Friday, 29 July 2011

good month's FTW

With having a little time off work I managed to actually play some poker this month, namely MTT's. Had quite a few decent close calls, but the payout structures of the lower buy-in tourneys often meant a tonne of hardwork and time rewarded with like 3 or 4 times your buy-in, which is soul destroying, but on the flip side the times when you do make it to the top 3 it becomes extremely profitable and one of those runs is the reason for such a good month.

As you will have seen a few posts back I got second in the Stars $20k, picking up $2.8k and giving me a nice score.

I did a tiny bit of grinding today and yesterday in the $18.77, 6-max Hyper games to the red spade tourney, which I found that it was a nice way to accumulate some T$ and also qualify for the big tourney on Sunday night.

anyways, brag alert..... Stars Tourney stats for July:

EZ Game Obv!

At a wedding all day Saturday, so will be gearing up for a big grind Sunday, will try playing some Sats to the bigger games and see if I can bink more decent scores.

Back to work on Wednesday, but it's nights, so I expect to be able to still grind a couple of nights per week.

Also really getting into this Twitter malaraky...Follow me bitches!!!!/big_mikky



  1. Nice month Mik, you'll be binking as much as Jonesy if you keep the volume up.