Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Actually playing!

Atm I am mixing it up a little bit. I have been grinding 6_max cash for an hour and then grinding some $6 18 and 27 man sngs.

It's giving me a change of scenery, which is good.

The casu started well and my roll was in an ok place to try nl50 again, unfortunately, as per usual I ran like death getting stacked with the best hand twice. Lol. Gtfo. I am currently about $10 up so far.

Sngs - played just two sets of 12. Broke even in 1st set and managed a 50 profit in the second set.

Will o still at this? Fuck knows

Ok flogging from phone sucks balls and predictive text can Fuck off too!

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  1. Predictive text my arse, you were pissed when you wrote this entry weren't you?