Friday, 22 July 2011


Played a small MTT schedule last night, for a change and things ended up going pretty well. Ended up playing 9 tourneys in all, min cashed in 3 and had a deep run in the $20k on stars.

Played really well throughout the tourney, including eliminating most of the players on the final table, but then tilted HU when my oppening hit a gutterball on the river when I had him all in for the tourney. Either way I didn;t play well HU and a combination of constantly whiffing and my opponent never folding when i was making moves, meant I started to become frustrated, eventually pushing it in with A9o when I knew he had a big hand and he did he had AQ, but I didn;t manage to get there.

Had some awesome railage from Amatay and from Marky147, so cheers fellas, although Amatay did vanish when Marky put him onto a new pornstar... loilololol. Probably wanked himself to a frazzle by now :)

Anyways, $2.8k is not to be sniffed at, but couldn;t get in the binkage thread.


  1. Not to be sniffed at at all, congrats.

  2. haha, that pornstar wasn't even worth a quick shuffle mate. nice result fish

  3. Defo better than a swift kick in the bollox, you should get a package sometime today.