Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Night = donkaments!

So decided to play some MTT's tonight. No big scores but finished in profit. Usual run bad stories, but I am also well out of practice. I know I wasn;t changing gears properly. Anyways it was a change of scenery. I had forgotten just how long and boring these things are!! lol.

Played the following:

Daily 30k - 19.00

2k Gtd - 19.20
360 CAP Big Antes - 19.30
RTR PLO Game - 8pm
12k gtd turbo - 8pm
daily 80k Suunday Special - 8pm
15k GTD - 8.15pm
2.5k GTD 500 CAP big antes - 8.20pm
Sunday 1/4 Mill - 8.30
Bloggerment -9pm
5k GTD - 9pm
2 x $12 180's.

Here are the results:

Daily 30k -3157th/9450

2k Gtd - 719th/4020 JJ into QQ
360 CAP Big Antes -  191st/360 vs the worst player ever
RTR PLO Game -  4th/14
12k gtd turbo - 3504th/7779
daily 80k Sunday Special - 223rd/6057  for $272.56
15k GTD -808th./3907 Aj from Btn into AA in BB
2.5k GTD 500 CAP big antes - 186th/500
Sunday 1/4 Mill -11334th/33251 (still the owrst tourney ever)
Bloggerment -2nd/18 for $27.00
5k GTD -266th/3284 for $23.64

Outgoings: $167.70
Returns: $323.20
Profit = $155.50

Back to cash for me I think! lolol


  1. sigh, sunday lolaments! not a bad score in the 80K tho;-)

  2. Good results along the way Mik......are you going to make this a regular occurence??