Thursday, 22 September 2011

It was inevitable

tonight variance came and gave me a good dry humping from behind, yes dry. Brutal brutal brutal, thats all I can say. Everytime I got it in, i'd wait for the inevitable river to come and fuck me out of yet another pot. lol. Thats the nature of the game, but a fucking joke all the same. Tonight because it supports me downswong, you wilol have to suffer my all in EV graph, muhahahahahaha oh and FUCK YOU STARS RNG.. lol at the Random  bit :)



Lick my salty balls Stars. I did warn you this was coming though, three winning sessions in a row meant I was due a good fucking over.

ok finances:

Challenge Bankroll: $439.32 (+$19.32)
Total SnG's Played 149

Better turn around tomorrow or I might send them a special email!

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