Friday, 11 September 2009

Cracking Holiday

Had a cracking week in Cyprus. weather was stunning. Just a shame they moved over to the Euro in jan 2008. It means they got even more expensive than they were. I mean €3 (about £2.80) for a litre and a half of sprite is taking the piss, but it was pretty much stnadard wherever we went!

You were looking at about £40 for two drinks and two main meals, which aint cheap. Still I really like Cyprus, just osmething about it that appeals to me. Ob the weather is good, but I also feel pretty comfortable there, where as in a lot of other countries, at night it often gets a bit uncomfortable. Maybe thats just me!

Anyways, back and hit up the 45's on Stars again. The $12 games and just continued to get right royally fucked up hill and down dale and there was not a fucking thing I could do about it except sit and steam. I won;t bore the shit out of you with the details, but suffice to say I am gonna have to take a bit of a break from stars until this run ends. It's pretty brutal.

So, today I decided I was gonna play some more on Everest, but there were only really 3 juicy NL50 tables and each of them had 6+ waiting lists. sigh.

So i redeposited onto iPoker and decided to play some of their SnG's. Just the $5 and $10 games, but I managed to pin down a $100 profit after about 20 games. The standard is, at best, fucking shocking. These guys are horrific. There are obviously some who have a clue, but the general populous think nothing of calling off 20 BB's with JTo and the like. haha. Always makes me feel better when they down suckout like motherfuckers on me!

Prolly gonna play a few more there and also the cash at Everest for a while to try and get the roll back up after dropping probably $700 ish at the $12's on stars.

Hope you are running good.



  1. looks like a nice time.. I am going on my vacation this upcoming week. We are staying in a military resort on the north of the island.

  2. wow thats a heavy downswing dude, hope things pick up for ya soon. I get pissed at losing 20 euros so that amount would stop me playing poker forever me thinks. Glad you enjoyed your hols anyways.


  3. Hi Mik,
    You sure that kids yours? He's a bit too good looking if you ask me.
    Catch you tonight on Stars. I'm guEssing I'll be easy prey as I'm out on the piss soon and then down the City to watch them win 2-0 with Chopra getting both. You heard that here first.

  4. LOLOLOL> I fkin hope he's mine!!! Neil - I gotta stop by and comment on your blog soon!! I read it through google reader from work, but can;t leave comments. Rubish - man, I loved that blind date post. Absolute quality