Sunday, 10 October 2010

Oct so far

I still am not putting the volume in. Instead I am a little bit hooked on Football manager It's really difficult and as such I hate being no good at something and so I started trying to figure out the best tactics, players etc etc. I am getting there, but a long way to go me thinks.

As for poker, well I have played about 3.5k hands of NL50. I started off bad going down a bit, but then a had numerous winning sessions and ended up just over 4-buy-ins up. That was until Friday night came of course! I played very well, made a few poor calls I regretted, but all in all just about gave everyone on my right hell!! I even had regs spazzing out on me because of my aggression including one that shoved his ATs into my KK , but ofc flop was ATx, lol and then another that blasted about 120 BB's all in pre with AK vs my KK and again river was an ace. A set over set didn't help things etc etc. Usual stuff, just a tough night, which saw me lose all but $19 of my profit for the month. Sigh.

I wanted to play last night, but I was amazed to not see one loose table all night. Not a single table I saw over 48% PF, which is incredible on a SAturday night, so I talked myself out of playing and played FM2010 instead. Cock, I should have still played really. I am regretting it now.

I did however managed a few hundred hands this afternoon and managed a steady buy in and a half, which was nice and never got it in pre once. Just people paying me off when I hit. Weee.

Back to work tonight. FML. I was dying to win that £113 MILLION on the Euro Millions Friday.

No one has claimed it yet som make sure you check your tickets....

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  1. The Euro Millions jackpot still hasn't been claimed! News said they are losing £8k per day interest!

    FM2010 is massively addictive mate, so much so I sold it on ebay so I could get other stuff done!