Sunday, 5 February 2012

My way now..

Ok first 34 SnG's played and $28 down:

Which obv sucks dick.

I was trying to play the usual optimum strategy... super tight and the move into push fold mode. I think my ranges were about right. A couple of mistakes according to SnG Wiz, which seem fair, but usually just coming down to luck.

It feels to me playing this strategy right now is just leaving way too much to luck, if you run bad it kicks your ass. I mean basically if you don;t have a huge hand early you are rely on pushing your edges, but then you need to be winning the showdowns when you are called. For me it all feels very marginal right now, I am probably completely wrong and I guess it's been proven lots of time what the optimal strategy is.

I am gonna now try it my way, ok it will mean I can;t play as many tables because I am going to have to actually 'play' more poker. I am planning to loosen up much more in the early stages to try and get a bigger stack when it comes to the push fest later. There are so many horrbile players limp-calling for fun it HAS to be profitable to play pots with them whilst the stacks are super deep and we have an edge. Also, with the nature of SnG's picking up those chips early might actually be a decent and critical advantage.

I feel confident enough in my post flop play (especially vs micro stakes sng donks) to give this a whirl. Lets see how it goes.

One time?

Cheers for reading


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