Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pokerstars WBCOOP

Seeing as though I am finally back playing poker and blogging I might as well take advantage of the fact Pokerstars is putting on some little special for us poker bloggers. You can see more details here:

The rules are a bit weird in that you’ll be given 10 tickets to play, but there are 30 events, they should deffo be letting people play more that 30% of the games IMO, unless I have mis-understood it?. I could really do with the bankroll boost at the min!

What would I do with the $5k?

Well it would be great to get my bankroll back to what it used to be a year or two ago, starting all the way back down at the micro’s is extremely demotivating when you know you didn’t lose your bankroll, but rather had to withdraw it for real life stuff.

That said if I did manage to get the $5k, which if I am not working I probably will with my mad skillz… muhahaha, I will probably split it into two. Use half to book a nice holiday for me, the wife and kids and the other half to go back into my poker bankroll so I can move back to playing some cash and more MTT’s, both of which are out of my reach right now with my crappy $177 :o)

I am not gonna spend the whole post blowing smoke up Pokerstars’ ass, they obv have online poker crushed right now, as any online player with any experience will know.

My Poker

So am still grinding the $3.50 18 player SnG’s on Stars. I am back into the old routine of 16 tabling, but due to work commitments I can’t really get more than 1 set running in the evening right now, so my overall volume is pretty low.

I sacked off my other strategy idea because I decided that although in theory my idea was good, in reality quality is NOT greater than quantity, especially when it comes to your bottom line profit and the other extras such as Stellar Rewards and FPP’s.

Hoping I can continue to push on from the good session the other night and get my bank roll heading back in the right direction.

My ultimate aim for this year is to get myself into a financial position (bankroll wise), where I can start playing sats for live games like the UKIPT and the GUKPT events. I also fancy some of those Genting Games and maybe some APAT games. After watching live streams of some of these events recently I have really gotten the taste for it. Would love a deep run in one of those!

Right now though it’s back to tackling the micro stakes donks on Pokerstars and trying to fight my way through the variance and the maniacs.

I am feeling good to be back into poker and I have the renewed enthusiasm for the game. I have been watching poker vids on pokertube and also listening to the 2+2 Pokercasts on my way to and from work. I have also been following the top stories in the industry and getting back more involved with raisetheriver.

Poker is good right now, well apart from the micro donks! :o)

Cheers for reading



  1. alright mate

    seems like we have near exact goals and playing the same games (18-man turbo sngs). You have come to the same conclusion that i did, volume to overcome beats/tilt and increase VPPs.

    if you ever fancy chatting strategy or sweat sessions i would be up for that.

    Would be good to play some live GUKPT or UKIPT events

  2. definately mate. add me on MSN: or on skype - BurnleyMik.

    Have you got yourself SnG Wiz? It's ideal to load up your session HH's after you have played and do a little leak busting.

  3. That's a lot of money you are talking about. It's pretty hard to establish goals in poker, especially when you're a beginner. I have to start lower because i don't have that much of experience.