Sunday, 29 August 2010


Played a session of MTT's tonight on Stars and Tilt. All small stakes stuff and managed to take one down for $2.5k

Thats a very very welcome addition to the Bankroll and I am getting back to the sort of roll I had in before I had to make all my withdrawals.

It's going to be nice to actually have some choice in what I play again.

A big thanks to:
Snake eyes

for the railage at the end.

DTD didn;t go too well, had a tough decision and went the wrong way with it and it was GG me.

That said, Snake has made day 2 of the Main Event, Ant just finished 6th in the 6-max finals and Hutch managed a 16th in the PLO event. So it's good for the guys down there at the min. Hoping Snakey takes it down and becomes World Champ!

ok, cheers for reading.