Saturday, 25 February 2012

WBCOOP so far...

I have so far regged for 3 events..

Event 1 - I live blogged that so obv how it went.

Event 2 - PLO - Lol, got in late, 1st hand I played KK87 double suited. Flop K85, BB leads, I raise, he flats. Turn 4, he leads again and I ship , he snaps my head off with KA67 for the turned straight. LOL PLO fkin stinks.

Next event I played, well regged for, was event 5, the NLHE Shootout. I fancied this as a SnG player, but because of commitments with reading the kids stories and bath time I didn;t manage to get sat down until 50 mins after it started and I was already busto! FML.

I am also regged for tonights event 8, the NLHE at 7pm GMT. Again I will probably late to sit down, but hoefully I can finally put a run together in one of these.

If any of my fellow bloggers are playing these I hope you are doing goot.

Run Good.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

WBCOOP - Event 1 - Live Blog

Ok, just got back in. Had to pick up little lad, so it'a now  1606 UK time.  I have 8,970 chippies from the original 10k starting stack. So plenty deep enough.

One time please.

I will update any hands I get involved in.

bcurrently 16.07 - I have Pocket tens in SB. One limper in MP. I have to open this.... oooh two more limp-alongs. blinds 60/120. I pop it up to 660, they all fold. EZ game.

16.08 - I have 59 soooooooooooooooted OTB. It folds to me I open 2.5x. SB flats. Flop K54 rainbow. Half pot C-bet takes it. Easssssssssssssssssssssssy.

lol. 16.09 _ have 22. Hijack min raises. I flat in CO. SB 3-bets to 720. HJ folds. I call (we are deep). Flop KAA. muhahahahaha GTFO> Check tun and he bets river. easy foldaments.

Current stack 9360.

Just checking out the player list for familiar faces, see Daleroxxu is 19th ATM.

16.16 - T7o On button. Folds to me, I open 2.5x. BOTH blinds call (fish obv!) Flop is J64 two hearts. Both check - I hate this flop, not betting it. Turn 10c. Now then. SB check, BB leads 627 into 1035 pot... hmmmm. fold I reckon. Yep I fold like a cheap suit. SB flat calls. River As. Half pot bet from BB takes it. Think his range is lots of small pairs there, for sets etc. Type of flop you get check-raised into oblivion on.

16.21 - QKo in MP - I decide to open, the table is pretty placid. BB calls. flop 468 rainbow. he checks, I half pot, he folds. EZ.

16.22 -  TT UTG. I open 3x. Lets see what goes... One caller. Flop is A26 rainbow. I check, he bets. I decide I am gonna float him with a view to checking turn and hopefully betting river to take it away. No joy though he fires big at turn and I have to go away.

current stack 7,808

16.26 - 56s OTB. CO raises and I flat. flop 49Q all diamonds, I have spades. FML. He bets, I once again go into fold-mode.

16.27- TQcc - I open CO. Button flats, as he always seems to do when i open. tithead. Flop is K2Q. I c-bet half pot, he calls. Turn is a 6. he leads for 1/4 pot (WTF?), I have to call. River As. I check, he checks. He shows KJo and takes the pot. Sigh.

stack now 5,983

16.29 - I have J9dd. MP opens. I flat IP. Flop 249 all spades. He checks, i decide to lead for value if he has a big spade. He snap calls. Turn 3d. he checks, so I decide to check behind (bad play I think). River he leads for 1200 (just under half pot). I crying call. He has AQss for the flopped nut flush. FML. Jesus it's brutal. Outflopped for fun right now.

stack = 3,340 (blinds 75/150)

16.34 - ATo on butn. I open 2.5x. BB calls. flop is K8Q. Sigh. Check-check. turn 6. check check. river 9h. check check. He has T9o. sigh. T9o to a raise. What a muppet. ofc he hits the 3 outer on river. FML. Brutal.

not much I can do riught now.

whey! finally won a pot. 16.36. I had A3cc. one guy limps Ilimp behind. flop comes A53 all hearts. I just fire straight at it and they all fold. (I wasn;t folding that there anyways. It was shit or bust).

shyte. blinds just went up to 100/200. I haver a mighty 3,300.

Ahhh eighty eight now at my table. Well respected tweeter. still in a world of pain though with my 16 BB's.

No room left for play. Push-foldaments now.

16.44 - I am still here, honest. I am waiting for a hand I can shove in someone's eye, but knowing my luck I'll run it into AA.... makr my words....

Donk on my left busted when he happily stacked off with AQ into AK, he only had about 40 BB's at the time...lolz. All those chips and so few braincells. Shame he didn;t donate to me.

Looks like they replaced one donk with another. He just got it in with QK VS AA on a xKxx board. Money goes in, he hits Q on river for trips. sickness,.

16.49 and it's all in the middle..... I shove ATo from CO with my 12 BB's. BB is sitting out. SB is thinking.... ut oh he calls. He has A5cc. HOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, hold on flop... HOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD , I hold turn and river and double up. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Current stack 5125.

16.53 - AK in BB. folds to SB. He min raises to 500. I re raise to 1350. he flats. Flop 8TQ.  Too much in middle, so I shove. He insta snaps and has J9s. Seriously? I mean fkin seriously? He flops the absolute joint against me. These flops have been fucking awful all game for me. I am out 320th/527.

Seriously though J9 and he flops like that. GTFO, what a piss-take.

and as that say... thats all folks.

pkFDKEJNFO[UIWEJF049UIR0IEJFMDOUJAFKSHBFIAHBSsodfgjdogjweifjuwoefnlkjfnknc bkjdsnflkdefnmolkdfnljsfgnkjsgbkjgnkdfgnlkmcfnlsv

didn;t get to me... honest...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

With the best intentions..

..I really was going to playa lot of poker in the next few months, but a lad I work with has been oining me to play Battlefield 3 online with him. I got it at Xmas, but haven;t really gotten into playing it... well fk me, now I am into it and I absolutely love it.

It's taken me away from poker and I spend my evenings online now kicking ass with my squad :)

Incredible game and so involved.

I am sure it'll wear off soon and I can get back to the grind, but for now it's:

Fuck yeah!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

mini venture back to 6-max cash

Hasn't gone very well. I am definately out of practice and playing a little bit too aggressive. I have been a bit unlucky in the overall, but it's only a tiny sample size.

The biggest shock when checking my stats is how much I am losing from the button. Now looking through some of the hands I am not massively concerned because I have hit a few bad beat and coolers, including a flopped set that we got in and he hit a set with his over pair on the turn, plus KK not being good enough vs TT.. etc etc.

I'll post up my stats from the small sample and would appreciate if anyone could point out any obv leaks.

Positional Stats:

All in EV Graph:

Showdown Graph:

Still very suprising how many decent players there seem to be who can play an aggro style well. I still feel like I am making too many mistakes post flop, especially trying to barrell hands when I have 3-bet light from the button. I'll get the wing of it.

I am still planning to mix this and SnG's, just to enjoy both really. I don't want to limit myself to grinding just one thing and then lose motviation to play again.

On a seperate note I have set up a new poker club for the forum:

- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab

- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button

- Enter my Club ID number: 604280

- Enter my Invitation Code: rtrpoker

I am planning on starting up a weekly game for the forum again, including bloggers. Most likely on a Sunday evening and we'll have a little season to see how it goes.

I am also planning on representing the North West in the APAT National Online League. Details here: Anyone can play and now it's on Stars I expect they will get a much better reception.

laters feeeeesh


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pwnage from the throne!

Yesterday I played a few hands of NL10, again did'nt go too well. People just are not spewing enough, it blows my mind that NL10 is as tough as a remember NL50 being maybe a year or so ago. The online poker scene really really does need another boom. I guess there are a few hopeful things in the pipeline such as the return of the USA and even talks of Zynga Poker, which has millions of casual facebook donks playing, thinking of taking the real money poker route. You can read about there HERE. I guarantee ever poker player wants that to happen!

Over the years the decline has been incredibly sad to see. Countries, one after another, either being banned or being ring-fenced off from player against players in other countries. Especially annoying is the fact that France, Italy and maybe now Spain being ring-fenced off when there is supposedly a "free trade" agreement accross the whole of Europe. That just takes the piss IMO. We, as the United Kingdom, get our arse reamed by the majority of the EU, but every other country interprets the rules to suit them however they please.

Goverments should keep their nose out, unless it's to actually protect the interest of their citizens and not the interest of their coffers. All every online poker player wants is a safe, regulated and level playing field on which to enjoy the game and also have the ability to decide who we play against. Crying shame IMO that politics killed the game I used to love.

Anyways, pokertsras launched their new App for android and it's awesome. Last night I was taking a dump and played 3 hyper turbo's ($7). Won two and got a 2nd! Can;t beat making money whilst having a crap, not thats the life :)

As for the bankroll.... currently stands at ~$170. It went down with the cash sessions, but recovered with the success in the Hyper turbs.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

lol Even NL10 is fairly solid!

Played another 500 or so hands on Stars last night and I swear that 75% of the players I came across were fairly solid. WTF is wrong with people these days? No one is prepared to stack off with less than two pair, they are playing their draws super hard, which makes them hard to play against and they don;t get attached to hands and all this at NL10....rotfl. gtfo online poker!

Yes, of course every now and then a donk sits down, but IMO, in the main, most of the players I came across were definately competent.

No money on pokerstars, everyone's solid? - makes me wonder.

Had 1 cooler last night and immediately titled off another buy-in the hand after when I 4-bet shoved AK into AA, oh and had KK done by AK for a buy-in. What's new? lol.

I was just suprised at how few mistakes people were making, I figured at NL10 the majority must at least be donks or people with a small clue, but from the small smaple I have over two nights, it doesn;t seem to be the case.

On a seperate note, I am loving the new mobile App! We had to wait a while, but it was definately worth the wait. Wp Stars.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Straying from the path...already.

I suck.

Last night I just didn;t feel like playing some SnG's, but I did feel like playing some cash, so I fired up 6 tables of 6-max NL10.

Bit of a brutal start when i got it in with a set of 7's vs a turned set of Q's and then had a flush with 97dd inot a Q high flush with Q8dd. (he called my button raise from his BB spot).

Shit happens I guess.

I was playing extremely fast and aggro and went down quite a bit early on, but once people started trying to adjust to my aggro I toned it down a little and got paid off once or twice on my big hands. :)

Still finished off down $16 though after about 700 hands, but I did enjoy it and strangely even with the coolers I never even felt like tilting, I just enjoyed the game for it's face

Last day at work today, but prolly a quiet night with the Mrs tonight being Valentines day and I have been at works for 13 hours of it.

I think I am probably gonna mix up the cash and SnG's over the next week, just to keep the variety in my play and also to keep my eye in should pokerstars release Rush poker.....

check these out:

Pokerstars Mobile

Rush poker coming?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pokerstars WBCOOP

Seeing as though I am finally back playing poker and blogging I might as well take advantage of the fact Pokerstars is putting on some little special for us poker bloggers. You can see more details here:

The rules are a bit weird in that you’ll be given 10 tickets to play, but there are 30 events, they should deffo be letting people play more that 30% of the games IMO, unless I have mis-understood it?. I could really do with the bankroll boost at the min!

What would I do with the $5k?

Well it would be great to get my bankroll back to what it used to be a year or two ago, starting all the way back down at the micro’s is extremely demotivating when you know you didn’t lose your bankroll, but rather had to withdraw it for real life stuff.

That said if I did manage to get the $5k, which if I am not working I probably will with my mad skillz… muhahaha, I will probably split it into two. Use half to book a nice holiday for me, the wife and kids and the other half to go back into my poker bankroll so I can move back to playing some cash and more MTT’s, both of which are out of my reach right now with my crappy $177 :o)

I am not gonna spend the whole post blowing smoke up Pokerstars’ ass, they obv have online poker crushed right now, as any online player with any experience will know.

My Poker

So am still grinding the $3.50 18 player SnG’s on Stars. I am back into the old routine of 16 tabling, but due to work commitments I can’t really get more than 1 set running in the evening right now, so my overall volume is pretty low.

I sacked off my other strategy idea because I decided that although in theory my idea was good, in reality quality is NOT greater than quantity, especially when it comes to your bottom line profit and the other extras such as Stellar Rewards and FPP’s.

Hoping I can continue to push on from the good session the other night and get my bank roll heading back in the right direction.

My ultimate aim for this year is to get myself into a financial position (bankroll wise), where I can start playing sats for live games like the UKIPT and the GUKPT events. I also fancy some of those Genting Games and maybe some APAT games. After watching live streams of some of these events recently I have really gotten the taste for it. Would love a deep run in one of those!

Right now though it’s back to tackling the micro stakes donks on Pokerstars and trying to fight my way through the variance and the maniacs.

I am feeling good to be back into poker and I have the renewed enthusiasm for the game. I have been watching poker vids on pokertube and also listening to the 2+2 Pokercasts on my way to and from work. I have also been following the top stories in the industry and getting back more involved with raisetheriver.

Poker is good right now, well apart from the micro donks! :o)

Cheers for reading


Friday, 10 February 2012


Just a quick post. I have been through my list of bloggers who either no longer update or are no lomger playing and removed the links. There a couple of friends I have left up, but if you wanna link up and you update regularly give me a shout.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


I ran goooooood!!! Fuck me it was immense! All my big pairs held when against smaller pairs and when against AK. It was surreal, I was waiting for the crushing blows, but althought there were a few it wasn;t like it has been, it was incred!

Thank fuck for that, I started questioning if I could even beat $3 games these days. Finally into the green.

I know for a fact the poker gods are gonna punish me for having a run-good session like that. They are gonna kick my bollox in next time I play. In fact I might as well lube myself up tomorrow night before I hit the tables because it's coming and it's gonna get me goot.

Although my All In EV graph doesn;t really show it, I know I ran good. I actually enjoyed playing instead of sitting here dreading the suckouts.

I essentially won ~15 buy-ins, which took me from neg. to positive.

Bankroll now at a mighty $177.10.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Take it dry

91 Tourneys. $34.11 LOSS FML. Pokerstars is just giving it me dry right now.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck.

God damn i forgot how bastard frustrating this game is.

Should be quieter now for the next 7 days as it's a back to back at work.

treading water

Not getting anywhere fast.

These stats sum up my $3 games so far:

As you can see from the stats in the top left. 66 games played, $14 down. FML.

This is my all in EV graph, to show how I am running at all in situations and tbh it looks better than it actually feels, but I guess thats the same for every player.

I have to be honest I got a bit bored yesterday and didn;t have time to fire up a set of these 18 players, so I smashed out a few Hyper Turbo's. lol

I played 11 of the $7 ones for a small profit of $13.45 and some $1 ones for a laugh and played 17 of those for a $5.76 loss.

I am having real issues with Table Ninja at the min. When I have 12 tables running if two tables come to the front at the same time awaiting action, whatever I click on one also happens on the other, which as you can imagine is a fucking nightmare. I was all in all over the place and folded some strong hands when I didn't want to. I checked their support forums, but cannot see anything about it.

anyways, so far i't s been a real grind.

Current BR stands at $120.76

Monday, 6 February 2012

Bad Idea...

...Not my plan, but I decided to deviate a little and play some micro MTT's last night after all it was Sunday!

Let's just put it midly and say it didn't go well. My very first all in was AKhh vs AKcc and he rivered the donkaments. I built a huge stack in the $1 rebuy, but then again I guess so did everyone else, it was spastic city. I got into a huge pot with a guy who called my 3-bet shove with 88. I had AK and ofc I miss and it's gg me.

I got stacks in a few others too, but in the end it just didn;t go my way. Some soul sucking beats from some truly fucking awful players, but what do I expect it is the micro limit stuff. Anyways I pissed away a total of $36.49 of my tiny bankroll. Sigh I am a twat sometimes.

I played some more SnG's after that, just six, but finished with a small profit.

Stats so far:

MTT played:  9 = loss of $36.49.
SnG's played 46 = loss of $13.11

Current Roll stands at $114.80

Only played about 12 SnG's doing it my way, but I do feel more in control of my game than I do when just in push/fold mode, although inevitably it does come down to that at the end. Too early to judge properly, so I'll just carry on for now.

Bumped into fellow blogger Rossi in a few, he seemed pretty solid and seemed to be going ok, but made the mistake of raising me on the bubble instead of shoving into me! I was CL at the time so just put him to the sword with my might 47o :) I knew he couldn;t make the call on the bubble with 2 shorter stacks on the table. Sorry mate, no friends at the tables .

Cheers for reading.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

My way now..

Ok first 34 SnG's played and $28 down:

Which obv sucks dick.

I was trying to play the usual optimum strategy... super tight and the move into push fold mode. I think my ranges were about right. A couple of mistakes according to SnG Wiz, which seem fair, but usually just coming down to luck.

It feels to me playing this strategy right now is just leaving way too much to luck, if you run bad it kicks your ass. I mean basically if you don;t have a huge hand early you are rely on pushing your edges, but then you need to be winning the showdowns when you are called. For me it all feels very marginal right now, I am probably completely wrong and I guess it's been proven lots of time what the optimal strategy is.

I am gonna now try it my way, ok it will mean I can;t play as many tables because I am going to have to actually 'play' more poker. I am planning to loosen up much more in the early stages to try and get a bigger stack when it comes to the push fest later. There are so many horrbile players limp-calling for fun it HAS to be profitable to play pots with them whilst the stacks are super deep and we have an edge. Also, with the nature of SnG's picking up those chips early might actually be a decent and critical advantage.

I feel confident enough in my post flop play (especially vs micro stakes sng donks) to give this a whirl. Lets see how it goes.

One time?

Cheers for reading


Friday, 3 February 2012

The return of the donk!

Once again I am slowly catching the poker bug. Unfortunately funds are hugely depleted so my starting roll is a whopping £100. lol. I have deposited it into Pokerstars and it equates to $159.

I think my starting point will be S n G's, probably the $3.50 18 player games.

Time to start building a roll again.

Fingers crossed it goes well!!