Sunday, 26 June 2011

Wp Bullyfish

you lucky bastard!

2nd in the APAT Team championships Individual event, picking up a few quid and a silver medal for that and a gold medal for his team winning the team event itself!!!

Always good to see a mate doing well. Followed his progress from Day 1, where he got into one of the top 5 in chips and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the tourney. Definately his best live score to date and I am pretty sure it will have given him the poker bug back. n1 mate.

here is the jizzmeister in action:

Obviously this has now given me a taste to play some live poker, something I rarely get to do with my daft work shifts and the young family, so I have been looking around for events.

Definately gonna try and play the APAT Main Event at DTD in August, also looking at the Gala casino one over in Leeds in July and might have a gander around for a few more. I fancy UKIPT TBH, but  with it being in Brighton next it's a bit unfair to fuck off for a full weekend and leave the Mrs with the liitle ones.

Gonna have to venture to either Manchester or Blackpool for a few local games, probably the week after next as it's a stag do this weekend, which will definately get messy.

reet oh, congrats to Bully and Kronsdat (he was team captain)!


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