Monday, 19 September 2011

Getting my grind on

Well ok partially lol!!

Played 38 SnG's tonight and unbelievably managed to grind out a profit of $59.08, which is incred considering I was taking it dry in the ass for quite a while early doors. Including two horrible coolers, but I came out on top, so no bad beats ;)

Tonight was the first night I managed to grind SnG's. Last couple of nights I have played some MTT's and I have to say that I run worse on 888poker than I think I have ever ran anywhere. My short term EV there is incredibly bad. I just could not win a showdown, but fuck it, I decided to take out what I had left there and blow it right off. Can;t see me playing there again tbh. I only deposited for APAT and for some reason they seem to hold everything on DTD these days, despite supposedly having a deal with 888??

Anyways, to the stats:

Graph for tonight


Bankroll = $518.53 (+$98.53)
Total SnG's : 73 @ $7 level

I am waiting the inevitable crushing downswing, usual case, eat like a bird and shit like an elephant.



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