Sunday, 15 May 2011

MTT Sesh

Yesterday (Saturday) I felt like playing a qualifier for a SCOOP event, with the intention of playing the big one, so I navigated my way around the pokerstars lobby, (does anyone else have trouble finding which scoop event is starting that day?), Anyways, I managed to almost register for a few sats for the Sunday night SCOOP, but realised and unregistered and found two stats to one event yesterday. First sat was a hyper turbo that went to shit and then there was a $11 double shootout, with one seat and $191 for second, which I happily binked.

I was auto registered for the SCOOP event, then noticed the start time... 4pm, lol not a fucking China Mans chance I could make that. With the kids bathtime and storytime etc I would end up having to sit out for at least an hour around 7pm, which I knew was no good, so I unregged and took the toruney dollarios.

I then registerd for quite a few smaller stakes MTT's. I think 8/9 in total.

started off ok and steady and was still in everything at the first break time. Was just doing what I always do in MTT's, stay active and fairly loose early to try and pick up the chips of the droolers who happily put all their stack in with gutshots and top pairs. I know lots of people play tight early, but that just doesn;t work for me, I am still fairly comfortable post flop so I am happy to get involved. My problem is I don;t stay loose enough when the blinds get big, I have a tendancy to tighten up rather than change around with my gears, it is something I need to work on. Anyways, like I said it was going well at first and then my monsters started getting smashed and the red mist started to descend, in fact I started this thread at RTR:

lol, I am such a fucking tilt monkey.

EvertonYorkie popped into the chat and saw me on tilt and put a few sensible words of encouragement into the chat, which helped me see sense when I was in a "fuck it" mood. Cheers for that EY.

I managed to chip up well in two events ( I think I tilted out of at least 2 :) ). One was the daily $50k , $11 buy in and the other was the $4 rebuy. I was playing well and doing ok, until I made a pretty bad error in the $50k, mis-read ma hand and tried to make a hero call, basically it went like this:

I min raise in LP to $10k with A6s
BB calls.
Flop comes K45.
He checks, I C-bet half pot, he calls.
Turn comes 8, but now putting two of a suit out there.
He checks again, I thought about stabbing, but opt to see the river.
River is a blank and he makes a half pot bet.
I sat for a while and didn;t know

It just didn;t make much sense at the time. He was fairly active, so figured a bluff was in his range. Didn;t think a set or strong pair because of his turn check, and surely a hand like 2nd/3rd pair or a pocket pair just check behind because they have showdown value, so I hero called with ace high, doh.

He had KJ, never expected that, but w/e. That cost me half my chips. Little later on I push AQ from BTN and BB wakes up with AK and it's curtains in about 70th from just over 5k entrants. Sigh.

In the other all was going good guns, with just twelve left, when BVB, SB raised into me and I looked down at AK...weeeeeeeeeeee. Obv I think a while (Hollywood baby) then ship and he thinks before snapping me off with AQ. For a top 4 stack at a crucial point, he binks his 3 outer on the turn and I go to the rail after 4 and a half hours of good poker. Sigh. Fuck you Pokerstars, scummy bastarding twat-faced cock-suckers. ahhh feel better now :)

Overall though I made a nice profit on the night and actually enjoyed the experience in a sadistic kind of way. I'll probably have another sesh next Saturday.

IRL things are ok. Little one is still not getting the hang of this thing called sleeping at night. We have tried allsorts, Collief, Dentinox, Gripe Water, Gaviscon, hungry baby milk, doctors etc etc and it's just one of those things. She just cannot settle for long periods of time and it's brutal, especially on the wife when I am working nights. I feel awful and try and do what I can, but it's tough ATM. I am praying she settles down soon and gets over whatever this is as it seriously takes it out of you.

Matched betting - I have really slowed down, stupidly, as I just don;t seem to be able to sit down and start trolling through the deals I need to do. No idea what it is, instead I have been doing lots of mug punting, which was going ok until today when it backfired on me, costing me probably the best part of £250. An expensive lesson learned. Need to go back to MB'ing with the safe easy money ASAP.

Right this post is getting ridonkulously long.



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