Sunday, 11 October 2009

Plodding on.

Got your attention? lolol. Pervy bastards!
So I have continued playing the NL50 and the odd NL100 game if it was juicy enough, but its been a tale of ups and downs. I have only been playing 1-3 tables, as I feel reads are wayyyy more important in cash than SnG's.

It started really well, but then came the spewy session and I dissolved all my orignal profits by trying to make things happen and trying to push calling stations off hands.

I then made a decent profit again, but tonight once again spewed some back. Was really tough tonight, I was raising my normal range in LP, but getting lots of calls out of the blinds (as I wanted to), but just kept missing the flops. The flops I bluffed at I got floated so much and even tried a three barrel bluff where i got called down with 2nd pair. The table was super sweet, TWO guys with VP$IP's over 70. One was a 72 and the other a 80, but i just could not hit to stack them!! Frustrating as fuck, but on another day I stack them both!

So I have made about 3 buy-ins now, which is still profit and thats gotta be good, but I feel it could have been so much more. I spose one good thing is the rakeback, Thank fuck for rakeback! haha

Today, I also dared to venture back to that shithole, pokerstars. I played 6 SnG's, the 16's and finished 2nd in 2 of them and once again a ridonkulous amount of beats. Really pathetic shit, like the good old 4 flushes. Meh, my mindset is fucked for that site, but at least I made profit.

I also played 3 little MTT's tonight. 2 for the Syndicate games and one just to fill the time. One was the $5 turbo at 8pm, one the Sunday Quarter of a Mill and also the 15k GTD. I managed a min cash in the Quarter mill and fuckall in the others, but one thing I am sure of, the standard is getting worse. It really is, I have no idea why, whether there are more new fish or if the other playsers have always been this bad, but people were more than happy to stack of with 3rd pair, gutshots, any overcards etc etc. it was unreal. TBH, apart from the high stakes guys, I have no clue why anyone would want to continuosly play MTT's with thousands of runners where its only really worth it if you gt top 5. I men the amount of luck required in those fields is incredible. Fuck that!

Anyways thats all for now, i'll stop rambling shyte and let you get back to your games!



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  1. Playing against players with a VPIP of 70/80 and not getting an opportunity to stack them is probably THE most frustrating thing in poker (well, one of many I guess...)
    It's even worse when they suckout against you, and then give the chips to someone else....