Monday, 6 February 2012

Bad Idea...

...Not my plan, but I decided to deviate a little and play some micro MTT's last night after all it was Sunday!

Let's just put it midly and say it didn't go well. My very first all in was AKhh vs AKcc and he rivered the donkaments. I built a huge stack in the $1 rebuy, but then again I guess so did everyone else, it was spastic city. I got into a huge pot with a guy who called my 3-bet shove with 88. I had AK and ofc I miss and it's gg me.

I got stacks in a few others too, but in the end it just didn;t go my way. Some soul sucking beats from some truly fucking awful players, but what do I expect it is the micro limit stuff. Anyways I pissed away a total of $36.49 of my tiny bankroll. Sigh I am a twat sometimes.

I played some more SnG's after that, just six, but finished with a small profit.

Stats so far:

MTT played:  9 = loss of $36.49.
SnG's played 46 = loss of $13.11

Current Roll stands at $114.80

Only played about 12 SnG's doing it my way, but I do feel more in control of my game than I do when just in push/fold mode, although inevitably it does come down to that at the end. Too early to judge properly, so I'll just carry on for now.

Bumped into fellow blogger Rossi in a few, he seemed pretty solid and seemed to be going ok, but made the mistake of raising me on the bubble instead of shoving into me! I was CL at the time so just put him to the sword with my might 47o :) I knew he couldn;t make the call on the bubble with 2 shorter stacks on the table. Sorry mate, no friends at the tables .

Cheers for reading.



  1. lol, good to see you at the tables m8

    That was an awful bet by me and i was kicking myself as soon as i made the bet. Like you say it didnt matter about the cards i put myself in a position where i couldnt call...doh. The perils of trying to multi table.

    I see you on playing 12 of them tonight, GL.. the beats are fucking soul crushing!!! I am trying to suss them out but it seems unbelievable how many times you get it in ahead and get knocked out. I suppose you dont notice all the times you hold up but it still is hard on the mindset.
    If you read James Atkins blog who is a proven winning player, he has had 80 buy-in downswing and even a 130 buy-in downswing playing them proffessionally, so i suppose it is hard to judge after a few hundred.

    Will no doubt be at the tables with you very soon Mik.....go easy on me this time LOL

  2. It's definately muich harder than it used to be. I am gobsmacked to have run into numerous solid players at this level. It seems like everyone is solid these days!

    I have played a few now, but I am getting nowhere fast. I just cannot get on the +ve sie of variance for any sustained spell. Some of the shit you see inregards to how the cards fall is unreal. You really do question it sometimes (well i do) because it seems incred.

    gl at the tables mate. I'll probably be grinding these fucking things forever at this rate.