Friday, 16 October 2009


Just had a super quick session at work (mobile broadband FTW). Just sat at two NL50 tables. I noticed two fish on one of them. One playing 82/57/2.0 and directly to his left another one playing 81/35/1.29. Well all my fucking dreams came at once!! Now, I just had to get their chips before one of the other players did....

..but did I manage to stack any of them... Fucking right I did!! weeee. I stacked one of em twice!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I kept raising and 3-betting to isolate them, but at the same time it seemed to be tilting them because they kept paying to see the flop from the blinds when I was on the button. I was super sweet.

One hand where I got both stacks at once...

I am on the button with AKs. I make it $1.50 to play. Donkey nuts to my left, the more aggro of the two, makes it $2.50 (wtf!!! lol), donkey nuts the second makes the insta call. So, right now I feel AKs is far far ahead of their ranges it's not even funny, so I 4-bet it to $12. Donkey nuts the first, calls. Donkey nuts number two then shoves for a total of $29. I tank, then shove over the top to isolate him for a full $50 stack. Donkey nuts on my left insta calls....

Flop is K, 3, 4 with 2 diamonds. Turn is Q and rier is 2d. I instantly think that I am playing on stars and one of them just hit the flush... but alas, the full pot is shipped my way!!!! weeeeeeeee

Their hole cards then pop up thanks the the poker tracker HUD and guess what these two geniuses had?..

Donkey Nuts 1 = 55

Donkey Nuts two = 68o


Now for the even better news... they both reload!! one timeeeeeeeeee

Basically I stack the more passive of the donks again, with the same hand, AKs. Basically flop was KTx with two of my suit. I lead the flop and he called a pretty big bet. Turn gave me the nuts flush, so I checked it to him and he insta shoved his stack in. I immediately call and he is drawing dead with JQo!!

Yeah baby!

The only downside was that shortly after my internet connection dropped and I couldn;t get back on. When I finally did they had both gone.

Shyte I wish every session could be like that. You catch the fish and they don't suckout, so sweet.

I basically played a total of 94 hands for a profit of $154.99 :-) Now all I gotta do is make sure I don;t piss it away back to the sharks.

Morale of the story - Table selection FTW!

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