Saturday, 25 February 2012

WBCOOP so far...

I have so far regged for 3 events..

Event 1 - I live blogged that so obv how it went.

Event 2 - PLO - Lol, got in late, 1st hand I played KK87 double suited. Flop K85, BB leads, I raise, he flats. Turn 4, he leads again and I ship , he snaps my head off with KA67 for the turned straight. LOL PLO fkin stinks.

Next event I played, well regged for, was event 5, the NLHE Shootout. I fancied this as a SnG player, but because of commitments with reading the kids stories and bath time I didn;t manage to get sat down until 50 mins after it started and I was already busto! FML.

I am also regged for tonights event 8, the NLHE at 7pm GMT. Again I will probably late to sit down, but hoefully I can finally put a run together in one of these.

If any of my fellow bloggers are playing these I hope you are doing goot.

Run Good.


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