Monday, 24 May 2010


I am gutted, just came third in the $4 2 rebuy 1 add on, on pokerstars. I ran good in the middle, but pretty much owned the final table until we were 4 handed. I had one guy all in three times in flip situations and he won all 3, which was horribly sick. Until that point I was a comfortable chip leader. I was then last in chips and made a tilty shove over a raise and of course I don't manage a I am so bitter sometimes:

I also got deep in both the Daily Doubles on FTP, finishing 20th/1394 and 60/1128 respectively, was dissapointed at the payout structure in these, incredibly top heavy. I also cashed in the $20 360 max on stars, finishing 19th/360.

I guess another night that could have been 3 big scores. Way it goes sometimes, at least I am playing well ATM, which feels good.


I won best double finish in the daily double for a nice little boost.. weeeeeeeeeeeee

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