Sunday, 4 October 2009


Is a complete and utter twat. I don;t need to tell some of you, but the amount of money the ridiculous fucking beats has cost me tonight is not even funny. In fact it's fucking pathetic. 4 flushed at least 4 times when AIPF and when my A with a good kicker comes up against their Ace with a shit kicker, they always manage to hit that fucking shit kicker. Its ridiculous.

I have played equal amounts on ipoker in the last few days and I can tell you it's not even close to the way the Stars RNG behaves. Yeah there are outdraws, but not even close to as often as there are on stars. I am now on super-mokey-steaming-bastard-tilt.

Thanks stars you fucking rigged piece of shit.

How can the best looking, most playable and user friendly software in online poker, be so fucking ridiculous with its RNG.