Saturday, 16 October 2010

Assume the Position

.... and prepare to recieve one!

Oh yes I did last night. It must be a Friday night thing. Once again through the week I steadily built up the roll and all was going well and then last night.... POW I get forcibly taken from behind and proceed to take a right royal fucking over without much I could do about it.

Ok at the end I had a little meeting with mr tilt monster and threw away close to two buy-ins before I stopped, but in just over 1500 hands I ran 7 buy-ins below all in EV. Incredible. Including a big 3-way all in with my KK against JJ and QQ pre flop, only for a Jack to hit the board. GTFO. It was close to a €180 pot too. Sigh (NL50).

Take a look at this bad boy....

Obv light green is line is what I should have won had I held when ahead and the dark green is what I actually won. lol. Sickness for such a short session.

So that means I am now in the red for the month again, down $70. My only saving grace is that I have ~$200 to come in rakeback so far. Man I love this high rakeback, it really can be a saver when the variance crushes your head in a vice.

Ok, so at least when I play tonight it owes me some serious fucking run good and hopefully with it being Saturday night and full of pissed up maniacs I can actually crush for a change!

Hope you are running good.


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