Sunday, 24 April 2011

Life after poker

Hope you are all well!

So what an incredible couple of weeks it has been for online poker. I have been truly amazed at what has been going on. The way the American authorities has gone after the big poker sites is incredible. The big sites have obviously shit in their pants and immediately banned all US players playing for real money, which is a huge backward step considering how adamant they were the the UIGEA didn;t apply to online poker.

Good old American shock and awe!

I feel very sorry for the American players tbh, I have met quite a few being involved in online poker for so long and they way their government is treating them is a fucking joke in my eyes. It's their money, their time and they are harming no one else doing it, so just fuck off and leave them alone, you greedy bottom feeding bastards. Obviosuly they are mad as hell because they can't get their share of the money and IMO thats what it all boils down to.

That said it has definately turned the online poker world upside down and it's going to be extremely interesting to see how this plays out. If this means some legislation and getting the casual US players back online then it would be awesome, as long as they didn;t get ring-fenced off like the Italians and French. I remember just how juicy the games were back when all the Yanks were casually depositng a few hundred dollars here and there and donking it off. It would definately draw me straight back to the tables to get me some action.

I have also heard from numerous people that the games are softer now, can that really be the case? If so there are quite a few reload bonuses around at the moment for none US players, thanks to the Black Friday incidents, which might be worth taking advantage of.....hmmm I will ponder making my return for some bonus whoring????? You never know, watch this space :)

On a none poker front, life is very busy and very hectic.The new arrival is being a nightmare at the moment, she is a bit of a screamer and it gets extremely draining after a while. You cannot do anything to sooth her really once she goes beyond the point of no return. Hopefully that will settle down in time.The little lad in contrast has been incredibly good, he's taken to her really really well and loves being involved in everything. Here is a picture of my two little ones, luckily they have their mums looks :)

Also been really enjoying this lovely weather, can;t get enough of it.

On the Matched Betting game... well I am doing really well ATM and have introduced a little bit of my version of Betfair trading and so far I am about £2k up, which is awesome and I haven;t had to put in anything like the time I would have had to playing poker. Winner!

Hope you guys are all well and hope you are smashing feeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.