Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Well last night I took the advice as left by dD and decided to play some 18 mans, my old old stomping ground and I actually ran ok...ish.

Didn't make much, but Stars roll is around a measly $28. I am not gonna give up, despite my last rant (get used to those, I tilt like a crazy bastard!).

On a bonus front I managed to log into Full Tilt today (the revitalised Pokerstsars owned version) and found I actually have $100 in that account, not $50 like I thought. So when they finally move back to real money games I will have a bit of a bankroll to try and build there.

A very kind poker colleague (he knows who he is) lent me his Deuces Cracked account and so I downloaded a shedload of videos to watch. I am on nights the next 3 nights so hopefully if we are quiet I might get some time to sit down and study them and maybe learn something.

"Knowledge is power" - Sir Francis Bacon

It's actually good to be back in the poker circles. I missed you guys.

Right gotta shoot,



Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why bother?

Started really getting the idea of playing more and decided to hit the $2 180's with my measly $100 bankroll, but Pokerstars soon scuppered that by absolutely fucking brutalising me straight away.

As you will see in the graph below it hasn't been much fun. I haven't had any huge stacks, it's just been losing every all in last night (or almost all of them) and then tonight I start off running very hot, even hitting a royal flush, but as soon as I got deeper the old luck returned and just fucked me up hill and down dale.

Horrible fucking start, almost knocked the stuffing out of me at the first hurdle.

Top line is what I should of won, green line is what I actually won.  Why fucking bother?

bankroll is now at $21 and the motivation has completely fucked off.

I haven't deposited using my own money for a long time and times are tough right now so i am not sure I can justify it.

Might just be the quickest return ever.

Going for a spin up now, it's either double or fuck it.


Sunday, 28 October 2012

4 months on....

Wow, where has time gone?

Tonight for the first time in a very long time I played some poker. Only a tiny bit of Zoom and a few micro MTT's, but I played. Actually going pretty deep in one of the games. Fairly enjoyed it too.

Life has been hectic for the last few months. Really lost interest in poker, the games were getting tougher and tougher and the player pools smaller and smaller, meaning ridiculously small ROI's for average players at best. I ended up drifting away.

I did a few things, I did quite a bit of matched betting. It was ok, but once you get through all the sign-up offers the easy money is gone. You then have to put in the leg work to find offers and then find the best way to exploit them and it can be pretty heavy going at times. Very simlar to poker in many ways that you are always looking for an edge that is within the rules. I got tired of the 'grind' of it pretty quickly.

I had a go at football betting, trying to find good matches and placing lots of small accumulators, doubles and trebles etc, whilst also trying to find the value in the matches. I failed, the games are just too unpredicatble.

I tried some horse trading and using trading software, it was good, but the potential for a big loss if you made a mistake worried me too much to properly enjoy it.

I tried the system of laying the draw in footy. Basically the odds of a draw usually start off somewhere between 3-4 in decimal, you lay the draw and then when one tream scores the odds of the draw normally push out and so you can 'green-up' on the exchanges. Once again it had its pitfalls and wasn;t worth it.

Finally and just recently I have been punting horses using a points system based on the info I can get about each race and the horses competing. This actually went ok, but the margins are ridculously small for the amount of work you have to put in studying. Also there are days like today when silly priced horses, with no form at all come bolting in and piss a race priced at 66/1.

The problem was poker gave me a nice little side income that paid for Xmas and Holidays, when the games got so much tougher and my passion for the game wained I was basicallylooking for something to take it's place.

I have finally given up.

I now have a small bankroll and am considering a comeback...... watch this space..

hope you are all well and good.