Saturday, 2 October 2010

September Round-Up

Not a good month. Really struggled with motivation towards the end and Rush poker kicked the living shit out of me early doors.

Anyways, to the figures....


Stars: 54 tourneys for $152.80 profit.
Dull Tilt: 26 tourneys for $157.49 loss

Total =  - $4.69


Had some real trouble with PT3 and Microgaming tracking, so I am making my best estimate according to my balance. I even played a bit on Stars for the 50 billionth hand thingy.

Pokerstars: 3047 hands for a $70.77 loss
Full Tilt: 19,609 hands for a $434.63 loss + $128.36 rakeback
Purple Lounge: ~6,500 hands for $143 profit + $98.30 rakeback

total =- $135.74

September Total = -$140.43

Meh tough month. I actually put the volume in early on, but  then really lost motivation. Hope I can find it again for October.

1 comment:

  1. lesson learned ? are we staying the fuck away from rush poker ?
    gl for this month.