Wednesday, 30 September 2009

back to sitting and going

well for a while anyways! I actually enjoyed the cash games and I was beating them pretty well, but once the games are dry I always find myself gravitating back to sng's.

September started off like a sack of shit. I had decided to grind out some $11 45's on stars and it just would not happen for me. I went on a pretty harsh downswing, in fact the worst of my poker playing time to date. dropping about $700. My confidence went and I really started doubting myself. Finally I decided to give the multi table sng's another shot, but this time on iPoker.. thankfully this time I crushed. I had the regs nailed down and it felt good.

I played the odd sng elsewhere, but kept mainly to iPoker. I finally finished the month off (not inc tonight) with a profit of around $400, which was nice considering how I felt at the start of the month.

tonight I brought the lappy to work, fired up the mobile broadband and played 6 $16 18 player sng's, my old stomping ground. I had good stacks in 3 of em, but my connection went only for it to finally come back when there was just one table left and I had half a BB. FML. I was gutted.

anyways I joined sng grinders today for 3 months to see how good they are. looks promising so far, but mega dissapointed not to be able to download the vids.

hope you are all well



  1. wtf ? dropped 700 .... what fcuking bankroll are you fcukers running with .... :(



  2. Nice profit after dropping so much at the start of the month. WP,WP.

  3. Nice comeback. The 18 players can be a bit juicy!

  4. I am playing plenty overolled dD. I normally do, it makes the swings slightly easier to deal with.

    Thanks rubbish and Nick.

  5. nice to be over-rolled !!

    ffs fix my link !

    dodging 42 outs =

  6. Hi mate, nice to see another SNG blogger.
    I'm adding your site to my blog list. Can you do the same for me? it's