Friday, 29 July 2011

good month's FTW

With having a little time off work I managed to actually play some poker this month, namely MTT's. Had quite a few decent close calls, but the payout structures of the lower buy-in tourneys often meant a tonne of hardwork and time rewarded with like 3 or 4 times your buy-in, which is soul destroying, but on the flip side the times when you do make it to the top 3 it becomes extremely profitable and one of those runs is the reason for such a good month.

As you will have seen a few posts back I got second in the Stars $20k, picking up $2.8k and giving me a nice score.

I did a tiny bit of grinding today and yesterday in the $18.77, 6-max Hyper games to the red spade tourney, which I found that it was a nice way to accumulate some T$ and also qualify for the big tourney on Sunday night.

anyways, brag alert..... Stars Tourney stats for July:

EZ Game Obv!

At a wedding all day Saturday, so will be gearing up for a big grind Sunday, will try playing some Sats to the bigger games and see if I can bink more decent scores.

Back to work on Wednesday, but it's nights, so I expect to be able to still grind a couple of nights per week.

Also really getting into this Twitter malaraky...Follow me bitches!!!!/big_mikky


Friday, 22 July 2011


Played a small MTT schedule last night, for a change and things ended up going pretty well. Ended up playing 9 tourneys in all, min cashed in 3 and had a deep run in the $20k on stars.

Played really well throughout the tourney, including eliminating most of the players on the final table, but then tilted HU when my oppening hit a gutterball on the river when I had him all in for the tourney. Either way I didn;t play well HU and a combination of constantly whiffing and my opponent never folding when i was making moves, meant I started to become frustrated, eventually pushing it in with A9o when I knew he had a big hand and he did he had AQ, but I didn;t manage to get there.

Had some awesome railage from Amatay and from Marky147, so cheers fellas, although Amatay did vanish when Marky put him onto a new pornstar... loilololol. Probably wanked himself to a frazzle by now :)

Anyways, $2.8k is not to be sniffed at, but couldn;t get in the binkage thread.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vote Of No Confidence


Are you, like me, completely dismayed with how the ConDems are destroying and privatising the country?

I am not gonna rant on about the specifics I am sure we all have our own thoughts/ideas, but get yourself over here and add your vote. Not sure what good it will actually do, but it;s better than doing sweet fuck all.

Get these tossers out. The rich are getting richer, the poor are affected quite a bit, but the folks in the middle are getting crushed to shit.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Dilemma 1:

APAT Worlds


GUKPT Goliath?

(I can't play both because of work, would only get enough time off for one or the other.)

Dilemma 2:

Grind Tonight



Dilemma 3:




Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Sunday, 10 July 2011

lol donkaments

With the last 4 days off work I was looking forward to grinding MTT's for the next few nights, unfortunately things didn;t quite go as planned....

The first night I was too fucked after the back-to-back at work and then the stag do, I could probably count on my fingers and toes the total amount of hours sleep I had over the last week and it all caught up with me. I basically got in, had a brew watched a bit of shitty TV, shower and bed, so bang one night gone.

Second night I registered for  a few MTT's across Laddies, 888poker and some Sats on Genting (also bumping into AwesomeHutch the fish!!), I think it was only about 6 total, unfortunately it all went to rat shit and I basically couldn't get a hand to hold. So frustrating when the first time you put your entire stack on the line after 5 hours of an MTT your AK loses to AQ when you get it all in pre. Fucking donkaments. Basically nothing went my way and frustration got the better of me and I think I ended up with 2 shitty min cashes.

Third night, I really couldn't be arsed, I registered with good intentions, then unregged again and just played a super turbo satellite to Megastack event in either Blackpool or Manchester, obv I run like a dogs dick again the satty and no way my AK can beat KQ and then 77 to beat A5s at the vital part. Didn;t even rebuy for 3k when the blinds were 200/400. Ended up dragging the Strongbow out and getting Football Manager 2011 on the go, whilst watching season 2 of Rescue Me.

Last night - Chilled, played a little more FM2011, knocked the back out of the wife and slept like a log, until that bastard alarm went off at 6am for work.

back at work for the next three days, so definately not enough time to play any MTT's, although I do play to play the Poker Player Magazine Grand Prix thingy and prolly a few small satty's and finally bink a seat, because none of those take too long or take that much concentration.

Finally anyone not a member of Raisetheriver, then get your ass over and join, the non poker chat alone is worth it.

Friday, 1 July 2011


With working my back-to-back this weekend, I am not getting much time in the evenings to play poker, but I needed my fix, so I decided to grind some SnG's on 888poker. I haven;t played SnG's for ages, but I still remember a huge amount about push/fold spots and ranges to shove and calling ranges etc, so i felt fairly confident.

I decided to just straight into the fire and play some $20 games, mainly the 6-max turbo games and a few 20-man Nitro's thrown in for good measure.

I was blown away! I have never seemn anything as bad as these fucking morons I will just list a few of the things I saw:

1. Limping in with 3 BB's
2. Calling off with any ace on the bubble of a game.
3. Limping with less than 10 BB's on the bubble and folding to a push.
4. Limp calling any raise size
5. Chasing gutters all the way to the river
6. As above but with flush draws and for large protions of their stack.
7. I 4-bet shoved one guy and he insta snapped me off with A7o vs my KK and we were the top two stacks in a nitro at that point.(obv flopped an ace)

It was absolutely mucking fental! TBH I didn't adapt well at all, I was still shoving what should be normal ranges, but it doesn;t work when these mugs are calling so wide and I didn;t tighten up approriately.

I ended up 7 buy-ins down and steam pouring out of my ears. In reality though I think it has to be a goldmine, yes it will be high in variance given the standard of play, but surely very exploiutable if you can adapt better than me. I also didn;t notice many regs, in all the games I have played I can only think of one guy I came across a few times.

I am going back for more punishment tonight and just gonna make the neccessary changes. Fingers crossed, mixed in with a little run good I can smash it up.

On a none poker front, I am on a stag do tomorrow. Haydock Park in the day and then Chester for the night out, I can see it being carnage already. 8.30a,m meet for breakfast.... I'll be lucky to see Sunday!