Sunday, 22 May 2011

MTT + Some good TV

Decided to play some MTT's, both Thurs and Friday night, but without any success. IU have decided I absolutely fucking suck at winning flips for big stacks, including one where I think I could have done especially well on full tilt in the 6k GTD, when approaching the final 40ish I got it all in with a super Italian donko (fuck knows how he was playing main full tilt site??) with TT vs his 99 and guess the river. Sigh. I was pwning that one too. W/e, only problem was that I didn;t enjoy these sessions, I just got super bored and fed-up after the first couple of hours.

My mindset that whenever I got it all in I couldn;t win prolly didn;t help a thing, but it just didn't do it for me this time.

I did however have a little fart about with some 6-max RUSH, just NL25 and did pretty well, winning over 6 buy-ins in just a few hands. Helps too that I hit almost one mirrion sets! Thats really all the poker I have done.

I finally managed to bust out of 10bet in my matched betting adventures, it felt like I had been in there forever and I just kept winning and almost had to turn over the full wager requirements, which were pretty fucking huge. I finally got out on a basketball game between Dallas and Oklahoma. Not sure where to next tbh, gonna have a look at a few deals, maybe even take a look at  the spread-betting offers Snakey has done.

Away from the computer I have been watching a series called Burn Notice, which I am really enjoying ATM. First episode, the main character really got on my tits, he seemed a real smarmy annoying twat,  but the character really does grow on you, I am now into the 4th season and tbh I sort of don;t want it to end, much like you feel when all the good ones are coming to an end.

Here is a list of some of the better series I recommend:

Burn Notice
Sons Of Anarchy
The Wire
Breaking Bad - AWESOME
Dexter - AWESOME
The Shield
Band Of Brothers

I have also seen:

Mad Men - just couldn;t get into this.
Lost - It lost me after 1st season..
Boardwalk Boulevard - Didn;t do it for me tbh
Californication - Started it, but not finished it. Like Hank Moody a lot tho
Pacific - good, but no Band Of Brothers

LOl, Thats all I can think of right now. Definately worth checking some of these out, they piss all over films, they are so much more!

Oh and finally Ryan Giggs is a knob. Why all this super-injunction bullshit? If he was happy enough to go fucking around behind his wife's back, knowing what it will do to his reputation etc, then he should take it on the chin. All he has done with all this bollocks is make it even bigger news, what a complete tosser.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

MTT Sesh

Yesterday (Saturday) I felt like playing a qualifier for a SCOOP event, with the intention of playing the big one, so I navigated my way around the pokerstars lobby, (does anyone else have trouble finding which scoop event is starting that day?), Anyways, I managed to almost register for a few sats for the Sunday night SCOOP, but realised and unregistered and found two stats to one event yesterday. First sat was a hyper turbo that went to shit and then there was a $11 double shootout, with one seat and $191 for second, which I happily binked.

I was auto registered for the SCOOP event, then noticed the start time... 4pm, lol not a fucking China Mans chance I could make that. With the kids bathtime and storytime etc I would end up having to sit out for at least an hour around 7pm, which I knew was no good, so I unregged and took the toruney dollarios.

I then registerd for quite a few smaller stakes MTT's. I think 8/9 in total.

started off ok and steady and was still in everything at the first break time. Was just doing what I always do in MTT's, stay active and fairly loose early to try and pick up the chips of the droolers who happily put all their stack in with gutshots and top pairs. I know lots of people play tight early, but that just doesn;t work for me, I am still fairly comfortable post flop so I am happy to get involved. My problem is I don;t stay loose enough when the blinds get big, I have a tendancy to tighten up rather than change around with my gears, it is something I need to work on. Anyways, like I said it was going well at first and then my monsters started getting smashed and the red mist started to descend, in fact I started this thread at RTR:

lol, I am such a fucking tilt monkey.

EvertonYorkie popped into the chat and saw me on tilt and put a few sensible words of encouragement into the chat, which helped me see sense when I was in a "fuck it" mood. Cheers for that EY.

I managed to chip up well in two events ( I think I tilted out of at least 2 :) ). One was the daily $50k , $11 buy in and the other was the $4 rebuy. I was playing well and doing ok, until I made a pretty bad error in the $50k, mis-read ma hand and tried to make a hero call, basically it went like this:

I min raise in LP to $10k with A6s
BB calls.
Flop comes K45.
He checks, I C-bet half pot, he calls.
Turn comes 8, but now putting two of a suit out there.
He checks again, I thought about stabbing, but opt to see the river.
River is a blank and he makes a half pot bet.
I sat for a while and didn;t know

It just didn;t make much sense at the time. He was fairly active, so figured a bluff was in his range. Didn;t think a set or strong pair because of his turn check, and surely a hand like 2nd/3rd pair or a pocket pair just check behind because they have showdown value, so I hero called with ace high, doh.

He had KJ, never expected that, but w/e. That cost me half my chips. Little later on I push AQ from BTN and BB wakes up with AK and it's curtains in about 70th from just over 5k entrants. Sigh.

In the other all was going good guns, with just twelve left, when BVB, SB raised into me and I looked down at AK...weeeeeeeeeeee. Obv I think a while (Hollywood baby) then ship and he thinks before snapping me off with AQ. For a top 4 stack at a crucial point, he binks his 3 outer on the turn and I go to the rail after 4 and a half hours of good poker. Sigh. Fuck you Pokerstars, scummy bastarding twat-faced cock-suckers. ahhh feel better now :)

Overall though I made a nice profit on the night and actually enjoyed the experience in a sadistic kind of way. I'll probably have another sesh next Saturday.

IRL things are ok. Little one is still not getting the hang of this thing called sleeping at night. We have tried allsorts, Collief, Dentinox, Gripe Water, Gaviscon, hungry baby milk, doctors etc etc and it's just one of those things. She just cannot settle for long periods of time and it's brutal, especially on the wife when I am working nights. I feel awful and try and do what I can, but it's tough ATM. I am praying she settles down soon and gets over whatever this is as it seriously takes it out of you.

Matched betting - I have really slowed down, stupidly, as I just don;t seem to be able to sit down and start trolling through the deals I need to do. No idea what it is, instead I have been doing lots of mug punting, which was going ok until today when it backfired on me, costing me probably the best part of £250. An expensive lesson learned. Need to go back to MB'ing with the safe easy money ASAP.

Right this post is getting ridonkulously long.



Sunday, 8 May 2011

I played, I Played!! Wooooooooo

Haha, I finally hit the tables today, albeit very briefly because I had read elsewhere that Stars had introduced Hyper Turbo SnG's and this fast paced insanity sounded fun to me, so I had a game or two.

Played a Heads up one, which I won when i shoved my open ender abotu 3rd hand in and managed to suckout :) Played a 6-handed one, which again I crushed, lol. I couldn't miss. I doubled up early when someone shoved their JJ into my AA and then I just shoved my stack around and proceeded to knock out pretty much every other player when I smashed the shit out of every flop. lol.

Maybe thats the key? stay away for ages, then just play some big stakes stuff and keep blasting? ;-)

Finally I played a 9-manner too and guess what............. I crushed. Lol poker is a peice of piss when you cannot miss. All over in about 15 mins, which suits my schedule at the minute as I hardly get fuckall spare time!

I then went to sleep for a few hours before work tonight. When I woke up I had a brew and played a few more turbo's, 6 total I think, with two more 1sts and the rest nowhere. EZ game.

Just fancied something quick and easy. In reality I haven;t got a scooby doo about Hyper Turbo Strat, I just played it like a standard SnG, continuosly sticking my stack in everyone's eye.

Maybe I'll play some more of these and possibly even grind them....hmmmm decisions decisions.

On a none poker front, I have been running a hthread over at RTR looking for good value footy bets and so far, so good.

5/6 wins for a £44.80 profit. Only small stakes stuff obviously, but I'd like to see what I can get it too., or stop if I hit zero.

You can follow that here:

Also been playing lots of Black Ops on teh Xbox360, when all the ki8ds are finally asleep and the Mrs lets me have the TV! Just started Prestige Level 2 in the multiplayer mode. Man I am getting quick at that running around like a chicken and stabbing everybody!

Also, I don;t know why, but ATM my favourite weapon is the bog-standard M16, with a supressor and extended mag. Anyone fancy a game, then hit me up on Xbox, my username is, as always, Burnleymik.

Right, offski now


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Still toying

..With the idea of coming back to the tables, just haven;t made the jump yet. I keep getting inspired by Kenn and co posting up their MTT Successes on the forum, but then when I come to actually play something either crops up or I haven't got the motivation to fire up a load of tables and plough on.

The matched betting has slowed down as the number of UK/Euro sites I have left to do the sing-ups for reduces. Instead I spend more and more time trading on Betfair on Tennis, Basketball and football mainly and to be honest as of this last week my results have been mixed. I started off well and then a few things went against me including one tennis match where I lumped on the favourite, with the intention of trading out when his price moved in, but it went completely pear-shaped and he got beat by a fucking nobody. That cost me quite a bit.

TBH I don;t fully know what I am doing, I am just pissing about following my instincts. One of my favourites is to look for games that are a draw with about 60 mins gone. Back the draw and at that point the price usually starts moving in pretty quickly, so hold your nerve for 10 mins or so and then trade back out for a small profit and thats the one where I ahve made most of my coin so far. Obviously sometimes one team scores and it fucks you up a bit, but you still have the ability to trade out for a small loss.

Think I am gonna focus on finding new sign-up bonuses again this weekend as they are guaranteed easy money. I know are doing an €80 one and I might have a look at a couple others.

Right oh off now