Wednesday, 30 September 2009

back to sitting and going

well for a while anyways! I actually enjoyed the cash games and I was beating them pretty well, but once the games are dry I always find myself gravitating back to sng's.

September started off like a sack of shit. I had decided to grind out some $11 45's on stars and it just would not happen for me. I went on a pretty harsh downswing, in fact the worst of my poker playing time to date. dropping about $700. My confidence went and I really started doubting myself. Finally I decided to give the multi table sng's another shot, but this time on iPoker.. thankfully this time I crushed. I had the regs nailed down and it felt good.

I played the odd sng elsewhere, but kept mainly to iPoker. I finally finished the month off (not inc tonight) with a profit of around $400, which was nice considering how I felt at the start of the month.

tonight I brought the lappy to work, fired up the mobile broadband and played 6 $16 18 player sng's, my old stomping ground. I had good stacks in 3 of em, but my connection went only for it to finally come back when there was just one table left and I had half a BB. FML. I was gutted.

anyways I joined sng grinders today for 3 months to see how good they are. looks promising so far, but mega dissapointed not to be able to download the vids.

hope you are all well


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

SnG Madness

still hitting up the Multi table SnG's on iPoker. Been breaking even over the last 40 or so, not too bad tbh, but the standard is truly shocking, which is a big positive IMO, especially when you see the standard of these types of games on stars and full tilt, so I am going to keep plugging away for now.

Only big downfall is most tables I can get running is like 9 if I relly push it, because they STILL havent sorte their software so the table with the action on pops to the front. You;d think that would be one of their main priorities for making money from multi-table grinders... doh.

Finally finished my shifts at work, whcih were paticularly gruesome as I have been ill, with fucking tonsilitis and to cap it off it was my birthday. he days felt longer than ever and I was as miserable as fuck. Could have happily just stayed in bed, probably all day and slept this shit off.

Anways, with a family and bills to pay, thats just not possible. You just gotta plough on with it. Such is life. Always looking forward to the weekend.

My little lad has taken his first steps unaided, which was so awesome to see. He's still as wobbly as fuck, but I can;t see it being long now before he is properly on his way and we are running round like loonies trying to keep up with the little whirlwind!

So all in all life is still good right now.

Hope you are all the same



Sunday, 13 September 2009

Live Blogging from the RTR HU Championship game

So, here I wait with bated breath.... 19.56 and wondering who I will draw in round one. I want it to be amatay or rikyrosa, but w/e I'll take em all on!!!

19.59: hahaha. weeeeeeee I run good already. with only 9 players I sneak a bye for the first round!!!!

oh, it turns out everyone got a first round bye, except rickyrosa and Dreams of Vegas, who are now battling it out!

20.22 and they are STILL battling it out the boring bastards!!

20.34 and I draw RCHPPRO. Not to be underestimated!

Zagga gets rubbish
Amatay gets acefilleddreams
Joppa rd gets ricky who already has match experience under his belt!

20.50 - doing ok. built a decent CL, but then he got back in it when i can't win a race with my ATs vs his 44. he makes a full house by turn.

20.53 - ricky has done Joppa. zag is on life support vs rubbih and ace is running hot vs Amatay.

20.59 - No idea how but zagga has CL in his gme. Ace is on life support and I am back in the CL vs rich.

21.04 - Amatay dispatches acefilleddreams.

21.09 - zagga dispatches of rubbish

21.10 I make a badly timed bluff to which rich makes an instant, good call.

21.18 - i am out. Blinds at 150/300 - I have 2.6k, and he had 3.4k. I get 33 OTB and push and he has QQ. hahah. Typical pokerstar setup.

oh well. thats the end!!

GG rich and gl mate.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Cracking Holiday

Had a cracking week in Cyprus. weather was stunning. Just a shame they moved over to the Euro in jan 2008. It means they got even more expensive than they were. I mean €3 (about £2.80) for a litre and a half of sprite is taking the piss, but it was pretty much stnadard wherever we went!

You were looking at about £40 for two drinks and two main meals, which aint cheap. Still I really like Cyprus, just osmething about it that appeals to me. Ob the weather is good, but I also feel pretty comfortable there, where as in a lot of other countries, at night it often gets a bit uncomfortable. Maybe thats just me!

Anyways, back and hit up the 45's on Stars again. The $12 games and just continued to get right royally fucked up hill and down dale and there was not a fucking thing I could do about it except sit and steam. I won;t bore the shit out of you with the details, but suffice to say I am gonna have to take a bit of a break from stars until this run ends. It's pretty brutal.

So, today I decided I was gonna play some more on Everest, but there were only really 3 juicy NL50 tables and each of them had 6+ waiting lists. sigh.

So i redeposited onto iPoker and decided to play some of their SnG's. Just the $5 and $10 games, but I managed to pin down a $100 profit after about 20 games. The standard is, at best, fucking shocking. These guys are horrific. There are obviously some who have a clue, but the general populous think nothing of calling off 20 BB's with JTo and the like. haha. Always makes me feel better when they down suckout like motherfuckers on me!

Prolly gonna play a few more there and also the cash at Everest for a while to try and get the roll back up after dropping probably $700 ish at the $12's on stars.

Hope you are running good.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

back to cash

after sng's fucked with my head, I decided to move back to the cash arena. re-deposited onto everest and hit the tables last night, but only for about 40 mins.

I found a table with a total spaz on, who eventually just could not fold his JT on a AT388 board and I had AK. To be fair I checked the flop and called his pissy bet. when I shoved over him on the river he snapped called and I win a nice pot.

Ended up booking a $64 win, which felt good after all those sng losses.

anyways off to cyprus first thng in the morning so won't be around for a week or so.

also I am prtty sure now that the forum is being sabotaged and its starting to fuck me off. I have my suspicions of who it is and if it is him and I find out it will be trouble for the fucker I promise. anyways I have been trying to get our IT guy onto it to get it sorted so hopefully it won't be down for long