Monday, 1 November 2010

October Summary

lol good fucking riddance to October. My motivation levels after a poor start fell to about minus 50. I really just never was in the mood to fire up the tables and grind.

The month started ok with me doing quite well, but then some heavy variance kicked in (for a change eh? lol) and I got smashed to fuck. You'll see from my graph how bad I ran in just All in EV. This happened around mid month and that just caused me to lose motivation because I knew I would need to drop to NL20.

I finished up the month with a Sunday night MTT grind (or MMT if you are Jakattack!). I don;t think i could have run worse if  I tried. I can remember at least 3 tourneys where |I busted with an over pair vs an underpair AIPF and they always managed to set up and also QQ loses to AK twice, ofc. meh whatever,suffice to say I couldn;t do much else and didn;t even get a min cash anywhere (how could I when I couldn;t win a single showdown?).

ok now to the bullshit and stats:

Cash Games:

Purple Lounge: 8,886 hands for $210.67 loss, plus $189.65 rakeback = -$21.02
Stars: 1,982 for  $22.46 loss.

Here is my PL graph to illustrate my run

Total cash loss = $43.48


Pokerstars: 7 tourneys played for a $53.10 loss
Full Tilt: 8 tourneys for a $56.10 loss.

total: -$109.20

Total = -$152.68

shit month. As you can see from my previous months it was pretty much a washout.

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  1. Would it be really wrong of me to say something like your prob getting screwed all time coz your rakebacks so big? But then im implying its rigged (which it supposedly isnt). Just saying when I played on purple with the 55% rakeback i always got shafted too thats why i NEVER play there anymore ( yet i can tear up on ladbrookes wid no rakey). Yes my spelling sucks.

    Good luck in november matey
    Neil 13outs twice