Sunday, 4 September 2011


FFS. I have absolutely fuck-all direction at this moment in time. I don;t know what I want to play, where I want to play or what I want to focus on. I am getting like Yorky Pud and really starting to piss myself off.

MTT's - I simply don;t have time to grind these properly to eeek out a bigger bankroll, they just take too fucking long and you really have to luckbox a bink to make it worthwhile, pretty much impossible in Stars 120394871239857389457839457 runner fields.

SnG's - I really thought I was gonna grind these after my last post, then hit a stinking downswing (something like $35k chips below EV) getting slaughtered by the RNG and it put me right off and add to that, the last stars update fucked up Table Ninja, so No SnG Sensei. Immediately I lost motivation.

Cash- To be precise 6-max cash. I am really really toying with the idea of going back to this, but fuck knows if I actually will. Had a convo with Snake Eyes on the phone and he reckons I should head back in that direction and he could be right.

I simply do not know as of this moment, fuck knows what I want to do.#

Suggestions? (and don;t bother with quit poker!!)

On a seperate note, I like those new table themes Stars have added, the Nova ones, especially the black, if TableNinja worked with those, they would be my defaults.

Righty, off to try and make up my mind.


p.s. Kronsdat - I still think they are pretty soft mate, I saw tons and tons of people playing post flop poker throughout the early levels, so absolutely horrific. At one point I got it all in pre with KK vs TJo for 40BB's and I was an uber nit. Obv he got there. lolz. There is money in them for sure.

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  1. After playing them last night I reckon you you go with the 18 man sngs mate.Btw I couldn't get into RTR just now.Getting a 404 error message.