Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monthly round up for July and August

I forgot to do July's so I'll jsut add it here.

July was fkin dire:


Full Tilt: 26 tourneys played for a profit of $44.68
Stars: 20 tourneys played for a loss of $7
iPoker: 2 tourneys for a profit of $4.40


Full Tilt: 18,512 hands for a loss of $633.90 + rakeback  of  $108.55 =  -$524.25

Overall = Total Loss of $483.42

August is MUCH better :)


Full Tilt: 104 tourneys played for $89.93 loss, + rakeback of $17 = -$72.93
Stars: 241 tourneys played for a profit of $2,629.65


Full Tilt: 2011 hands for a loss of $105.81 + rakebeack of $8.21 = -$97.60



Overall  +$2778.62

So The RUSH games have just crushed me and I haven't been able to turn it round. My AA has a win rate of a mighty 60%. lol. think that says enough. The one binkage has basically saved my last two months.

At least now I have some options!

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Played a session of MTT's tonight on Stars and Tilt. All small stakes stuff and managed to take one down for $2.5k

Thats a very very welcome addition to the Bankroll and I am getting back to the sort of roll I had in before I had to make all my withdrawals.

It's going to be nice to actually have some choice in what I play again.

A big thanks to:
Snake eyes

for the railage at the end.

DTD didn;t go too well, had a tough decision and went the wrong way with it and it was GG me.

That said, Snake has made day 2 of the Main Event, Ant just finished 6th in the 6-max finals and Hutch managed a 16th in the PLO event. So it's good for the guys down there at the min. Hoping Snakey takes it down and becomes World Champ!

ok, cheers for reading.


Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 3 of the 180's.

Managed anohter decent set last night. Found a bit of a better way to concentrate. Whenever I get in a tourney where I am in the top 27 or have over a 10k stack, i shift it to the left hand screen to concentrate on it a little harder. That way I can stop myself missing too many +EV shoves.

I moved back into a tiny profit.

Will try and play a few more tonight.

I've got the APAT Main Event at Dusk Till Dawn this weekend, so I doubt I'll get any more games in after tonight. Really looking forward to it and hopefully I can run good one time!



Thursday, 26 August 2010

The story so far..

Not good.

I found 20 tabling is a just a bit too much. I am making too many rush and poor decisions, I am giving up too much quality in return for quantity and it's having a definate negative effect.

Then add to that ll my miss clicks..lol. That sucked ass, but I am hoping the shortcuts will get easier as I get used to them again.

So I am gonna cut dow to between 14-16 tables. I think I can manage that.

So here is the latest results:

Will fire away again tonight.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

2 180s

Been playing these with super nitty brm. they really are lol at times but what do u expect in 2 dollar games. Tryin to 20 table atm but I had so many missclicks today when I tried to use just a numpad and hotkeys that it was pizz poor.

I had 2 final tables in 53 games Lol.

Gonna keep grinding them though for now.

Had a couple of bankroll boosts. Firstly when I bought a piece of Mairs action in the ukipt and she binked 8th for a 300 dollar plus return and secondly when o ran good on an rtr challenge on stars, which hopefully I Might win too! Weeee.

Fuck me its hard work logging from your phone.


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Monday, 23 August 2010


Just tryin a new app for my HTC desire. See if I can mobile blog easily.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dealing with my tilt issues

So as you will be aware from my posts here and at the forum I have got some tilt issues!

I thought I had it under control and don;t get me wrong, I can leave it on the tables and I don;t let it really affect my mood away from the tables, but if it happens when I am playing then it's pretty much curtains for my A,B, C or even D game.

My recent volume has been, for want of a better word, shit. I really haven;t been settled or played anything and with my BR being low the beats are starting to feel much worse.

I have been so bored with poker recently I started having bets on the nags and on the Footy, all with my poker bankroll money and that hasn;t gone well. I'm probably $350 down at least, which is really dissapointing and as such has made me realise I NEED to do something about my poker game to get me away from the other pure gambling forms.

My current BR is about $800 total. So it's not enough to play even NL25 and I couldn't motivate myself to play lower than that. I donked around in a few 18/27 player SnG's for a while, but when I went on a bad run and the BR started dropping, mainly due to ridonkulous beats, thats when the major tilt was beginning to kick in.

I made a post on the forum and got some good advice, but at first I sort of refused to take it onboard. I mean I know all about variance, I understand that volume will even it all out over time and that all you can do is get it in good, but thats not where my problem was.

It finally dawned on me that i HAVE to be a bankroll nit because thats where almost all of my tilt issues stem from. When things were not as tight IRL it wasn;t an issue, but now I know I don;t wanna go busto because we haven;t got the spare cash ATM for me to replenish my roll if I lose it and I think this is all part of my problem.

So, thankyou to all who gave me that advice and the things to think about because I think you might have helped me to turn a corner here.

Last night I decided that using a 300 Buy-in rule I was gonna grind SnG's. I decided following some thought and advice that I would go for the $2 180's on Stars like a few of the other lads. I have to be honest this feels like a pretty big step backwards to me as a player because I have never played this low before, but it's time to swallow my pride and start working on my roll again. (Unless someone wants to stake me ofc :) )

So, I 20 tabled the games last night and I have to admit, although loads of the bust outs were ridiculous, I didn;t feel the tilt creeping in. In fact I was laughing at some of the stuff I was seeing and that felt good. I also felt like I was putting the volume in again. Thats two pretty big steps forward that I am really happy with.

I finished up with a 2nd and a 3rd and a few minor places meaning a small profit for the session and the whole session of 45 games only took me 2 and a half hours, which was promising.

The next level up is the $4 180's and I'll play that if the roll hits $1200.

Time will tell here I guess.

Cheers for reading my shit.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

SnG's and MTT's

Thats what I am playing at the moment and pretty much all on Full Tilt.
Doing ok in the MTT's, Final Tabling two $8 MTT's the other night when I played and getting very deep again in the $10k GTD Early Antes.

I find though if I am gonna sit down for an MTT sesh I really really have to be in the mood or about 2 hours in I am pissed off and bored, whihc obviously is no good to man nor beast.

When I am not working the next day MTT's tend to be my selection and SnG's when I am working.

I am getting creamed in the SnG's at the min though. The usual bad beat shit, I can't even remember how many times my over pair has been done by a smaller pair all in pre flop and how many times my dominating ace has been crushed by Ace rag. I haven;t put any significant volume it just yet, but it was starting to feel a little bit like deja vu.

I might try messing with my SnG strat a little because everyone is pretty much playing the robotic style of fold everything until into push fold mode and I am sure some of them are missing the dead money of the donkeys early on.

I am toying with willing to gamble 1/3 my stack early on (normally 1500 chips to start) and then move into push fold mode from 10 BB's or less and never let myself get lower than 6 BB's (unless bubble strategy calls for it).

Just trying to think a little outside the box. There are too many 16+ tabling nitbots who are missing the +EV spots against the fish, so I think I might be able to gain a small adge by trying to take advantage of this.

We'll see.

Good to have the Premiership back, just can;t believe Everton lost their first game to the shit that is Blackburn Rovers.  Piss Poor, but I have to laugh at the local radio who are already talking about Blackburn's "good" chance of Europe this season and Blackpool's "safety"... after one game hahahahaha. Fuckin nuggets.

I've had a crap start to the fantasy league, I hope I have a good day today cos it's tough to prop everyone up when you are right in the shit at the bottom!!

Finally, FUCK THIS WEATHER!!! Rained nearly every day for the last 6 weeks. Global warming? MY ARSE.

Ok, ramble over.

Good Luck at the tables folks.


Sunday, 8 August 2010


Been way too busy at work to really put any time in at the tables. Busy covering off shifts on the holiday season and although it's hard work now, I'll be happy when those wage slips land :)

I played a few MTT's Friday night and managed to final table 2 out of the 6 games.  Unfortunately though I came 7th in both, which pissed me off, especially as it was the worst player at the table by a mile who got me when I shoved my A6s in his eye and he snapped me off with A4s... of course the 4 rewards his dumb fkin ass. In the other I shoved AK into 77.  I flopped an ace, but he hit a set. Sigh. No joy when at the business end.

I actually enjoyed the games and played fairly well.

I've also been playing some STT's with some guys off KrackedKings. Some really good players actually and thats been fun.

Basically just chillin whilst playing rather than seriously getting the grind on and I think thats the reason I enjoy it more.

Busy as fuck all week at work again so prolly won;t play much. After these shifts are all done though I think I want to sit down to a few nights of serious grinding to recoop my BR. I have manged to make about $250 ish this week, but then went and blew $100 on the nags.

Reet, enough of my boring shit.

Hope you run good and crush souls.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Neither here nor there

I did'nt play last night, but I played Friday night in some MTT's (just 5) and didn't do particularly well. Got deep in the 10k GTD on Full Tilt and an $8 scheduled game, but lost a flip in the $8 and made a bad timed move in the 10k, when I could of folded.

I finished for a slight profit, but nothing to write home about.

Thursday night I decided to grind some SnG's on Full Tilt. I played a few $11 18's and an $11 27 and some $6 18's and 27's. Apart from taking a fucking age to fill up, I did ok.  I finished  2 x 1st's, 1x  2nd and 1 x 3rd out of 8 total, for just over $100 profit.

Still haven;t decided what to play, but thanks to all for their comments and suggestions.

I know I made a decent loss this month, but I am working solid for the next two weeks so might struggle to get all the figures off my lappy.

My goal for August is to maybe mix up SnG's and MTT's and just see how I end up.

Cheers for reading.