Sunday, 22 May 2011

MTT + Some good TV

Decided to play some MTT's, both Thurs and Friday night, but without any success. IU have decided I absolutely fucking suck at winning flips for big stacks, including one where I think I could have done especially well on full tilt in the 6k GTD, when approaching the final 40ish I got it all in with a super Italian donko (fuck knows how he was playing main full tilt site??) with TT vs his 99 and guess the river. Sigh. I was pwning that one too. W/e, only problem was that I didn;t enjoy these sessions, I just got super bored and fed-up after the first couple of hours.

My mindset that whenever I got it all in I couldn;t win prolly didn;t help a thing, but it just didn't do it for me this time.

I did however have a little fart about with some 6-max RUSH, just NL25 and did pretty well, winning over 6 buy-ins in just a few hands. Helps too that I hit almost one mirrion sets! Thats really all the poker I have done.

I finally managed to bust out of 10bet in my matched betting adventures, it felt like I had been in there forever and I just kept winning and almost had to turn over the full wager requirements, which were pretty fucking huge. I finally got out on a basketball game between Dallas and Oklahoma. Not sure where to next tbh, gonna have a look at a few deals, maybe even take a look at  the spread-betting offers Snakey has done.

Away from the computer I have been watching a series called Burn Notice, which I am really enjoying ATM. First episode, the main character really got on my tits, he seemed a real smarmy annoying twat,  but the character really does grow on you, I am now into the 4th season and tbh I sort of don;t want it to end, much like you feel when all the good ones are coming to an end.

Here is a list of some of the better series I recommend:

Burn Notice
Sons Of Anarchy
The Wire
Breaking Bad - AWESOME
Dexter - AWESOME
The Shield
Band Of Brothers

I have also seen:

Mad Men - just couldn;t get into this.
Lost - It lost me after 1st season..
Boardwalk Boulevard - Didn;t do it for me tbh
Californication - Started it, but not finished it. Like Hank Moody a lot tho
Pacific - good, but no Band Of Brothers

LOl, Thats all I can think of right now. Definately worth checking some of these out, they piss all over films, they are so much more!

Oh and finally Ryan Giggs is a knob. Why all this super-injunction bullshit? If he was happy enough to go fucking around behind his wife's back, knowing what it will do to his reputation etc, then he should take it on the chin. All he has done with all this bollocks is make it even bigger news, what a complete tosser.

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  1. Used to love Burn notice , but the actor that plays Sam started making political statements turned me off the show .
    Ill recommend one for you "The Killing " on AMC here in the states . I cant stop watching it , I'm bummed out when it ends .
    Check it out