Saturday, 3 October 2009

Weekend starts here...

And so does grinding! So, work is doen now until wednesday night, so I have a little plan. I am gonna start out early evening playing the iPoker Multi table SnG's, whilst there are most fish online and then when i have finished move onto the 16's on stars. I'll try this tonight and see how it goes.

Also been contemplating player upto $50 single table sng's on iPoker as I don;t consider the competition to be anywhere as tough as stars and full tilt. I might throw a few sessions of those in soon and see how I go.

On a none poker front I have had a mess about with my blog design and got the 3-column thingy sorted. Also updated my blog list and removed all the blogs that hadn;t been updated in quite a while, as well as adding some new ones. Have a look through, there are some excellent bloggers out there you should be linking up with and reading.

Anways, thats all right now, hope you are well.


1 comment:

  1. Hiya Mik.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and for linking me up too, ill link yours to mine ALSO asap.

    If your'e still interested the price is £60 per ten percent.

    Payment can be by stars, full tilt or bank transfer. Just email me on and i'll send u any details u need. Obviously i'd need payment b4 wednesday for the percentage to be confirmed.

    Cheers mate.