Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Straying from the path...already.

I suck.

Last night I just didn;t feel like playing some SnG's, but I did feel like playing some cash, so I fired up 6 tables of 6-max NL10.

Bit of a brutal start when i got it in with a set of 7's vs a turned set of Q's and then had a flush with 97dd inot a Q high flush with Q8dd. (he called my button raise from his BB spot).

Shit happens I guess.

I was playing extremely fast and aggro and went down quite a bit early on, but once people started trying to adjust to my aggro I toned it down a little and got paid off once or twice on my big hands. :)

Still finished off down $16 though after about 700 hands, but I did enjoy it and strangely even with the coolers I never even felt like tilting, I just enjoyed the game for it's face value...fun.

Last day at work today, but prolly a quiet night with the Mrs tonight being Valentines day and I have been at works for 13 hours of it.

I think I am probably gonna mix up the cash and SnG's over the next week, just to keep the variety in my play and also to keep my eye in should pokerstars release Rush poker.....

check these out:

Pokerstars Mobile

Rush poker coming?

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