Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WP Jared Tendler

Thanks to YorkyPuds and Busterlavista we have managed to get the top Poker Physcologoy Coach, Jared Tendler to nip onto the forum and answer some quetions for us.

Today he has been on and answered numerous questions and has said he'll swing by tomorrow to answer more! So if you have issues with tilt, degenning, over cautiousness etc etc, get yourself over and ask whilst you can.

Here is the thread for your questions:


Thursday, 22 September 2011

It was inevitable

tonight variance came and gave me a good dry humping from behind, yes dry. Brutal brutal brutal, thats all I can say. Everytime I got it in, i'd wait for the inevitable river to come and fuck me out of yet another pot. lol. Thats the nature of the game, but a fucking joke all the same. Tonight because it supports me downswong, you wilol have to suffer my all in EV graph, muhahahahahaha oh and FUCK YOU STARS RNG.. lol at the Random  bit :)



Lick my salty balls Stars. I did warn you this was coming though, three winning sessions in a row meant I was due a good fucking over.

ok finances:

Challenge Bankroll: $439.32 (+$19.32)
Total SnG's Played 149

Better turn around tomorrow or I might send them a special email!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday Night results

No poin with all the graphs. Went ok, made profit, which is the main thing.

Challenge Bankroll: $561.39 (+$141.39)
Total SnG's @ $7 level = 110

Monday, 19 September 2011

Getting my grind on

Well ok partially lol!!

Played 38 SnG's tonight and unbelievably managed to grind out a profit of $59.08, which is incred considering I was taking it dry in the ass for quite a while early doors. Including two horrible coolers, but I came out on top, so no bad beats ;)

Tonight was the first night I managed to grind SnG's. Last couple of nights I have played some MTT's and I have to say that I run worse on 888poker than I think I have ever ran anywhere. My short term EV there is incredibly bad. I just could not win a showdown, but fuck it, I decided to take out what I had left there and blow it right off. Can;t see me playing there again tbh. I only deposited for APAT and for some reason they seem to hold everything on DTD these days, despite supposedly having a deal with 888??

Anyways, to the stats:

Graph for tonight


Bankroll = $518.53 (+$98.53)
Total SnG's : 73 @ $7 level

I am waiting the inevitable crushing downswing, usual case, eat like a bird and shit like an elephant.



Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy Birthday

31 years young today.

Nice day out and Dinner with family and tonight some poker and bikage!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

1 month plan

I have had such a lack of direction for so long that I have jumped all over the place. This week I have played HU cash, HU SnG's. HU PLO SnG's (rotfl I am a knob). I played a few MTT's and some SnG's, which overall is pretty ridic. I am looking to start building my roll again, but tbh I am not that confident in any game right now, as I feel I am pretty damned ring rusty.

After reading Acornman's blog and his comment I am going back to SnG's, but to get my game back and get used to grinding and multi-tabling heavily I am just going to start at the $7 STT's (turbo) and take it from there. Once I am feeling it again,I'll move back to the $15's and possibly into the $30's BR permitting. I am probably going to adapt something like a 60 Buy-in strategy for my BR management. So, I am gonna start with a starting balance $420 for the $7's, if I can make that upto $600 playing just those, I will top up my roll to $900 and hit the $15's, but if my roll drops to $210 I will either move down to the $3.50's or just give it up as a bad habit!

I think for me that sounds sensible and it's nice to actually have a set plan and direction.

So far I am just 12 tabling as I find that quite comfortable and I have started my little challenge:

and it wouldn;t be my blog if I didn;t moan like fuck about something, so just to show I am still running well below EV on my all in situations:

Current Challenge BR = $459.45 (+$39.45)

It will tail off now as I am at work next 3 nights so I doubt I'll find any time to play.

ok Laters

Sunday, 4 September 2011


FFS. I have absolutely fuck-all direction at this moment in time. I don;t know what I want to play, where I want to play or what I want to focus on. I am getting like Yorky Pud and really starting to piss myself off.

MTT's - I simply don;t have time to grind these properly to eeek out a bigger bankroll, they just take too fucking long and you really have to luckbox a bink to make it worthwhile, pretty much impossible in Stars 120394871239857389457839457 runner fields.

SnG's - I really thought I was gonna grind these after my last post, then hit a stinking downswing (something like $35k chips below EV) getting slaughtered by the RNG and it put me right off and add to that, the last stars update fucked up Table Ninja, so No SnG Sensei. Immediately I lost motivation.

Cash- To be precise 6-max cash. I am really really toying with the idea of going back to this, but fuck knows if I actually will. Had a convo with Snake Eyes on the phone and he reckons I should head back in that direction and he could be right.

I simply do not know as of this moment, fuck knows what I want to do.#

Suggestions? (and don;t bother with quit poker!!)

On a seperate note, I like those new table themes Stars have added, the Nova ones, especially the black, if TableNinja worked with those, they would be my defaults.

Righty, off to try and make up my mind.


p.s. Kronsdat - I still think they are pretty soft mate, I saw tons and tons of people playing post flop poker throughout the early levels, so absolutely horrific. At one point I got it all in pre with KK vs TJo for 40BB's and I was an uber nit. Obv he got there. lolz. There is money in them for sure.