Sunday, 8 May 2011

I played, I Played!! Wooooooooo

Haha, I finally hit the tables today, albeit very briefly because I had read elsewhere that Stars had introduced Hyper Turbo SnG's and this fast paced insanity sounded fun to me, so I had a game or two.

Played a Heads up one, which I won when i shoved my open ender abotu 3rd hand in and managed to suckout :) Played a 6-handed one, which again I crushed, lol. I couldn't miss. I doubled up early when someone shoved their JJ into my AA and then I just shoved my stack around and proceeded to knock out pretty much every other player when I smashed the shit out of every flop. lol.

Maybe thats the key? stay away for ages, then just play some big stakes stuff and keep blasting? ;-)

Finally I played a 9-manner too and guess what............. I crushed. Lol poker is a peice of piss when you cannot miss. All over in about 15 mins, which suits my schedule at the minute as I hardly get fuckall spare time!

I then went to sleep for a few hours before work tonight. When I woke up I had a brew and played a few more turbo's, 6 total I think, with two more 1sts and the rest nowhere. EZ game.

Just fancied something quick and easy. In reality I haven;t got a scooby doo about Hyper Turbo Strat, I just played it like a standard SnG, continuosly sticking my stack in everyone's eye.

Maybe I'll play some more of these and possibly even grind them....hmmmm decisions decisions.

On a none poker front, I have been running a hthread over at RTR looking for good value footy bets and so far, so good.

5/6 wins for a £44.80 profit. Only small stakes stuff obviously, but I'd like to see what I can get it too., or stop if I hit zero.

You can follow that here:

Also been playing lots of Black Ops on teh Xbox360, when all the ki8ds are finally asleep and the Mrs lets me have the TV! Just started Prestige Level 2 in the multiplayer mode. Man I am getting quick at that running around like a chicken and stabbing everybody!

Also, I don;t know why, but ATM my favourite weapon is the bog-standard M16, with a supressor and extended mag. Anyone fancy a game, then hit me up on Xbox, my username is, as always, Burnleymik.

Right, offski now



  1. Lay odds on favorites at home in the French and German leagues. You win in the long run.

  2. A post mentioning playing Black Ops online.Are you trying to tilt us poor PSN users?!!
    I'll be buying an x-box soon unless Sony get their fingers out their arses and sort it!

    Re the guns I love my silenced Galil!

  3. Rubbish: I am currently trying to look for value bets (i.e. Evens or better). Not that easy, but doing ok so far.

    Acorn, XBox is the way forward.... :)(