Friday, 1 July 2011


With working my back-to-back this weekend, I am not getting much time in the evenings to play poker, but I needed my fix, so I decided to grind some SnG's on 888poker. I haven;t played SnG's for ages, but I still remember a huge amount about push/fold spots and ranges to shove and calling ranges etc, so i felt fairly confident.

I decided to just straight into the fire and play some $20 games, mainly the 6-max turbo games and a few 20-man Nitro's thrown in for good measure.

I was blown away! I have never seemn anything as bad as these fucking morons I will just list a few of the things I saw:

1. Limping in with 3 BB's
2. Calling off with any ace on the bubble of a game.
3. Limping with less than 10 BB's on the bubble and folding to a push.
4. Limp calling any raise size
5. Chasing gutters all the way to the river
6. As above but with flush draws and for large protions of their stack.
7. I 4-bet shoved one guy and he insta snapped me off with A7o vs my KK and we were the top two stacks in a nitro at that point.(obv flopped an ace)

It was absolutely mucking fental! TBH I didn't adapt well at all, I was still shoving what should be normal ranges, but it doesn;t work when these mugs are calling so wide and I didn;t tighten up approriately.

I ended up 7 buy-ins down and steam pouring out of my ears. In reality though I think it has to be a goldmine, yes it will be high in variance given the standard of play, but surely very exploiutable if you can adapt better than me. I also didn;t notice many regs, in all the games I have played I can only think of one guy I came across a few times.

I am going back for more punishment tonight and just gonna make the neccessary changes. Fingers crossed, mixed in with a little run good I can smash it up.

On a none poker front, I am on a stag do tomorrow. Haydock Park in the day and then Chester for the night out, I can see it being carnage already. 8.30a,m meet for breakfast.... I'll be lucky to see Sunday!


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