Monday, 31 May 2010

Monthly round-up - May 2010

Well, it's been a good month in terms of profit, so all is sweet! I'll not fart about chuntering on about the tourneys and cash etc, I'll just get straight to the stats...

Cash Games:

Microgaming: 564 hands (LOL) - for $213.50 profit + rakeback $30.25  = + $243.75

No point posting graphs for that many hands.


Stars: 63 tourneys played for  + $680.98 profit
Full Tilt: 45 tourneys for  $1,783.72 profit + Double bonus +$407.54 = $2191.26
Microgaming: 18 tourneys played for a loss of $225


+ $2890.99


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Big Sunday + results

Tonight I am playin a few of the bigger tourneys to see if I can bink a decent score

So far the schedule is lookin like this:

7pm - Sunday brawl on FTP ($256) 147/3793 (+626.88)
7pm - $42k GTD on FTP ($24) 2250/4054
7pm - $40k GTD on Stars ($11) 5499/9366
7.30pm - $150k UK Freeroll on Stars (freebie) 2657/8906 (+$10)
8pm - $33k GTD on FTP ($24) 1051/3793
8.15pm - $20k GTD ($11) 2425/3720
8.30pm - Sunday Quarter Mill ($11) 2295/30,920 (+27.82)
8.30pm -  Stars Turbo Takedown (freebie) 3093/18,655 (+$95)
9pm - Sunday Million ($215) 3046/7214

Might add a few in here and there depending on how I start in the 7pm games and might try and sat into the $55 stars game

One time and all that.....

****EDIT*** can;t complain - qualified for Brawl with a 3500 FT Points satty and got into SM for about $16.

outlay for tonight: $541
Returns: $759.70
Profit = +$218.70

Thanks for all the good luck comments

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Thanks to everyone who takes time to comment on my posts. I do appreciate it and it least you know someone is reading it!

That said... If you are one of the guys who responds in the comments and then your name is a link to a gaming website or an affiliated link, I wouldn't bother anymore because I will just delete them.

It's obvious you are reading the posts and responding to them, but it's for your own agenda and I hate spammers. So in future politely fuck off.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's a plan!

So with having been enjoying MTT's recently and having a pretty good run of them, I have come to a decision regarding my poker and basically it revolves around work.

When I am on the night shifts, for that 8 weeks I am up later at nights and have a little more time, so I can grind out some MTT's and maybe throw in some MTT SnG's too.

When I am on days and generally have less time in the evenings and a better sleeping pattern, then I'll grind the cash tables, because it's ideal when you have around 2 hours to spare at night.

This should also stop me from getting bored of one thing and help me focus better on generally improving my game in both areas.

Fingers crossed that this should work well for me.

At the moment I am on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights, meaning that I can generally do a bit of grinding Sun, Mon and Tues nights and I have done this for the last two weeks and so far (touch wood) it's gone fairly well for me, turning a profit of about $2k ish for this month, which is more than my best cash grinding month. Of course it won't be like that every month, but considering it's only a few nights per week I am happy with it.

It's always hard to tell if you are running good or playing well in MTT's, but considering it's across two different sites that I am picking up results I am hoping it's more of the latter. That said, time and volume will tell.

I have found a series of MTT's I like playing and I usualy pre register for around 8 or 9 starting between 7pm and 9pm and then grind away.

I was pretty close to a good four figure score last night, but the tide turned against me as you saw in the last post. I am just feeling good at the moment when I am playing, whether I have a big stack or a small stack I feel I can play them both pretty well. I need to work a bit harder on my mid-stack game as I am putting myself in a few marginal spots sometimes with my 3-betting and post flop play, but I know what I need to do to put it right and the mistakes I was making.

I still put my success down to learning the cash games. I have so much more confidence about reading post flop situations well and when to control pots and when to value bet the crap out of people and that helps so so much.

So ATM poker is sweet, whether it continues to be that way once variance batters me remains to be seen, but I can;t play now for the next three nights so I'll be eager to hit the felt again once the shifts are done.



Tuesday, 25 May 2010



Just played really good for 7 hours, prolly the best I can remember playing in a single MTT. $7.4k for first and pretty much all four figs for final table.

I then get it in with 15 left out of 5931 players with KK and a guy who jussst has me covered makes the call with AT and binks the fucking Ace. I am totally and utterly gutted ATM.

Monday, 24 May 2010


I am gutted, just came third in the $4 2 rebuy 1 add on, on pokerstars. I ran good in the middle, but pretty much owned the final table until we were 4 handed. I had one guy all in three times in flip situations and he won all 3, which was horribly sick. Until that point I was a comfortable chip leader. I was then last in chips and made a tilty shove over a raise and of course I don't manage a I am so bitter sometimes:

I also got deep in both the Daily Doubles on FTP, finishing 20th/1394 and 60/1128 respectively, was dissapointed at the payout structure in these, incredibly top heavy. I also cashed in the $20 360 max on stars, finishing 19th/360.

I guess another night that could have been 3 big scores. Way it goes sometimes, at least I am playing well ATM, which feels good.


I won best double finish in the daily double for a nice little boost.. weeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Running Bad at Life

lol, so today I find out they have scrapped the HIPS packs, one week after I bought one for £225. sigh. That pisses me off.

Secondly the wife's dad has been in hospital ill and now found out he has to have an operation on the 16th June, meaning he cannot fly and we were supposed to be going to Portugal with him on the 28th June, to his friends villa and as such thats fallen through, meaning I lose my deposit on my flights and car hire. grrrrr. Obviously it cannot be helped, but it's gutting.

Thirdly, I have just realised that Halifax bank have been charging our pretty much dormant second account £31 per month for having an ORGANISED overdraft. £1 per fucking day to be in an overdraft, you have to be fucking kidding me. Greedy bastards. We hardly use that account anymore, so you can imagine the suprise when I saw that.

Fourthly, all this is gonna hit my BR again. Things are tight right now, so I am gonna have to withdraw from my roll to pay off the Halifax overdraft and close the account and then it's also gonna have to pay for us a holiday somewhere, most likely Britain now.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Am I going back?

Don't get me wrong cash games is where the regular income and improvement of your skills comes from, but right now I just CANNOT find the motivation to start sitting down night after night and flogging it out grinding.

I am starting to wonder if I'll ever get back to it. I think in my mind I do want to, but then the evening comes and I just can;t get motivated, the last few nights I have ended up grinding a few MTT's instead and to be fair I've done ok, probably made around $1300 or so, likely more than an average hard grinding month on the NL50 tables.

I doubt I can keep grinding MTT's though as they are just so time consuming, like 5+ hours to get through 180 runners etc. I do enjoy them when I get deep runs, but I get so fucked off when I pay really well, finish top twenty out of 400+ runers and get $19, when it cost $10 to

I think I might move back to cash and take Sunday night out as an MTT night. That feels like it might work for me personally.

meh, not sure yet.

Sunday and Monday nights I played the MTT's and yesterday night (Tuesday to you daywalkers) I decided to just play the satellitte to the APAT Scottish Online Champs on Saturday. Needless to say getting AA cracked by TT for the chiplead with 15 left on a 469 board was pretty brutal. Sigh, I run like shit on Betfair so far.

I'll still play the Scottish event and might even have a crack at the Sunday Warm-up this week.

I am very confused about where I am and where I am going right now with poker. I just sort of play whatever takes my urge when I sit down to play.

Roll on the world cup IMO.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fatal Blow

Two very nearly's again:

Played well in both and was chip leader in both on Final Table, but the flips just went against me and a cooler or two. Just couldn;t deliver that fatal blow this time!

I started live threads from about 20 players out on both you can see it here

Was hoping to get at least one of em into Amatays binkage thread...sigh

Ahh well at least the monthly profit is lookin good.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


So close, but decided to deal HU. He had a 2.5/1 CL and tbh he was playin better than I was at the time, so when he offerred the ICM chop, I agreed....

I finished 18th of 177 in a $8.80 in FT for a min cash and I played one other on FT and that was for my RTR Syndicate game, but despite being very chipped up it was such a crapshoot in the end and my Q7 shove was snap called by 33. board 223. gg me.
I also played the $22 SCOOP and the worlds worst tourney, the Sunday Quarter Mill on stars. I managed to cash in both, but both for very small profits. I played around 6 hours in the SCOOP for that min cash, thats gonna be one long tourney. So glad I didnt play the low ME, which i was considering because that didnt start till 10pm UK time, prolly finish Monday afternoon!!

I went to a homegame Saturday with some good lads. they were goin nuts with Jagerbombs

Finished 2nd in the main game and 6th in the turbo. It was all about the piss-up really, but the lad who organised had a quality bachelor pad and setup. Also caught the Mitchell fight, where he basically got paggerred.

Went to Southport for the day today with the wife and little lad, which was nice, specially as we got some decent weather. All in all a very good weekend!

Hope yours was good too.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

For Sale

Thats it. House went on the market today. Finally got the rip off HIPS pack sorted. That cost me £225 in the end. All the estate agents wanted £350+ for a HIPS. I managed to find a company near me that did them so contatced them. When the woman turned up she explained she does them for the Estate Agents for £225 and they charge the Customer £350+ for doing absolutely fuckall, so effectively I cut out the middle man by doing a bit of leg work.

Actually a feel a little bit gutted. I've done a ton of work on that place over the years and we finally get it pretty much finished and sell up!  I love the house, but hate the area.

Basically at the top end of the estate there are still some old council houses and recently they have been closing down the two roughest areas in Burnley, Burnley Wood and Stoops Estate, for renovation. So they have been moving these fucking scroates in one family at a time and slowly but surely it's been getting rougher and rougher.

These are the types of people who have a load of kids, but refuse to work. You see them all times of day wandering about in their fucking dressing gowns and pyjamas.. wtf, have some self respect. They don;t give a toss about their property or gardens and basically let their kids just do whatever they want as long as they are not in their hair. (Think I might be a little bitter!)

Personally I don;t give a shyte, they don't really bother me much as long as they don;t affect me directly, but the mrs doesn't feel safe when I'm on nights and it's not going to be any good for the little lad. So we made the decision to sell and move.

Fingers crossed now it sells and we can get things moving before the World Cup!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Verve had it right...

It's a bitter sweet symphony called life. You try to make ends meat, you're a slave to the money then you die.

LOL. How depressing is that shit!

It's 3.49am Thursday morning. I am at work, fucking knackered, strugglin to keep my eyes open and fed up as hell with having to drag myself into a shitty factory day after day. I work with a bunch of back-stabbing, grassing pricks, who I would just love to meet in a dark alley somewhere when my job wasn't on the line.The worst thing... I have it so much better than many others. At least I am paid quite well for my living.

this pic sums up my place pretty well...

Sometimes I'd just love to throw the towel in, move to a warmer climate and grind poker for a living... hahaha. sigh.

Just gotta grind on through and look to the positives: I got a great wife and an awesome son.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MTT's and a little cash

Last few nights I haven;t really been in the mood for dragging the second monitor out and smashing the cash tables, so instead I have been farting around with some MTT's and tbh it just hasn't gone my way. I played the €20 , €4k GTD on microgaming all three nights and all three nights I got deep and either min cashed or bubbled the facking thing.

sunday night was the sickest, I was 3rd in chips with 28 left an playing really well. Basically anyways I open with KK and a big stack, prolly top ten just open pushes... I snapped him off as quick as I could and he had AA!! WTF, who plays AA like that when deep? FML. That was for chiplead and world domination! I ended up monkey tilt shoving the next couple of hands and got busted.

I got second in some $8 scheduled MTT on full tilt and went deep in a few all over the shop without really making any decent scores. How people play these for a living is beyond me, you need so much luck when it comes to winning the big flips at key stages. especially the Stars games with 48 billion players lol.

Anyways, so the MTT's was a bit of a fail although I think I was in profit overall, it wasn;t by much.

I have also been playing 1 and 2 tables of NL100 (simply because I couldn;t be arsed to fire up the 6/7 tables of NL50) and have done ok, my only problem is the games are just not juicy enough at NL100. It's stuffed to brimming with decent regs all chasing the same fish and my other major problem is microgaming have nt dealt with teh short stacking problem yet and these ratholing bastards are becoming more and more prevalant at the tables.  I genuinely hope they find a solution like the other sites have or I will be moving my roll elsewhere.

None Poker:

This election thingy is a total fucking sham IMO. It's pretty worrying how this is gonna play out because you can bet your bottom dollar that it's going to hit us in some hard financial way. I am just praying it's not the interest rates because those going up on top of the current energy, fuel prices, food and drink increases and just general high cost of living would probably cripple us. It's a tight squeeze now with the wife being a full time housewife/mummy, but we manage it, if things changed we'd be bolloxed.

I am not even gonna go into my thoughts on this shit with the Lib Dems weilding the power, the party that got the least votes of the main 3.... fucking scandalous.

Ok thats enough shyte for now. Might try and do the part 2 of the Newcastle trip tomorrow.

Gl at the felt


Monday, 10 May 2010

Newcastle Trip Report - Part 1

We finally got the rtr team confirmed:

Mr Origami
Yorkshire Pud
Dream of Vegas
Snake Eyes

Just knowing the lads I already knew and haing been sort of aquainted through the forum and blogs with the others, it was always going to be a big piss up and laugh.

Anyways, I woke nice and early Saturday morning got my things together and all the RTR hoodies, packed it all into the car and was ready to shoot off.

Was making decent progress until I hit the M62 and then it was 50mph average speed checks for absolutely fackin ages, probably best part of 10 miles. sigh. Yorkshire bastards had aready put a hurdle in my way!

So plodding along getting a bit pissed off I decided to give Mr O a ring to see if he had managed to drag Dov, rubbish and Noshoes from their pits. He had it on speaker phone and I could hardly hear a thing, so ended up just hanging, but I did ather that rubbish and Noshoes had made it despite being on a most of the day bender in blackpool the day before!

I finally exited the M62 and hit the A1/M1 and guess what... AVERAGE FUCKING 50mph SPEED CHECK!! ARRGGHHHH. They were probably working on about 1 mile of road, but decided to put cones and speed check us for about another 5 miles... wankers. Bored again I decided to give Snake a call and see how he was doing. Apparantly dD had contacted him saying he was running late to pick Snake up and would prolly be hitting the casino about 1pm, typical dD, he'll be late for his own funeral that one, out of all the RTR meets, I don't think he's been on time yet! Anyways, I told snake I wasn;t far from him and would just detour and pick him up. I popped the postcode into the sat nav and bam, 37 miles, about 1/2 an hour, so fuck it I set off to pick up our bad beat bill!

After rattling through some country fields and weird village folk who all looked exactly the same, I finally got near Snakes humble skip. He decided to meet me at the end of his road because quietly I think he knew his mrs would probably be after a peice of the BM and tbh I wouldn;t blame her, but I could never do that to a mate snake so don;t worry yourself!

We then hit the trail for Newcastle!! Back through the peice of shit average speed checks, but it wasn;t as bad this time with snake prattling on in my lughole with all his tales of woe and bad beats. Seriously, he could talk a glass eye to sleep, absolutely top bloke though and when it comes to drinking i can only think of two other people who could keep pace with his and not be dead on their feet and they were both on this trip.

Finally we arrived at the hotel. I pulled into the parking space and was about to ask Snake for a lift carry all the hoodies, but he was gone, he was already off accross the car park to meet the boys. The bastard just fucked off and left me to it after I had the decency to pick him up from the middle of nowhere. Another typical Yorkshire man.

Anyways when we got there Nocash was there (with his shoes on.. wtf!) Mr O, Yorkie Pud and rubbish were all in the reception trying to check in whilst DoV was busy giving the charm to the receptionist, who tbh looked a little like grotbags (remember her off the tele?). he obv doesn;t set himself high standards.

We were told the tale of the blue midget smurf and the two fat geordie Borats. It was hilarious to hear and NoCash had tried to take a pic with his mobile, but had totally fucked it up and all you coul see was a blue streak..lolol. Quality photgraphy IMO.

I was thinking of something like this in my head:

We finally checked in and got our keys, I was sharing with Pud and he got into the room first and before I knew it he had pushed the twin beds togehter!! WTF?! I know I'm a bonny lad, but fuck me I gotta draw the line somewhere. So, I removed the beds back seperate and warned him I only have exit hole below the waist. :o)

We both got our shit together, a quick blast of the smellies and i went to see the other lads whilst Pud nipped out for a fag. A few mins later I return to the room just as Pud is returning and I shit you now he's only gone and locked the key in the room already! LOLOLOL. daft bastard! So he grovelling approaches Grotbags to let us in, which she readily does and we grab our bits and are ready to roll.....


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Join Us

tonight 9pm Pokerstars - nIt' in the tourney section, under the private tab. Readers of blogs as welcome as bloggers!

Gonna record the final table when it gets 3/4 handed and add a little commentary..

Friday, 7 May 2010

Some Newcastle RTR Team Photo's

Jeeeez we some ugly gits!

Reports to follow, just sorted getting pics and vids up:

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Night of the Donkament

Newcastle report to follow shortly. After returning,as usual, I have a taste for MTT's again, so tonight I'll play a few small buy-in donkaments. I might blog live on here, but I will update all my tourneys and results:


$4.40 2 REBUY 1 ADD ON -


€20 €4k GTD -
€10 BOUNTY -

Full Tilt:

$5 TURBO -
$8.80 -

I've pre registered for most of these, will try and updat throughout the evenign on the break times :-)

************EDIT 10.23pm************

It's gone Shyyyyyyyyyyyte! lolol. I haven;t played too well in most, but deep in the $4 2 rebuys and 1 add on. currently 11/133 and still in the Uk thingy.

I was playing well in the SCOOP until aggro with my openeded str8 and flush draw and proceeded to miss my 142 million outs vs a guy ho had the mighty second pair!

the turbos were funny bad and I missed the first 25 mins of most because my lappy froze.

so last two and hopefully score something....

*********EDIT - The next morning*************

LOL. Lost my key flips and it was good night Vienna.

In the $4 rebuy, I shipped over a raise and caller with AKs and got a call off 88 and AJ lol. obv AJ runs out the winner. Finished 53rd I think.

In the UK thing finished 130th ish , I built a big stack here, then lost AK vs KJ and pretty much straight after shoved 99 into KQs and proceed to lose that too.

way it goes i spose.. a total crock of shit!

oh and i had KK cracked by J8s in the €20 microgaming game, all in on a J high flop..river 8. sigh.

I like MTT's, but you need a ot of time and a lot of luck, omething I am short of with both!