Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Love technology!

I read yesterday that Full Tilt had released an app for the android operating system on mobile phones. My HTC Desire runs on android so I thought I'd look into it.

Initially it was supposedly in the App store, but I couldn't find it for love nor money. Eventually I twigged it was because of two things:

1. I hadn;t updated to Androird version 2.2
2. I had to install Flashplayer version 10.1 (you need number one to acheive number two)

So finally got it sorted and installed it.

Played a few hands last night just al NL10 fkin about and of course I run so hot I have the nut flush with AJhh vs 45hh on a 2h3h8s 6h Ac board. Yes a straight flush and even worse the guy fully timebanked down before calling with the stone cold nuts. Twat. Hate slowrollers!

It was good fun though and I was amazed to see how smooth it was and how much like the desktop software it was.

great work full tilt IMO.

Saying that I just crashed a few hands off here at work and made $20 for my ten mins. Good times. lol

this is how it looks

Looking forward to Stars following suit.

Also found a few new apps for the phone. Fucking incredible really when I think back to when I was at school and the technology we had then, i.e. Spectrum ZX's and Amstrads!

right off to play some pokes on the bog whilst getting paid! winner!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Team South

For those of you who are not aware a little bit of rivalry has begun on RTR in regards to Northerners and Southerners. This has culminated in a HU grudge match being organised between Team North and Team South.

Obviously any Northerner knows that Southerners are almost all limp-wristed, Shandy-Drinking Homosexuals, who get a huge nosebleed if they travel up any higher than the Watford Gap!

As it happens I googled Amatay+ Cogsgoigne+Hoopie1+Buster+Everton Yorkie and found a picture of them partying on the '12 Inch Miracle'.

Now we just have to beat them at poker and they will have zero dignity.

Bring it onnnnnnnnnn!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

As time goes by...

Firstly I want to respond to the anonymous comment left on my last post... firstly very good comment whoever you are (if you haven;t read it, it's here:

Anonymous said...
Why do you think its great that the bookmakers are backing this. dont get me wrong, i will miss the french and italians playing poker as they practically gave me money for nothing.

they really shouldnt try and disguise their motives as it just makes them look even greedier IMO. It would be a bit like tobacco companies saying 'hey everyone, its your right 2 smoke, lets overturn those anti-smoking laws'
Have you forgotten the gamblings companies are some of the biggest crooks out there, the cunts wont even bother making any legitimate effort to regulate their software and as they are based in gibraltar i doubt they contribute any tax to european countries. now they tell us to support them worming their way back in. fuck em, i say. greedy cunts have got a nerve if you ask me!

Yes of course it's for their own motives, but it suits our purspose as well, not to mention the monetary and political pressure they can also add and apply to the cause, something which can only ever help the cause.

As a poker player we can see the ever damaging effects of the player base getting smaller and smaller and more and more countries are cut off from the rest of the world. The EU is a Peice of Shit IMO, but they set a freetrade law and seeing as though all these fuckers are so keen on holding the UK to it's obligations financially, then we should be able to do the same when they choose to ignore the rules as they please.

Get the US back online (not looking great ATM, granted) and then force these fuckers to stop being a law unto themselves and try and throw some life back into the online Poker Sites.

As a player who has continually made money from this game for the last 7+ years, I am seeing the detrimental effects and surely you must too.

My Poker:

SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I just can NOT for the life in me get my mojo back to sit and fire up a grind session. I fire up the site, check out the tables, see it's full of regs and nits, think "fuck it" and fire up Football Manger 2010 instead. Sigh.

I did play a few MTT's the other night (sunday) just for a bit of a change of scenery and tbh it was laughable. I bust all 6 getting it in good/dominating and never winning an all in showdown. WTF can you do about that?. Started playing at 7.30pm and by 10pm was gone from all six. GTFO.

No idea where to go from here tbh. I know snake is havinga challenge to play full time for a month in January. I'll prolly follow that with interest and hopefully it might breathe a bit of life/enthusiasm back into me and my game. Right now playing poker is a long way down my list of things I actually enjoy.

Hope you all run good.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


ABout time countries like France and Italy stopped making the laws to suit them. We all know the French and Italians were generally free money! :)

In all seriousness though, this is deffo worth a sign. It's great to see all the top UK bookmakers, including Betfair, Ladbrokes etc fighting all this.

Support the cause IMO

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Actually playing!

Atm I am mixing it up a little bit. I have been grinding 6_max cash for an hour and then grinding some $6 18 and 27 man sngs.

It's giving me a change of scenery, which is good.

The casu started well and my roll was in an ok place to try nl50 again, unfortunately, as per usual I ran like death getting stacked with the best hand twice. Lol. Gtfo. I am currently about $10 up so far.

Sngs - played just two sets of 12. Broke even in 1st set and managed a 50 profit in the second set.

Will o still at this? Fuck knows

Ok flogging from phone sucks balls and predictive text can Fuck off too!

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Monday, 1 November 2010

October Summary

lol good fucking riddance to October. My motivation levels after a poor start fell to about minus 50. I really just never was in the mood to fire up the tables and grind.

The month started ok with me doing quite well, but then some heavy variance kicked in (for a change eh? lol) and I got smashed to fuck. You'll see from my graph how bad I ran in just All in EV. This happened around mid month and that just caused me to lose motivation because I knew I would need to drop to NL20.

I finished up the month with a Sunday night MTT grind (or MMT if you are Jakattack!). I don;t think i could have run worse if  I tried. I can remember at least 3 tourneys where |I busted with an over pair vs an underpair AIPF and they always managed to set up and also QQ loses to AK twice, ofc. meh whatever,suffice to say I couldn;t do much else and didn;t even get a min cash anywhere (how could I when I couldn;t win a single showdown?).

ok now to the bullshit and stats:

Cash Games:

Purple Lounge: 8,886 hands for $210.67 loss, plus $189.65 rakeback = -$21.02
Stars: 1,982 for  $22.46 loss.

Here is my PL graph to illustrate my run good..lol

Total cash loss = $43.48


Pokerstars: 7 tourneys played for a $53.10 loss
Full Tilt: 8 tourneys for a $56.10 loss.

total: -$109.20

Total = -$152.68

shit month. As you can see from my previous months it was pretty much a washout.