Monday, 18 October 2010

Such Bollocks

FML. So my shit run only went and fucking continued. In the last 3k hands of my play I have dropped 12 buy-ins below my all in EV. I mean 12 buy-ins in 3k hands. FUCK OFF. It's been truly brutal. I am still making fucking stupid spewy calls too, when I know I am probably beaten by some fucking moron wh decided to float my c-bet, picked up a flush draw on the turn and got there on the river vs my top two.

blah blah blah, what a load of bollocks. I fucking love moaning about how I run at poker... muhahahahahahaha!!! It's a real bitch of a game sometimes, but still I come back with my gimp suit on and the choker in my mouth asking it to screw me just a little bit more because secretly I must enjoy it!

So because my roll took a bit of a hit, I have forced myself down to NL20. I have no fkin idea how I am gonna get myself motivated for that, I really don't, but I have to be realistic and stick at it.

On a side note I had a little session with a very good coach the other night, mainly just a chat and a talk through a few things and the main thing I took away was how much I DON'T use my HUD correctly. Yes, I understand the basics, but I am nowhere near utilising it like I should be. He gave me a few good pointers and I took notes and was really pleased with it actually. He also did it as a freebie just to help me out a bit, which is really very kind, in fact so kind I'll plug the Bankrolling site he works for as a little thankyou:

We have discussed him spending a little time looking over my play at the end of this week, which would be great. Fingers crossed.

Right thats all my moaning and whining done for the day. Thanks for reading and fuck you all! (affectionately of course).

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Assume the Position

.... and prepare to recieve one!

Oh yes I did last night. It must be a Friday night thing. Once again through the week I steadily built up the roll and all was going well and then last night.... POW I get forcibly taken from behind and proceed to take a right royal fucking over without much I could do about it.

Ok at the end I had a little meeting with mr tilt monster and threw away close to two buy-ins before I stopped, but in just over 1500 hands I ran 7 buy-ins below all in EV. Incredible. Including a big 3-way all in with my KK against JJ and QQ pre flop, only for a Jack to hit the board. GTFO. It was close to a €180 pot too. Sigh (NL50).

Take a look at this bad boy....

Obv light green is line is what I should have won had I held when ahead and the dark green is what I actually won. lol. Sickness for such a short session.

So that means I am now in the red for the month again, down $70. My only saving grace is that I have ~$200 to come in rakeback so far. Man I love this high rakeback, it really can be a saver when the variance crushes your head in a vice.

Ok, so at least when I play tonight it owes me some serious fucking run good and hopefully with it being Saturday night and full of pissed up maniacs I can actually crush for a change!

Hope you are running good.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Oct so far

I still am not putting the volume in. Instead I am a little bit hooked on Football manager It's really difficult and as such I hate being no good at something and so I started trying to figure out the best tactics, players etc etc. I am getting there, but a long way to go me thinks.

As for poker, well I have played about 3.5k hands of NL50. I started off bad going down a bit, but then a had numerous winning sessions and ended up just over 4-buy-ins up. That was until Friday night came of course! I played very well, made a few poor calls I regretted, but all in all just about gave everyone on my right hell!! I even had regs spazzing out on me because of my aggression including one that shoved his ATs into my KK , but ofc flop was ATx, lol and then another that blasted about 120 BB's all in pre with AK vs my KK and again river was an ace. A set over set didn't help things etc etc. Usual stuff, just a tough night, which saw me lose all but $19 of my profit for the month. Sigh.

I wanted to play last night, but I was amazed to not see one loose table all night. Not a single table I saw over 48% PF, which is incredible on a SAturday night, so I talked myself out of playing and played FM2010 instead. Cock, I should have still played really. I am regretting it now.

I did however managed a few hundred hands this afternoon and managed a steady buy in and a half, which was nice and never got it in pre once. Just people paying me off when I hit. Weee.

Back to work tonight. FML. I was dying to win that £113 MILLION on the Euro Millions Friday.

No one has claimed it yet som make sure you check your tickets....

Saturday, 2 October 2010

September Round-Up

Not a good month. Really struggled with motivation towards the end and Rush poker kicked the living shit out of me early doors.

Anyways, to the figures....


Stars: 54 tourneys for $152.80 profit.
Dull Tilt: 26 tourneys for $157.49 loss

Total =  - $4.69


Had some real trouble with PT3 and Microgaming tracking, so I am making my best estimate according to my balance. I even played a bit on Stars for the 50 billionth hand thingy.

Pokerstars: 3047 hands for a $70.77 loss
Full Tilt: 19,609 hands for a $434.63 loss + $128.36 rakeback
Purple Lounge: ~6,500 hands for $143 profit + $98.30 rakeback

total =- $135.74

September Total = -$140.43

Meh tough month. I actually put the volume in early on, but  then really lost motivation. Hope I can find it again for October.