Sunday, 13 September 2009

Live Blogging from the RTR HU Championship game

So, here I wait with bated breath.... 19.56 and wondering who I will draw in round one. I want it to be amatay or rikyrosa, but w/e I'll take em all on!!!

19.59: hahaha. weeeeeeee I run good already. with only 9 players I sneak a bye for the first round!!!!

oh, it turns out everyone got a first round bye, except rickyrosa and Dreams of Vegas, who are now battling it out!

20.22 and they are STILL battling it out the boring bastards!!

20.34 and I draw RCHPPRO. Not to be underestimated!

Zagga gets rubbish
Amatay gets acefilleddreams
Joppa rd gets ricky who already has match experience under his belt!

20.50 - doing ok. built a decent CL, but then he got back in it when i can't win a race with my ATs vs his 44. he makes a full house by turn.

20.53 - ricky has done Joppa. zag is on life support vs rubbih and ace is running hot vs Amatay.

20.59 - No idea how but zagga has CL in his gme. Ace is on life support and I am back in the CL vs rich.

21.04 - Amatay dispatches acefilleddreams.

21.09 - zagga dispatches of rubbish

21.10 I make a badly timed bluff to which rich makes an instant, good call.

21.18 - i am out. Blinds at 150/300 - I have 2.6k, and he had 3.4k. I get 33 OTB and push and he has QQ. hahah. Typical pokerstar setup.

oh well. thats the end!!

GG rich and gl mate.

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