Tuesday, 9 November 2010


ABout time countries like France and Italy stopped making the laws to suit them. We all know the French and Italians were generally free money! :)

In all seriousness though, this is deffo worth a sign. It's great to see all the top UK bookmakers, including Betfair, Ladbrokes etc fighting all this.

Support the cause IMO


  1. Yeah they've been campaigning for ages and i am sure that a few weeks back a European court said that what the French and italians have done is against EU guidelines and essentially illegal

  2. Why do you think its great that the bookmakers are backing this. dont get me wrong, i will miss the french and italians playing poker as they practically gave me money for nothing.

    they really shouldnt try and disguise their motives as it just makes them look even greedier IMO. It would be a bit like tobacco companies saying 'hey everyone, its your right 2 smoke, lets overturn those anti-smoking laws'
    Have you forgotten the gamblings companies are some of the biggest crooks out there, the cunts wont even bother making any legitimate effort to regulate their software and as they are based in gibraltar i doubt they contribute any tax to european countries. now they tell us to support them worming their way back in. fuck em, i say. greedy cunts have got a nerve if you ask me!