Thursday, 23 February 2012

WBCOOP - Event 1 - Live Blog

Ok, just got back in. Had to pick up little lad, so it'a now  1606 UK time.  I have 8,970 chippies from the original 10k starting stack. So plenty deep enough.

One time please.

I will update any hands I get involved in.

bcurrently 16.07 - I have Pocket tens in SB. One limper in MP. I have to open this.... oooh two more limp-alongs. blinds 60/120. I pop it up to 660, they all fold. EZ game.

16.08 - I have 59 soooooooooooooooted OTB. It folds to me I open 2.5x. SB flats. Flop K54 rainbow. Half pot C-bet takes it. Easssssssssssssssssssssssy.

lol. 16.09 _ have 22. Hijack min raises. I flat in CO. SB 3-bets to 720. HJ folds. I call (we are deep). Flop KAA. muhahahahaha GTFO> Check tun and he bets river. easy foldaments.

Current stack 9360.

Just checking out the player list for familiar faces, see Daleroxxu is 19th ATM.

16.16 - T7o On button. Folds to me, I open 2.5x. BOTH blinds call (fish obv!) Flop is J64 two hearts. Both check - I hate this flop, not betting it. Turn 10c. Now then. SB check, BB leads 627 into 1035 pot... hmmmm. fold I reckon. Yep I fold like a cheap suit. SB flat calls. River As. Half pot bet from BB takes it. Think his range is lots of small pairs there, for sets etc. Type of flop you get check-raised into oblivion on.

16.21 - QKo in MP - I decide to open, the table is pretty placid. BB calls. flop 468 rainbow. he checks, I half pot, he folds. EZ.

16.22 -  TT UTG. I open 3x. Lets see what goes... One caller. Flop is A26 rainbow. I check, he bets. I decide I am gonna float him with a view to checking turn and hopefully betting river to take it away. No joy though he fires big at turn and I have to go away.

current stack 7,808

16.26 - 56s OTB. CO raises and I flat. flop 49Q all diamonds, I have spades. FML. He bets, I once again go into fold-mode.

16.27- TQcc - I open CO. Button flats, as he always seems to do when i open. tithead. Flop is K2Q. I c-bet half pot, he calls. Turn is a 6. he leads for 1/4 pot (WTF?), I have to call. River As. I check, he checks. He shows KJo and takes the pot. Sigh.

stack now 5,983

16.29 - I have J9dd. MP opens. I flat IP. Flop 249 all spades. He checks, i decide to lead for value if he has a big spade. He snap calls. Turn 3d. he checks, so I decide to check behind (bad play I think). River he leads for 1200 (just under half pot). I crying call. He has AQss for the flopped nut flush. FML. Jesus it's brutal. Outflopped for fun right now.

stack = 3,340 (blinds 75/150)

16.34 - ATo on butn. I open 2.5x. BB calls. flop is K8Q. Sigh. Check-check. turn 6. check check. river 9h. check check. He has T9o. sigh. T9o to a raise. What a muppet. ofc he hits the 3 outer on river. FML. Brutal.

not much I can do riught now.

whey! finally won a pot. 16.36. I had A3cc. one guy limps Ilimp behind. flop comes A53 all hearts. I just fire straight at it and they all fold. (I wasn;t folding that there anyways. It was shit or bust).

shyte. blinds just went up to 100/200. I haver a mighty 3,300.

Ahhh eighty eight now at my table. Well respected tweeter. still in a world of pain though with my 16 BB's.

No room left for play. Push-foldaments now.

16.44 - I am still here, honest. I am waiting for a hand I can shove in someone's eye, but knowing my luck I'll run it into AA.... makr my words....

Donk on my left busted when he happily stacked off with AQ into AK, he only had about 40 BB's at the time...lolz. All those chips and so few braincells. Shame he didn;t donate to me.

Looks like they replaced one donk with another. He just got it in with QK VS AA on a xKxx board. Money goes in, he hits Q on river for trips. sickness,.

16.49 and it's all in the middle..... I shove ATo from CO with my 12 BB's. BB is sitting out. SB is thinking.... ut oh he calls. He has A5cc. HOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, hold on flop... HOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD , I hold turn and river and double up. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Current stack 5125.

16.53 - AK in BB. folds to SB. He min raises to 500. I re raise to 1350. he flats. Flop 8TQ.  Too much in middle, so I shove. He insta snaps and has J9s. Seriously? I mean fkin seriously? He flops the absolute joint against me. These flops have been fucking awful all game for me. I am out 320th/527.

Seriously though J9 and he flops like that. GTFO, what a piss-take.

and as that say... thats all folks.

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didn;t get to me... honest...


  1. It should have been a shove pre...

  2. Didn;t love blasting 20BB's down his throat there to the min raise, I was hoping to induce the action from him with such a strong hand. I was pushing any flop if he called, but couldn;t help if he managed to somehow flop the stone colds after flatting a 3-bet out of position with J9s.