Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Change

As you might have guessed I had a pretty cold run in the 16's on Stars recently, so much so I started questioning everything: My game, the RNG and even my sanity. As a few of the commentors pointed out, either take a break or change sites for a while to get yourself back in the correct frame of mind.

That is exactly what I have done. I moved some funds around so that I can play a little cash again to break up the harsh variance of SnG's. So I deposited on Purple Lounge and decided to play some 6 max NL50 and tbh I am enjoying it. The games are fairly soft and I am making ok money from it.

I am primarily a sng player though and that's where I will head back once I am in the right frame of mind again. I have left myself properly rolled for the 16's on stars and the 30's on iPoker. I might play a few this weekend and see how it goes.

One thing is for sure the swings of poker are a serious mental hurdle for any player and I really have to take my hat off to anyone who can do this for a living. Its bad enough as a casual player, never mind if I depended on it to pay my bills.

you guys have my admiration!

anyways its nice to post a positive blog for once!




  1. You should also try as run by the legend himself Neil Channing...

  2. Think positive thoughts Mik.
    All the best.

  3. keep it up mate then come back crushing the SNG's, preferably when am not around that is;-)