allowed me to put off doing some groundwork in the garden, now this weekend I'll have to get stuck in and the next couple of weekends we are busy anyways, so thats really gonna fuck up my poker!!! No rest for the wicked....

good luck


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ball Breaker!

Just played a short session tonight and lost just over 3 buy-ins, despite being a buy-in up early on. One hand was horrible luck with set over set on the flop and one where I got a fish in when I was sure he was weak, I had AKs and he had 88 (lol, wtf he shoves after I 3-bet him). Obv he holds. The other two stacks I lost were poor play on my part. Pretty pissed off with myself right now.
Been a while since I had a big losing session and I forgot how fkin shyte it feels. Oh well downswongs happen.
On another note, i am feeling sorry for one particular blogger, who's Nottingham romance (quick jump?) has gotten onto another's very popular blog! No doubt if his mrs ever found out he'd be getting some of that in my picture!!! I always thought "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"!! rotten bastards!
Sort of regretting not getting more involved in that trip. Sounds like they had a right craic on the night out. I did manage to briefly meet the guys, but because I was still in the £300 tourney and when i bust they were in the £50 tourney, our paths hardly crossed. A shame IMO.
All I can say is that i would never rob a bank with some of you fuckers!! hahahahahahaha. poor rubbish!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

July Round-up

I feel July went pretty well for me with the switch to 6-max cash games, although i got a taste for tourneys late on. LOL.

Anyways, here's how the stats went:

Purple Lounge: 5011 hands for $398.40 profit. 7 BB/100. + $161 rakeback.

Everest: 2915 hands for $705.27 profit. 22.70BB/100

Pokerstars: 301 hands for -$7.55 Loss. -5.02bb/100.

Full Tilt: 513 hands for $87.18 Profit. 33.99 BB/100

betmost: 297 hands for $10.50 Loss. -3.54 BB/100

Total Monies= $1333.80 profit.

Total Hands played: 6122

Not too shabby. Will be playing more this month on Purple and Betmost, simply due to the rakeback. the most important thing for me is finding the bad players. Hence why I like my roll accross a few sites. There is no point sitting at a table full of regs, I have nothing i want to prove, so I search out the fish and it seems to be working well for me atm.

I also played quite a few MTT's, without any real success. Got deep a number of times, but always seeming to fail to turn this into a final table at the moment.

I did qualify to play in the £300 Dusk Till Dawn deepstack, which was a great experience. Played really well and just lost a huge crucial hand with my KK no good vs QQ and AK all in pre flop, as the ace hit the river for pro Dave Smith. I then moved it with AK and got up against 44 and KK. Where was my ace? lol. oh well i can take a lot of positives from that game. I am really getting the hang of playing small ball and trying to accumulate chips. Pretty sure a lot of this is down to my post flop play being much improved due to my cash game playing.

On a none poker front got a hyper busy next month or so!

next saturday we are flying out to visit one of my mates who moved out to the South of France. Spending 3 nights with him, which will be good.

Weekend after we are travelling down to Bristol to visit the wife's relatives, so they can see the little lad before his birthday.

Then on the 2nd September, we are off to Cyprus for a weeks holiday. Had to book something as although Torquay was nice, you can;t beat gtd sunshine. British weather is just so shitty in comparrison. So looking forward to that too!!

I am enjoying poker right now. I think I will put more volume in for the cash this month, with a view to playing quite a few sats to live games next month.

Hope you are all goot.