Tuesday, 7 February 2012

treading water

Not getting anywhere fast.

These stats sum up my $3 games so far:

As you can see from the stats in the top left. 66 games played, $14 down. FML.

This is my all in EV graph, to show how I am running at all in situations and tbh it looks better than it actually feels, but I guess thats the same for every player.

I have to be honest I got a bit bored yesterday and didn;t have time to fire up a set of these 18 players, so I smashed out a few Hyper Turbo's. lol

I played 11 of the $7 ones for a small profit of $13.45 and some $1 ones for a laugh and played 17 of those for a $5.76 loss.

I am having real issues with Table Ninja at the min. When I have 12 tables running if two tables come to the front at the same time awaiting action, whatever I click on one also happens on the other, which as you can imagine is a fucking nightmare. I was all in all over the place and folded some strong hands when I didn't want to. I checked their support forums, but cannot see anything about it.

anyways, so far i't s been a real grind.

Current BR stands at $120.76

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