Wednesday, 25 August 2010

2 180s

Been playing these with super nitty brm. they really are lol at times but what do u expect in 2 dollar games. Tryin to 20 table atm but I had so many missclicks today when I tried to use just a numpad and hotkeys that it was pizz poor.

I had 2 final tables in 53 games Lol.

Gonna keep grinding them though for now.

Had a couple of bankroll boosts. Firstly when I bought a piece of Mairs action in the ukipt and she binked 8th for a 300 dollar plus return and secondly when o ran good on an rtr challenge on stars, which hopefully I Might win too! Weeee.

Fuck me its hard work logging from your phone.


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  1. you been following this thread?

    He's offering coaching in those games too fwiw

  2. cheers mate. will take a look.