Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sweats and Grinds!

So last night, being my first night back off work it was time to get-a-grindin! I fired up my tables about 8ish and started grindng away. Usual 7 tables. As you may or may not remember I withdrew a lump off the site, simply for safe keeping and this was the first time i had played snce the withdrawal and despite what people say i was expecting bad-uns... (this could just be a mindset, who knows).

Anyways not to dissapoint one of my early hands was AA stacked by 66. lol. I thought I was in for a super shit night, but not so! I did ok after that, grinding hard playing well and generally just getting maximum value wherever I could.

I had promised snake a sweat session about 9.30, but he was running behind time so I had a little longer, before stopping about 9.45, getting a brew and just taking a break. I finished the first part of the sesh up about $28, despite being down as low as about $80 and back up as high as about $60. lol swingaments.

Snake rang me to let me know what time he was coming on and explained Ant, from the forums was after sitting in our skype session and just listening in to our chat during the hands. Obviously Ant recognises talent and wanted to learn a thing or two about this poker makarky! ;o)

About ten we got the sweat going, a bit of piss taking later we got the tables up and running. Luckily I had my second monitor attached to the lappy, so when I saw a couple of juicy tables I couldn;t resist playing whilst sweating. Just the two tables, but that still allowed me to mainly focus on what Snake was doing.

Let me tell you first hand... no matter how many bad beats he post, that snakey runs like fucking god!!!! oh, except maybe when it comes to QQ, which he runs into AA with alarming frequency!! He himself noticed a few spots where the negativity had crept into his game and had made him not only a little spewy, but also missing value. Obv he wasn;t playing badly, his fundamental game is very very solid, much more so than mine, but I think for these levels you don't really need to 3-bet quite as light as you might do on full tilt with the better regs. You just have to keep it solid and simple and the bad players will eventually pay.

The sweat was a good laugh, with no end of piss taking from all 3 of us and it fnished with snake making a decent profit, which was good to see. Had it not been for losing two big pots with Q's vs A's it could have been a very good session, but such is.

Anyways when the sweat was over, I just left one table up and was gonna post my last set of blinds, when a big fish sat down. He was all in on his first hand with TT on a Q high flop and turned a Ten. I decided to just hang about a little longer, after all this was late Saturday night, all the piss-heads would be on in force :o)

I managed to get into a big pot with him with AA's, but you can see what I was up against: CHECK THIS BAD BOY LOL! Unfortunately he fucked off after that pot and I couldn;t see him at anymore tables. Meh.

I decided to grind on and ended up with 6 tables going, hahahaha. I finished the night having played just over 1800 hands and making $111 profit overall. Not too bad considering the swings.

saturday night =  free money night IMO!

Tonight is tourney night. I just played an $11 rebuy into the Sunday Mill and lost 4 all ins in a row. LOL.

TT vs 76s AIPF - rivered str8.
AQ vs KK AIPF - flop ace, river K (one guys says it was case King. FML).
88 vs A4 - He turned an ace.
I finally blasted K4 with about 6 BB's and got looked up by 89s -  blanks all the way, until rivered 8. FML.

I have signed upto Cake poker, put some money onto party and also a little onto absolute, just to try out some smaller field tourneys. I really can;t be arsed wading through 9k+ donks in an $11 stars tourney. I might play their 360 CAP and 500 CAP games though.

Just let me run good baby!



Thursday, 28 January 2010


Once again work has thrown poker out of the window for 3 days. I can't get up, grind and then go to work, as much as I love poker, my son and wife are more improtant, so I get up spend a little time with them before heading back off to work. For three solid days it's sleep and work, which is a bitch, especially when you are playing the best poker you have for a long while, but you can;t get to the tables!!! FML.

I am still going well at the NL50 on Microgaming, with the roll on there just topping out over $2.7k. I decided that no matter how safe the poker skin is, I don;t need that much in one place for NL50, I am quite happy with 20 buy-ins on the site and to deposit more if need be. So, I decided to withdraw $1.7k back to Neteller for now.

I am not fully ready to jump to NL100 and I have an good database and read on the regs, so it's suits me to stay where I am right now. I prolly will make the jump at some point if I keep consistently beating these games.

My fellow player, SnakeEyes, seems to be going through a rough patch confidence-wise, right now and I have been there many times, so gonna rail him Saturday night just to confirm to him that he isn;t making any mistakes. Sometimes, just hearing that is what you need. I have seen snake play enough to know he is good, he is definately a better cash  player and hand reader than me and once that confidence returns he is gonna crush the games.

I often hit him up on skype and we discuss hands, regs, fish, bad-beats, copncepts etc. It's not only a good laugh, but it helps my game no end, re-enforcing things in my mind and helping me talk through situations to make sure it's not just me who would make that play/mistake or w/e.

I highly reccomend anyone who is playing the same type of game as a friend or aquaintance to talk to them, discuss strategy and stuff because it really works to develop you as  a player.

On another note I have just been reading the blogs through google reader and noticed one of the guys, badcallthat, has quit the shitty rat race to have a few months trying to make it as a poker player. He is getting coaching from MI_Turtle and seems really dedicated. Just wanted to wish him all the best and watch with anticipation, as it's obviously a dream of many of us poker players. Good Luck mate.

Considering another MTT night on Sunday, but might give stars a miss and start attacking some small sites to see if I can pick off a smaller field event. We'll see I guess.

Ok good luck at the tables and thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010


After returning home Sunday night, I was in the mood for some more punishment and decided to fire up a few MTT's. I played the following:

  1. Sunday Warmup Satellite ($40.80)

  2. Sunday warmup ($215)
  3. Daily 30k ($11)
  4. $4k GTD turbo ($4.40)
  5. 360 max big antes ($22)
  6. 5k GTD Turbo ($5.50)
  7. 15k GTD ($11)
  8. 500 Max big antes ($27.50)
  9. Sunday Quarter Mil ($11)
  10. Bloggerment ($5)
  11. $8 MTT ($8.80)


  1. Sunday Warmup Satellite ($40.80) - 1st for $215
  2. Sunday warmup ($215) - 1554th/4818
  3. Daily 30k ($11)  - 34th/9450 for $170.10
  4. $4k GTD turbo ($4.40) - 608th/3986
  5. 360 max big antes ($22) - 32nd/360 for $54.00
  6. 5k GTD Turbo ($5.50) - 2987th/7950
  7. 15k GTD ($11) - 711th/3888
  8. 500 Max big antes ($27.50)  - 270/500
  9. Sunday Quarter Mil ($11)  - 3134th/34,340 for $24.03
  10. Bloggerment ($5.50) - 6/11
  11. $8 MTT ($8.80) - 568th/3161
Outgoings  =  $362.50
Returns =  $463.13

Profit =  +$100.63

I made a post and running hand by hand on the forum if you wanna check it out click this LINK

In the 360 max, big antes, i was CL for quite a while, it was all going good for me and I felt confident of a decent score, that is until I ran KK into another good stack's AA. FML!!! Win that bad boy and final table is a minimum IMO. I was pretty gutted to end up busting 32nd.

In the Warm Up, I made a big mistake re-shipping over someone I thought was opening light. I had 55 and he called with TT. Fair play, no beats, looking back I'd have been better just laying it down, but w/e I live and learn I guess.

The 30k was where i was really gutted. 9.5k entrants and I was running good. I was top ten in chips for ages, getting as high as second in chips at one point. The blinds and antes were so big that there was no way I was nitting up and to some of the railers i guess it looked spewy, but I had good reason for everything I did and I wasn;t there to min cash, I was playing to stay top ten chips as much as possible and keep trying to accumulate. I worked pretty hard in that tourney and stayed fairly active. I finally busted in 34th, when i shipped over a raiser with 99. he called off his stack with KJo (questionable IMO, but w/e) and turned a Jack. Was a bit sickening, but the tourney was virtually a crapshoot at that stage anyways.So 34th of over 9,000 other players, 7 and a half hours work for a measly $140! lol. sucks.

I also got deep in the worst tourney in the world, the Quarter Mill, but only managed a mini-cash. To be fair I never had a decent stack and it was pretty much always push or fold for the most part.

The other tourneys were fun and I got quite deep in a few others, but nothing of note. I remember losing KK to AA in the 500 max Big Antes and then Busting AA with KK in another! hahaha.

I had decided to play a much looser, more aggressive strategy, with the intent of building stacks wherever I could and it seemed to work well, a little more luck when deep and I reckon I could have made a big score.

Overall I enjoyed it and made a little profit, so all is good.

Monday, 25 January 2010

WCBOOP Event #1 Updates

I am gonna post all mine along with some of the other guys HERE.

APAT tourney

So this weekend was the APAT Team event. I'll do a full trip report in another post, but suffice to say it was a good weekend. This is just a tourney report, a bit boring, but something for me to look back on when I am WSOP ME champion!

The tournament went quite well for me. My starting table wasn;t the best, there were two players who were very aggressive, which seemed to get the whole table 3-betting a lot, hence lots of aggro. Me being me, I wanted to playsome flops in position, see if I could hit something and then try and get these aggrotards to play me, but early doors it wasn;t happening much.

I did hit a straight with 89 on a 5K67 board, in a multi-way flop and I was on button. It checkd round the flop and check round to me on turn so I put out a small steal type looking bet only for everyone to just pass.

Then a nice hand occured:

I am on BTN. It folds round to HJ who limps and then so does CO. I look down at AKs and make it 5 BB's to play. Blinds fold, HJ folds and CO calls.

Flop comes A93 rainbow. Co checks to me and I make a small cbet of about 50% of the pot. CO calls.

Turn comes another Ace and once again he checks to me. Now I start to think that maybe he has a hand like a mid PP possibly T's/8's/7's, maybe even Ax. I decide that to try and get some vlue from these hands on the river I would check behind and just go for a value river bet, as I don;t think he had much with the check-call line.

River is ANOTHER Ace for QUADZILLA!! Meaning the board is now A93AA.

Once again Co checks to me, but now I start thinking that it's likely he has a pair and if I make a decent over-bet it's going to be tough for him to lay down a full house. So I go pretty big with my river bet.

He umms and arhhhs for a little bit and reluctantly calls.. ONLY SHOWING 99!!!! he had flopped a set, turned a boat and then I had rivered his ass with Quadzilla!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Run good much BurnleyMik??? weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I was behind the whole way and there I was wondering how to extract value when I would have been valuetowning my own azzz!!! hahaha. Poker gods (amen) were smiling down on me.

Morale of that hand? Slow playing gets you the karma you deserve!

At the first break I was upto about 18k with a few other small pot wins.

After the break I went pretty quiet due to not many cards and not really getting or giving any action, although I was all in at one point vs the aggro's when I opened AKs from the BTN and he 3-bet me in the SB for the third time, so I moved all in, to which he insta passed.

At the second break I was back down to about 18k and the blinds were starting to make their mark.

I started out the next session pretty well, 3 betting another aggro guy wth pocket 8's and shoving the TJQ flop. lol I suck, but he opened so many pots his range was huge and I knew I could pressure him. He seemed pretty pissed about having to fold, so very next hand he opens early pos again and it folds to me on BTN with T9s. I make the call and the flop comes 58T with one diamond and he immediately announces all in. Something like a 11k bet into a 4k pot. I was just thinking WTF!!

No way I felt AA/KK just open blasts a rainbow board like that and a set also doesn't just shove. He either missed it totally with a hand like AK/AQ small PP and didn't want to be pushed off the pot again, or he had a hand like JJ/QQ, even then maybe value betting may have been better.

So, with my top pair and a few backdoor draws, I call.

He flips QQ. Well played IMO. His shove did exactly what he wanted it to do, it looked tilty and badly done, but he had the goods.

Turn came Jd giving me one gazzzzzzillion outs and river brought the beautiful 3d for my runner runner flush tyvm. :-) He wasn;t a happy chappy, grabbed his coat, steaming and left. I felt it might have been a bit of an insult to try and shake his hand, so left it at that. poor bastard.

This is where my stack peaked at about 54k and that was the highest it ever got!! (I matched ot a bit later).

I tthen went on to lose a few pots, against friends. First was a pot vs Gorvacofin off the forums, when the blind level had just stepped up to 600/1200 with 100 antes. He open pushed from the CO for about 13k, it folded to me on the BB an I look down at AQ. I don;t really wanna eliminate a fellow rtr member, but he was playing for another team, so sod it, I called :-)

Fortunately the board bricked out and I ended up giving him a double.

Very next hand it folds to me in SB and Lou Saban (playing for Ace of Clubs) who has about 7k in her stack is in the BB. I look down at K6s, definately better than your average hand, so I just push it all into her. She makes the insta call (and rightly so) with A6. I flop a King, but the ace is a river and I lose another pot.

I then move tables, but unfortunately I can;t catch any type of hand and everyone is in steal/push mode and it always seems to be raised or shoved before it gets to me so i have to fold my way about when I get no hands.

I move again and once again get fuckall. I tried a steal BVB when i had 64o. I raised, but the bastard just blasted and I had to fold. LOL.

That basically rounded up day 1. I was heading into day 2 with a 37k stack and the blind level going to be 2k/4k with 600 antes.

Day 2

I had already decided I wasnt going to ladder because our team couldn;t realistically win. Theoretically we could if me and Brian finished 1/2, but we were both short stacks and other forums had more members with bigger stacks left, so I was going to try and win this so at least we could all walk away with something.

3rd hand in, it folds to me in the HiJack and I almost crack a smile when I finally see a hand! AK!!. I move all my chips into the middle. The CL at the time, two to my left asks for a count, which is good as if he has AA/KK/QQ he calls already, so now I WANT the call, I wanna go for it, double me baby!!

Eventually he folds and so does the rest of the table. I decide to show him my AK, to which he says he had AJs FML!!!!!!

Nothing more happens for the rest of the orbit, but just as I am about to pay the BB.. i get moved! weeeee.
I move to Brians and Sams table and this is where my fate played out.

My final hand occured:

Guy opens UTG (he had done this previously so his range is not mega tight or he is running hot UTG) to 11k. it folds round to me and I have a stack of about 50k (thanks to a few steals getting through) and look down at 7s8s. I get a rush of blood to the head and think that if I can hit here I could pick up a lot of chips and make a good run at the final table. So i call.

Flop is Js5sJd.

So I pick up the flush draw, which i am happy about. I decide I am going for the check raise all in on this board, it's a great board to move at for me because even if i get called I am drawing to my flush.

So, i make my check getting ready to announce all in, but he checks The alrm bells should have gone off, but they didn;t.

Turn was Qh.

I sat there for a minute thinking. There was about 30k in this pot and I had 39k behind. If I check it to him again, I feel he takes this away from me with ATC 100%. Any bet I make has me completely committed. I am in limbo a bit, I had my play planned out and now I was thrown of my thinking track.

I decided to just go for it and moved my chips in, to which he calls so fast i thought he had folded!!!

He only had JJ in the hole and flopped QUADZILLA!!! lolololololol. FML!!  I really should ahve picked up on it with his flop check, but the size of the pot blinded me.

In hindsight I made a lot of mistakes. I should have just open shoved flop for a starter, although the outcome would have been the same it would have definately been a better play. I also should have just folded rather than tryin to get too tricky, but then again you have to mix it up sometimes in MTT's to make these deep runs.

I ended up busting in 24th of 160. I really enjoyed it though, it was a very good event a well run.

Brian, my raisetherver team partner ended up going out just before the final table in 12th and Sam (gorvacofin) busted in 11th.

great day all round and I am glad I bored the living shit out of you reading this!!! :o)


Thursday, 21 January 2010

APAT TE, Rush and rest

This weekend is the Annual APAT Team poker event and after finishing 2nd last year we have entered another team hoping to go one better.

The team is:

Snake Eyes

We also had Mair last year, who ended up individual champ. Unfortunately she is representing someone else this year, but I am sure we will all still be hoping she does well.

I am looking forward to it, should be a good session of beer and laughs. Bring it on!

Rush Poker -  I think I found a decent little strategy now for this that seems to work well (for 6 max):

1. Don;t get dragged into the speed of it. Fast decisions are often unrational and spewy. Take your time to still think about what you are doing and why.

2. If folded to you on the button or cutoff, open virtually any two cards to 2.5 x BB. Remember you don;t have an image to create or preserve, so make sure you use position and aggression to it's full potential.

3. Open your big hands big, like 4-5 x BB. AA/KK/QQ/JJ/TT/AKs/AK/AQs, open them all big,. simply for value because these guys seem to love calling and taking flops.

4. Open Mini raise pocket pairs and call 1 raise. Set mine hard as this is where lots of your money is to come from via the nutt peddlers.

5. Don't 3 bet light, even with position, as people are just not being bluffed, be especially tight with your 3-b etting range from Blinds.

6. Post flop -  If you have a big hand, mash the pot button or even overbet the pot for value and if you miss you can still c-bet 50-60% of pot for value. The beauty is no one is going to pick up on this and get a read as you are not at the same table and no one can use HUD's. Take advantage.

7. River shoving the nuts. This has paid off such a lot. Just get it done as you'll be suprised how often villains think this is a bluff and make weird hero calls.

Basically post flop, play your big hands very hard and don;t bother getting tricky. This is how you will get the most value long term in a game like this.

This strategy has served me well so far and I hope it helps you too. Good Luck.

My normal poker is going great. I am at an all time high now bankroll wise and really feel I am getting the hang of it. I am definately not spewing as much and laying down big hands when I need to, which is saving me a LOT of money long term. Overall poker is incredibly enjoyable for me at this minute, long may it continue!!!!



Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rush Poker

Damn this shyte is addictive!!!

I have played about 1.2k hands and running/playing bad means I am down $132.56. lol.

For those of you who don;t know what it is:

With it only starting yesterday it is attracting fish like flies on shit, but I really cannot find the optimal strategy. I tried have tried super nut peddling FR ring. Laggy on full ring, laggy on 6 max and nitting 6-max, but none seem to work too well.

Gonna have another pop this afternoon and this is gonna be my strategy:

  • Open  every pot in the CO and BTN if it folds round to me with ATC.
  • 3 bet light from the BB
  • mini raise all my small pairs (22-99)
  • raise 5 x BB TT-AA/AKs/AK and AQs
  • call one raise with all PP's.
  • 3-bet TT+ and AK/AKs
Not sure how it will work, but I have to give it a try before these games get cracked by someone! Obviously table image doesn;t matter a shit, so it really is a case of exploiting postion and aggression IMO.

As for my normal poker, all is very very good. Earned a nice poriton of rakeback so far this month and played about 14k hands. That is still my staple diet and my main game.

Right off for another rushhhhhhhhhhhhh..btw this sums it up nicely:

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Night = donkaments!

So decided to play some MTT's tonight. No big scores but finished in profit. Usual run bad stories, but I am also well out of practice. I know I wasn;t changing gears properly. Anyways it was a change of scenery. I had forgotten just how long and boring these things are!! lol.

Played the following:

Daily 30k - 19.00

2k Gtd - 19.20
360 CAP Big Antes - 19.30
RTR PLO Game - 8pm
12k gtd turbo - 8pm
daily 80k Suunday Special - 8pm
15k GTD - 8.15pm
2.5k GTD 500 CAP big antes - 8.20pm
Sunday 1/4 Mill - 8.30
Bloggerment -9pm
5k GTD - 9pm
2 x $12 180's.

Here are the results:

Daily 30k -3157th/9450

2k Gtd - 719th/4020 JJ into QQ
360 CAP Big Antes -  191st/360 vs the worst player ever
RTR PLO Game -  4th/14
12k gtd turbo - 3504th/7779
daily 80k Sunday Special - 223rd/6057  for $272.56
15k GTD -808th./3907 Aj from Btn into AA in BB
2.5k GTD 500 CAP big antes - 186th/500
Sunday 1/4 Mill -11334th/33251 (still the owrst tourney ever)
Bloggerment -2nd/18 for $27.00
5k GTD -266th/3284 for $23.64

Outgoings: $167.70
Returns: $323.20
Profit = $155.50

Back to cash for me I think! lolol

Won the seat, but then...

So, as you might have red in my last post, I was trying to win a sunday million sat so I ould play the UKIPT seat only qualifier.

Anyways, I fired up two double shootouts and a $7 rebuy to the UKIPT $530 qualifier...

A short while later I was deep in the rebuy and hit both final tables of the shootouts! run goot much? :-)

Unfortunately the shootouts were a bit unlucky, losing AK to QQ AIPF and then AK to ATs. meh, whatever because I went and ran like god to take down the $530 qualifier seat! weeeeeeeeee

I then go to register for the "seat only" satellite ($215) and see they have only decided that each package is going to be $1435, $935 for the seat and $500 spends... WTF?? Surely if you say seat only then it should be SEAT ONLY.If you are playing a seat only sat, it obv means you are local to the area so why the fuck would you need $500 spending money???

This meant that instead of 1 in 4 players getting a seat to the event ($935), now only 1 in 7 could get a seat making it harder to qualify and losing value. Sigh.I was really pissed off and decided to unregister from the sat until I had time to think about it a little more.

Still not sure if I am gonna play the satellite. I do want to, but 1 in 7 is quite a tough ask vs a field of very good players. (I saw Bill Ivey and such playing them last night). Guess 'll think on it a bit.

On another note, RTR are running a PLO game tonight for fun, details can be found here:

Oh, and don't forget the boggerment!

Still have not recieved my confirmation email for this below, has anyone else?

Online Poker
I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! Bloggers can register for to play for free in the WBCOOP, if you don’t have a PokerStars account you can get your Poker Download here.
Registration code: 647130


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Back on the Up

Following my disaster early in the month, I am back on track. Just about getting back to where I was before the crash!

Played about 12k hands so far this month and I am still developing a lot as I go along. Enjoying it, just those two days that crushed me a bit, but as Arnie says "I'll be back" and to be fair I was :-)

I have also been playing some Sunday Million sats, with the intention of playing in the Seat only satellites to the UKIPT, unfortunately good 'ol Pokerstars really has flicked my doomswitch to the on position. I have been so close, especially yesterday, with 16 left in an $11 rebuy, I look down at AA..wee. Anyways action ends up all in 3 ways, AA vs JJ vs AQ, for a 50k pot, when the chipleader had 30k. Of fucking course flop is QJx. FML. I was gutted, I take that pot and I am confident of picking up one of the 4 packages.

To be honest though, it's been like that in all the sats I have played on there. Been playing fairly well tnh, but it's been brutal at the crucial points. AA just cannot hold up for shit and win a race? lol you have to be fkin kidding!!

I really wanna play the UKIPT, but Stars is killing me. Unfortuantely the BR can't sustain a direct buy-in of $935, so sats are my only option.

Gonna have a few more tries, not ready to give up just yet.

Back to the cash game grind for now, hope you guys are all running good.



Monday, 11 January 2010

It's never as bad...

Despite feeling like total shyte Saturday, a small session last night made me feel good again. It was a winning session. Just two buy-ins, but enough to put a smile back on my ugly mug!

I played fairly well, but did drop about $30 when I refused to drop my TPTP vs a very very aggressive opponent, who actually flopped a

When it started I got the dreaded feeling it was gonna be another one of "those", I flopped a set of 4's on a 463 board and we got it all in on the flop. He had QQ and the board ran out a straight to split the pot. FML! I wasn;t happy, but after that it was all just standard with no major bad beats to moan about, so all in all I was very happy.

This game is so fucking fickle. One minute you are feeling great, next you are completely crushed! I guess it's just never as bad as it feels at the time. Poker is a game of long term, although that said, it's really screwed up my poker tracker graph for this month! lol.

Just now gotta push on through and keep working at it.

Thanks to everyone for their words of support on the last post. We all know how shit it feels when you go on bad uns'.

Just remember:

Always look on the bright side of de, ded ded de de ded de :-)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I feel ill

In 24 hours I have been fucked up hill and down dale. I cannot believe it. Dropping $450. I am truly in a state of shock. I really am.

This grph will show you what I mean. Blue line is what I am expected to have won when it goes all in pre flop and the green line is what I actually won. I am down so much with such bad luck that it hurts. It took weeks to grind that profit.

AA has been smashed to fuck. With everyone just flopping sets against it. everytime I have KK an ace flops and a donk shows resistance with his peice of shit ace rag. I have had AK all inpre vs QQ and lost everytime on both sides of it. I just cannot believe the way its gone. I tried to stay confident and stick it out, but it just went to from bad to worse. Despite me feel like I am playign fairly well, I am getting right royal fucked over.

I genuinely feel like I have been robbed. Such a sick horrible feeling.

Proper proper gutted.

Probably standard, but funny how I never have winning sessions this big.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Annual Blogger Tourney

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! Bloggers can register for to play for free in the WBCOOP, if you don’t have a PokerStars account you can get your Poker Download here.

Registration code: 647130

Thursday, 7 January 2010

More tables..

So, now I have become more accustomed to 6-max and I have a nice little strategy going I have started slowly upping the tables from my original 3, then 4 and now I am utpo 6, possibly 7 if I can find juicy enough ones.

It's not actually as hard as I thought. I have 4 on my big monitor on the left and three on my lappy screen on the right. A decent mouse makes it pretty simple, without using any scripts. i guess it helps that on Purple I can use the middle mouse wheel for sizing my bets, which takes loads of time out of dragging the scroll bar up and down or typing in the amounts.

Another good aspect is I am getting more rakeback :o) (always an ulterior motive!). I can also play more hands and hopefully this should improve my bottom line.

I am still enjoying the cash, which si not like me, I usually get fairly bored and despite being down on my overall All in EV, I am still up this month by just over 5 buyins.

I am strating to feel more comfortable sitting down and grinding a 1-2 hour session, taking a short break and then coming back for anotehr hour or so. I then usually fire up the xbox for a bit to chill back down before hitting the sack.

I don;t know about you guys, but if I go to bed straight after a session, I find it difficult to switch the brain off, running through hands in my head and trying to figure what went wrong, when really I just wanna chill and sleep, hence I play the xbox Live.

So, yeah, it's all goo at the moment. Progressing nicely along, although nights is coming up so my volume will drop considerably.

I used to be able to play at work. I'd go in, work my nuts off to get my jobs out the way then spend the second half of the night grinding and watching poker training vids, unfortunately some mother fucker has grassed me up (well not directly named me). The gaffer had a word with us all saying he had been informed that someone was in the offices often for the second half of the nights and if he found out who it was it would have to be disciplinary.

There are some bitter little fuckers out there. I reckon it's definately one of 3 people, but I'll never really know unless someone tells me. I don;t see what fucking business it is of theirs, I get my work done and stay out of their way. Everyone in their does their bits, i.e. foreigners, mending their car, sleep etc, thats the way nightshifts go, so it pisses me right off that someone got the hump and grassed me up. At least have the bollocks to tell me to my face. Scum. I am sure they will show their true colours one day and they aren;t always in work...

Anyways rant over.

Lets hope this weather clears up a bit, it's still facking chaos two days after it fell!



Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And the UK comes to a standstill

We just cannot handle a sprinkling of snow... fact. It's seriously piss poor.

I now hear (no idea if its true) that we are running out of gas as as such the utility companies are having to ship it in, meaning it goes up in price, which they are passing onto the consumer, as much as double the current unit price.

This is total BS. Fuck this ridiculous country.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010 begins...

The cash has started pretty well. Made some decent cash already, about 6 buy-ins, but to be fair I am running pretty hot. My draws are getting there for the big pots and I am hitting sets again big hands. Obviously that helps a little bit!!!

Had another sweaty session with the snake the other night and again it definately helped. We discussed a few concepts we had seen on a training video and how we have both changed our game, to stop as much of the uneccessary 3-betting (it was good, but abc seems to do better at these levels). I think the heavy 3betting works better higher up the food chain, where you need to adjust your game to be able to crush the regs, at the se levels even the regs are not very good, so there is no point over-complicating it just yet. That said, I definately learned a lot from the super laggy style, especially about playing more big, tricky pots.

Xmas and New Year was really good. Spending most of our time with families, which to be fair, although sometimes annoying, is generally nice to catch up and see everyone relaxing. The little lad got a ridiculous amount of toys and presents and seemed to really enjoy himself. Unfortunatly he likes to play with them all at once so they are always everywhere!! haha. Looking forward to next year when he understands a little more though.

On a none family and poker note, the wife was telling me that celebrity big brother was starting tonight and when she told me the line-up for the show I was laughing my spuds off. Are they really gonna put a cage fighter boyfriend and an exboyfriend of Jordan in, along with Vinnie Jones and expect no trouble? LOLOLOL!  I guess they will have to keep alcohol off the agenda. It should be fun IMO. I might actually watch it at first and see what happens. I hope Vinnie leathers both of those idiots!

..and on the TV note did anyone watch Royle Family on xmas day? Eggy Bread? LOLOLOL. Those skiddies in his kecks when he was on the throne...ewwwww. Pure comedy. Shame that show stopped IMO. Always enjoy the xmas specials though.

ok laters


Friday, 1 January 2010


So it's upon us! 2010 is here.

Lets hope its a fantastic year for us all. I wish you and your families all the best for 2010.

btw, did anyone see the London fireworks at the London Eye?.. Awesome sight to behold.

ATB guys.