Saturday, 9 January 2010

I feel ill

In 24 hours I have been fucked up hill and down dale. I cannot believe it. Dropping $450. I am truly in a state of shock. I really am.

This grph will show you what I mean. Blue line is what I am expected to have won when it goes all in pre flop and the green line is what I actually won. I am down so much with such bad luck that it hurts. It took weeks to grind that profit.

AA has been smashed to fuck. With everyone just flopping sets against it. everytime I have KK an ace flops and a donk shows resistance with his peice of shit ace rag. I have had AK all inpre vs QQ and lost everytime on both sides of it. I just cannot believe the way its gone. I tried to stay confident and stick it out, but it just went to from bad to worse. Despite me feel like I am playign fairly well, I am getting right royal fucked over.

I genuinely feel like I have been robbed. Such a sick horrible feeling.

Proper proper gutted.

Probably standard, but funny how I never have winning sessions this big.


  1. Ul mate

    The game really seems to take the piss at times. So often I have such a shitty session I think to myself, fuck it, I am never playing again.

    Funny how the day after though I am reinvigerated and ready for more punishment

    Chin up pal, you'll win it back.

  2. Can't add much more, you know how good you are mate. Sick beats.

  3. God fella I have just boffed up :(